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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -16-May-2022
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -15-May-2022
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -14-May-2022
  1. 1.On the right track: in ____ recto
  2. 2.Which dangers am I to duck first? quae prima ____ vito? Aen. 3.367
  3. 3.I rule: dominor, imperium teneo, frena gero
  4. 4.Pro amico 'poscens': asking for a friend
  5. 5.He swears (testis est, non improba iacit)
  6. 6.Quot homines, ____ sententiae: as many ideas as men
  7. 7.If you like it enough: si tibi ____ placet, Plautus Persa 825
  8. 8.I think and I judge — recall who thinks on our behalf?
  9. 9.The horse which has been picked: equus ____
  10. 10.You alone will have reported (use affero)
  11. 11.Laborabatis: you lot were beavering away busily (dep.)
  12. 12.____ mori: recall this Stoic reminder of our ephemerality
  13. 13.Inscius, insciens, sic Agenor, pater Europae, Ovid Met. 3.3
  14. 14.Let there be light: ____ lux, Genesis 1.3
  15. 15.They had fought in contest, militarily and judicially (1st conj.)
  16. 16.May it please (subj. impers. verb often with dat. of person)
  17. 17.What springs eternal in the human breast (5th f.): expectatio
  18. 18.Silliness of the stage: nugas ____, Plautus Pseudolus 1081
  19. 19.Quae firma est — confer et tellus et solum
  20. 20.Pocula ____ cervisia: mugs foaming with beer
  21. 21.I whistle, buzz, and make a raucous racket: fremo, strepo
  22. 22.Cimicum me ____: creepy-crawlies bug me (impers. verb)
  23. 23.To draw out, bring away (3rd conj.)
  24. 24.I'll be what you are: quod es ____
  25. 25.Hypsipyles pater, Ovid Her. 6.114f.; Aen. 2.262 alter est
  26. 26.Seer, eg, Senna the Soothsayer (Up Pompeii!), Apollo (Aen. 4.376)

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