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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -27-March-2023
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -26-March-2023
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -25-March-2023
  1. 1.Taste, flavour (abl. sing.): tristi poma ____, Ov. Tr. 4.6.12
  2. 2.Cum filia patris tui, ie ____ tua
  3. 3.Kingly gubbins, royal stuff
  4. 4.You hear and listen, vide Ov. Am. 1.6.27, ferreus orantem nequiquam, ianitor, ____
  5. 5.Locutus est, verba fecit
  6. 6.Initium, principium, primordium
  7. 7.It howls, yells and shrieks
  8. 8.A shout follows: ____ clamor, Aen. 9.504
  9. 9.So far as, as much as; ____eius facere possum, as well as I can
  10. 10.Juvenal's unvain wish, ____ ____ in corpore sano, Sat. 10.356
  11. 11.To stand with or together; sibi ____, to be consistent (vide eg Cic. Clu. 60)
  12. 12.Unskilled and artless, or just plain idle
  13. 13.Consecrate the holy stuff
  14. 14.Pavent, verentur, metuunt
  15. 15.A die, alea
  16. 16.Adimet, eripiet, tollet
  17. 17.A chap who's obliging and at the ready, studiosus
  18. 18.Fierce, grim, truculentus, torvus
  19. 19.Deae quae rubescens terras novo cum lumine spargit
  20. 20.Not at all, by no means
  21. 21.Closely connected and indistinguishable (n. pl nom. / acc.)
  22. 22.Confidens, expectans
  23. 23.The farmer ploughs the land, agricola terram ____
  24. 24.I look after, and so honour, revere: semper ego plebem Romanam ... ____, Livy 7.32
  25. 25.She's been carried out or exalted, ____ est
  26. 26.Love's preferred weapon: ____ Cupido cor meum transfixit, Plaut. Pers. 25

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