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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -25-October-2020
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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -19-October-2020
  1. 1."A young man, of a hale ____ figure, and a giant's strength” (describing Hugh in Barnaby Rudge)
  2. 2.Member of a violent criminal gang
  3. 3.Peasant injured foot but not in UK
  4. 4.In a manner which creates allure
  5. 5.What's had for little cash — a drink in two hotels
  6. 6.South Park character often seen with a paper bag over his head
  7. 7.Children's author who created the Mog picture books
  8. 8.Union with mutual duties abandoned — this as zeal in lovers crumbles?
  9. 9.____ became US President after the assassination of John F Kennedy
  10. 10.Trademark name for a widescreen cinema format
  11. 11.Bits of money, very small, buried in meadow
  12. 12.Mount ____ is another name for K2
  13. 13.Share old mammal when friend comes round
  14. 14.Environment which promotes something (usually) unfavourable
  15. 15.Household device that may be called a zapper
  16. 16.Segregating no longer fair, involving deception
  17. 17.Violet Elizabeth's to feel the want of not having story?
  18. 18.A major blood vessel of the lower back
  19. 19.On a weather map, a line with semicircles and triangles
  20. 20.US journalist who exclaimed "He's been shot. Lee Oswald has been shot” in 1963
  21. 21.Fold left stuck in boggy soil?
  22. 22.Members of political group react badly — combat ensues
  23. 23."But we are so blind to our own shortcomings, so ____ to those of others” (Jerome K Jerome)
  24. 24.Song books with at least 150 numbers
  25. 25.American artist known as "the painter of the revolution”
  26. 26.Weight conveyed by spectacular talker
  27. 27.Bit of irony from drunkard moving right up
  28. 28.Alloys with low melting points
  29. 29.Pertaining to beekeeping
  30. 30.Fruit has to be peeled? I don't understand!
  31. 31.Identity item which, reversed, may be someone in control of access
  32. 32.Container for rich man's liquid? Regally designed, not English
  33. 33.Duke to conclude ceremonies showing crystalline structures
  34. 34."The wise, for cure, on ____ depend” (Dryden)
  35. 35.Endless refusal to imbibe wonderful drink coming from group of swimmers
  36. 36.Old seaside seller running short
  37. 37.Reduction of staff achieved by not replacing those who leave
  38. 38.Let's go forward with voting system, confronting one opposed!
  39. 39.Australian Test cricketer who said of Sri Lanka's Arjuna Ranatunga "I don't like him and I'm not in a club of one”
  40. 40.French oil and gas company founded in 1924
  41. 41.Two auxiliaries to act correctly
  42. 42.The usual form of golf in professional play, scored by shots taken rather than holes won
  43. 43.Pulls folk across the Pond
  44. 44.Psychologist who coined the term "lateral thinking”
  45. 45.The "snapper-up of unconsidered trifles” in The Winter's Tale
  46. 46.An internet discussion group
  47. 47.What involves destruction of a hull — yep! — a Shetland festival
  48. 48.One who loves another intensely
  49. 49.One who enjoys fine food and drink
  50. 50.One choosing a flying machine? Not half!
  51. 51.Having the shape of a quadrilateral with two parallel sides
  52. 52.A sham act about to be taken off, creating fuss
  53. 53.Victorian polymath who invented the word "eugenics”
  54. 54.Portia's maid in The Merchant of Venice
  55. 55.Opportunity to accommodate famous singer left out in performance no longer
  56. 56.Lord ____ and William Ramsay received Nobel prizes in 1904 for the discovery of argon
  57. 57.Palms of eastern isle scattered round limited area
  58. 58.Breathing tube inserted into the windpipe after tracheotomy
  59. 59."Pax ____” is "peace be with you” in Latin
  60. 60.Rather ordinary course of behaviour hard to drop
  61. 61.Characteristic of renegade abandoning the rank and file
  62. 62.Power supply in the hands of the French?
  63. 63.Former Play School presenter who entered the House of Lords in 2010
  64. 64.Joshua ____ founded the NDP and ZAPU parties which were banned in what was then Rhodesia
  65. 65.Vase is counterfeit, not special
  66. 66.Scottish crag has number at elevated height
  67. 67.1965 poetry collection by Sylvia Plath
  68. 68.The four parameters often describing a sound in electronic music are attack, decay, ____, and release
  69. 69.Age of husband, one involved in row
  70. 70.Almost overflowing
  71. 71.Short strut attached to a vessel
  72. 72.Source of poison from the boxer we knew and loved?
  73. 73.A kind of rock, or the stage name of rapper and actor O'Shea Jackson
  74. 74.The first subject of a TV show presented by Ralph Edwards in 1955, and its presenter thereafter until his death in 1987
  75. 75.Tackle a drink
  76. 76.Bellow — where does Irishman's come from?
  77. 77.Question often asked of someone in an inordinate hurry
  78. 78.Word of thanks given to volunteers joining academy? It's sweet
  79. 79.Proposed name for what became the research vessel RSS Sir David Attenborough
  80. 80.1996 film in which Gwyneth Paltrow had her first cinematic leading role
  81. 81.Medicated paste and drug in box
  82. 82."They did us a ____ meal, [. . .] and then we thought, what do we do tonight?” (Description of VE day in the Outer Hebrides)
  83. 83.Cleaner gets hint of appreciation with gift brought round
  84. 84.Sliding control often found on a mixing desk

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