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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -14-June-2021
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -13-June-2021
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -12-June-2021
  1. 1.You'll buy up, solo
  2. 2.A famous woman, such as Ms Amfo or Ms Schumann
  3. 3.To see, vide Lucr. 1.301, nec voces ____ suemus
  4. 4.A girdle, including of a region of the earth, vide Ov. Met. 1.46
  5. 5.She will be
  6. 6.____ habeas, ____ valeas, — you have a penny, you're worth one, Petronius Sat. 77.6
  7. 7.He's winning — superat — or tying up — ligat
  8. 8.Let them stand together steadfast
  9. 9.To throw together, so infer, conclude; colligare
  10. 10.Saffron-yellow, vide Aen. 9.614, picta ____ et fulgenti murice vestis
  11. 11.Whether you like it or not
  12. 12.We meet and assemble
  13. 13.Against your friends, vide Cicero Phil. 2.42, materia facilis in te et ____ ____ dicta dicere
  14. 14.You captured him, we ransomed him, vos eum cepimus, ____ eum ____
  15. 15.I demonstrated, showed and proved (deponent verb)
  16. 16.Protection granted by the chief, datum ____ ____ praesidium
  17. 17.Not friendly, foes and enemies (dat./abl. pl.)
  18. 18.Let me head over (to her?)
  19. 19.I'll be elsewhere (away from the boss)
  20. 20.Greedy, grasping, vide Hor. C. 4.7.19, cuncta manus ____ fugient heredis
  21. 21.You're longing for birds
  22. 22.Cooked, not raw - quid tu, malum, curas utrum crudum an ____ edim?, Plautus Aul. 430
  23. 23.She ventured and was bold
  24. 24.I'm gonna get ya for that (dep. verb)

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