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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -20-September-2021
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -19-September-2021
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -18-September-2021
  1. 1.They were happy chappies
  2. 2.Lifeless, vide eg Cic. Verr. 2.5.171, tamen omnia muta et ____ ... commoverentur
  3. 3.Something soft and gentle
  4. 4.I sow, perhaps a bit too late
  5. 5.I look on protectively, specto et curo
  6. 6.Strained, stretched and focussed; ____ ... aure, with an eager ear (vide Tib. 3.7.132)
  7. 7.Weariness, irksomeness (abl. sing.), vide Tac. Ann. 12.39, ____ curarum fessus
  8. 8.I swear, make an oath, vide eg ____ Stygii caput implacabile fontis, Aen. 12. 816
  9. 9.He crumbles and dies
  10. 10.Them that has, gets, sed deus nihil ____ dat; poor and helpless (c. dat. sing.)
  11. 11.You lie down, and so are dead, vide eg Ovid, Met. 1.720, Arge, ____
  12. 12.You lot'll listen up
  13. 13.____ crines, curly hair
  14. 14.I dig, stab or disturb
  15. 15.He rubs away and so destroys, conficit, consumit
  16. 16.Let me add or increase (1 sing. subj.)
  17. 17.Ihr seid, vous êtes, you are
  18. 18.The very thing
  19. 19.Seeds; in Lucretius, ____ rerum is often "atoms”
  20. 20.He takes away and so diminishes or uses up, eg dies dicendo ____
  21. 21.Through the streets (you make your way)
  22. 22.They carry in front, and so (more commonly) prefer
  23. 23.From this place, from this side; ____ atque ____ on each side
  24. 24.They aren't your friends (masc. nom. plur.)
  25. 25.For me, to me, dat. sing. pron.

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