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  1. 1.Entryways
  2. 2.Infamous Idi
  3. 3.Riddle, part 3
  4. 4.Challenge
  5. 5.Gear tooth
  6. 6.Lyric poets
  7. 7.One who saves the day
  8. 8.Variety
  9. 9.Flow slowly
  10. 10.Actor Byrnes or fielder Roush
  11. 11.Earlier
  12. 12.— Trapp family
  13. 13.Riddle's answer
  14. 14.Lead-in to care or gap, in health care
  15. 15.— salts
  16. 16.Express a view
  17. 17.Honcho
  18. 18.End of a college's URL
  19. 19.Touch-me- — (explosive plants)
  20. 20.Wriggly fish
  21. 21.Sharp remark
  22. 22."Late Night” host Meyers
  23. 23.Colon's meaning in analogies
  24. 24.— Bator, Mongolia
  25. 25.Ran in the wash
  26. 26."Jeepers!”
  27. 27.As far as
  28. 28.State whose cap. is Boise
  29. 29.British verb suffix
  30. 30.Leave off
  31. 31.Water whirl
  32. 32.Novelist Jennifer
  33. 33.Lose vibrancy
  34. 34.French river or department
  35. 35.Riddle, part 4
  36. 36.Comply with
  37. 37.Response to a punch
  38. 38.Apt first name for a general?
  39. 39.Twinge of guilt, e.g.
  40. 40.Comply with
  41. 41.Thus
  42. 42.Representing
  43. 43.— extra cost
  44. 44.Start of a riddle
  45. 45.A-list groups
  46. 46.Auth. unknown
  47. 47.Accumulate, as interest
  48. 48.Morel or enoki, informally
  49. 49.Flower jar
  50. 50.Islamic God
  51. 51.Acting prize
  52. 52.Around H'wood, e.g.
  53. 53.Conquer
  54. 54.Big Brit. lexicon
  55. 55.Assistant on iPhones
  56. 56.Oboe inserts
  57. 57.— avis (unusual thing)
  58. 58.FedEx rival
  59. 59.— pot (congestion clearer)
  60. 60.Met offering
  61. 61.Film critic Roger
  62. 62.Iran's home
  63. 63.From the distant past
  64. 64.Riddle, part 5
  65. 65.Deprived (of)
  66. 66.Dentist's tool
  67. 67.Artist Monet
  68. 68.Go very fast
  69. 69.Ye — Shoppe
  70. 70.Locality
  71. 71.Fitness club machine
  72. 72.Owns
  73. 73.Sweet wine of Portugal
  74. 74.Wild about
  75. 75.Like most musical works with five sharps
  76. 76.Jay of jest
  77. 77.Halved
  78. 78.Language of Bangkok
  79. 79.Stable animal
  80. 80.Regain a conscious state
  81. 81.Impose — on (illegalize)
  82. 82.Vocalist with the 2018 hits "Boo'd Up” and "Trip”
  83. 83.Musical staff symbol
  84. 84.Fruits to bob for
  85. 85.Cry of Homer Simpson
  86. 86.Go very fast
  87. 87.Cellphone game, often
  88. 88.Klutzy type
  89. 89.Margarine, quaintly
  90. 90.Able to read minds
  91. 91.Casino IOU
  92. 92.Mean mutt
  93. 93.Q7 or A8 carmaker
  94. 94.Carnival shelter
  95. 95.Riddle, part 2
  96. 96.Toward a boat's back
  97. 97.Briny body
  98. 98.Caesar's "vidi,” translated
  99. 99.Spanish pot
  100. 100."... some kind of —?”
  101. 101.Pool length
  102. 102.City that's home to Tufts University
  103. 103.Clunker
  104. 104.End of the riddle
  105. 105.Actress Skye
  106. 106.Oahu feast
  107. 107.Lone
  108. 108.Close tightly
  109. 109.Often-twisted cookies
  110. 110.The, in Paris
  111. 111.Narrate
  112. 112.By means of
  113. 113.Yummy
  114. 114.Modeling compound for kids
  115. 115.Lake abutting Ohio
  116. 116."Oro y —” (Montana's motto)
  117. 117.Made a run for it
  118. 118.Go to bed
  119. 119.That gal
  120. 120.Tooth doctor's org.
  121. 121.Pomeranian, e.g.
  122. 122.Occupy, as a table
  123. 123.Ottawa's land
  124. 124.State firmly
  125. 125.Cain's father
  126. 126.Cartoon skunk Pepé
  127. 127.Propelled a bicycle
  128. 128."Jeepers!”
  129. 129.High degree
  130. 130.Gobble down
  131. 131.Egg-shaped
  132. 132.Lauder of cosmetics
  133. 133.Free
  134. 134.Numbered musical work
  135. 135.Relaxation
  136. 136.Squirms, as in pain
  137. 137.Consolidator
  138. 138.Book of hymns
  139. 139.Map out
  140. 140.Pomeranian, e.g.
  141. 141.Civil rights figure Parks
  142. 142.Sinful

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