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New York Times Crossword Answers -7-March-2021
New York Times Crossword Answers -6-March-2021
New York Times Crossword Answers -5-March-2021
  1. 1.POI_T OF _IEW
  2. 2.___ Slam (tennis feat)
  3. 3.Item said to have been burned in protest, once
  4. 4.Tests the weight of
  5. 5.Sport played at British boarding schools
  6. 6.About 460 inches of rain per year, on Kauai's Mt. Waialeale
  7. 7.Brown shade
  8. 8.Hall's partner in pop
  9. 9.Photocopy, e.g
  10. 10.What a third wheel might see, in brief
  11. 11.Most in the style of comedian Steven Wright
  12. 12.Guarded
  13. 13.Runner Sebastian who once held the world record for the mile
  14. 14.Garbage
  15. 15.Seen
  16. 16.Some kitchen utensils
  17. 17.States
  18. 18.Drop the ball
  19. 19.CONFIG_ _ATION
  20. 20."Zoom-Zoom" sloganeer
  21. 21.Hotel room staples
  22. 22."___ Agnus Dei" (Mass phrase)
  23. 23.Booties
  24. 24.Letters on some badges
  25. 25.Place full of guests
  26. 26.Three-sport event, for short
  27. 27.Quaker fare
  28. 28.Comeback to a challenge of authority
  29. 29.Two, for four
  30. 30.Alternative explanation for a lucky guess, in brief
  31. 31.Have guests over
  32. 32.Bishop's jurisdiction
  33. 33.A as in Arles
  34. 34.Busy mo. for C.P.A.s
  35. 35.Co-star of "Golden Girls"
  36. 36.Picky person's pick?
  37. 37.Help to one's destination
  38. 38.Legislation that was part of F.D.R.'s New Deal
  39. 39.Arias, typically
  40. 40._OTIC_
  41. 41.Beehive State city
  42. 42.Grapple, in dialect
  43. 43.Drink for un bébé
  44. 44.Times for some vigils
  45. 45.Brown shade
  46. 46.Weak
  47. 47.NaOH
  48. 48.Electronic Hasbro toy
  49. 49.Drop off
  50. 50.Hone
  51. 51.Some bad sentences
  52. 52.Co-star of Kline in "A Fish Called Wanda"
  53. 53.Hosp. areas
  54. 54.Man's name that coincidentally is Latin for "honey"
  55. 55.How a flirt may act
  56. 56.Narrowly beats (out)
  57. 57.Mature naturally, in a way
  58. 58.Supermodel Bündchen
  59. 59.Emphatic assent
  60. 60.Good sign for an angel
  61. 61.Life force, in China
  62. 62.Popular 90-min. show
  63. 63.Org. that takes the lead on lead?
  64. 64.Yoke
  65. 65.Old-fashioned "cool"
  66. 66.Go all out
  67. 67.Julius Caesar's first name
  68. 68."Kinda sorta"
  69. 69.Musical prefix with beat
  70. 70.One of the Greats?
  71. 71.Post production?
  72. 72.HBO satire starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  73. 73.Kids' observation game
  74. 74.Part of a thong
  75. 75.Like pets and parking meters
  76. 76.It's the law!
  77. 77.Setting for most of "Life of Pi"
  78. 78.Unfocused
  79. 79.What you might get from a trailer
  80. 80.Drink similar to a slushie
  81. 81.Kind of skate
  82. 82.Entourage
  83. 83.Recharge
  84. 84.ILLUS_RA_ORS
  85. 85.Actor Somerhalder
  86. 86.Hollywood composer Bernstein with 14 Oscar nominations
  87. 87.Top-notch
  88. 88.Peak in Turkey mentioned in both the "Iliad" and the "Aeneid"
  89. 89.Playwright Chekhov
  90. 90."Stillmatic" rapper
  91. 91.Start of a seasonal request
  92. 92.A chest often has a large one
  93. 93.Go poof
  94. 94.Bitter
  95. 95.Coin with 12 stars
  96. 96.LUXUR_ _ACHT
  97. 97.Ear: Prefix
  98. 98.Guest, e.g
  99. 99.Antagonist
  100. 100.Go bad
  101. 101.Knock over, so to speak
  102. 102.The Blue Jays, on scoreboards
  103. 103.Ethnic group of Rwanda and Burundi
  104. 104.Scottish folk dance
  105. 105.Hit the weed?
  106. 106.Aerodynamic
  107. 107.Exercise too much, say
  108. 108.Letters on many towers
  109. 109.After the fact, as a justification
  110. 110.Things for happy campers?
  111. 111.What may result in a handshake
  112. 112.Radio broadcaster: Abbr
  113. 113.One side of the coin
  114. 114.Admit (to)
  115. 115.Contract details
  116. 116.ACC_L_RATOR
  117. 117.Singer James
  118. 118.Start of a compilation heading
  119. 119.The Jazz, on scoreboards
  120. 120.Word with small or fish
  121. 121.Football stat: Abbr
  122. 122.___ Writers' Workshop
  123. 123.Pepé ___ (cartoon skunk)
  124. 124.Lively dance genre
  125. 125.Intl. org. headquartered in Geneva
  126. 126.___ Majesty
  127. 127.ENDANGER_EN_
  128. 128.Baby fox
  129. 129.HP product
  130. 130.One might speak under it
  131. 131.French fashion inits
  132. 132.Words of hopelessness
  133. 133.Pan-cook, in a way
  134. 134.Memphis-to-Nashville dir
  135. 135.Oscars of the sporting world
  136. 136.A full moon will do this
  137. 137.___ mater, membrane surrounding the brain
  138. 138.___ bar
  139. 139.Hit musical with an "Emerald City Sequence"
  140. 140."OK, you can stop the story right there"

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About New York Times Crossword

Published daily in one of the most reputed and prestigious newspapers in the world, solving The New York Times Crosswords is a challenge in itself. The crosswords are published daily in the print issues as well as the newspaper’s online website which are further syndicated to other 300 journals and newspapers and mobile apps.

The newspaper has had only 4 crossword editors until now, starting from Margaret Farrar, Will Weng, Eugene T Maleska and lastly Will Shortz, all in their respective order of succession. The puzzles are mostly constructed or edited by Crosswords Guru, Will Shortz since 1993. With each passing week day, the puzzles keep getting difficult, with the easiest crosswords being published on Monday and gradually getting difficult with each passing day of the week. The most complicated crosswords are published on Saturdays. The Sunday crossword is comparatively larger and appears in The New York Times Magazine. It is deemed to be just as difficult as the Thursday crossword and solving the New York Times crossword answers is a challenge that everyone wishes to win.

The daily puzzles are 15 X 15 squares but the Sunday Crossword puzzle is 21 X 21 squares, a little smaller than the previous 23 X 23 square puzzles. The popularity of The New York Times Crossword grew widely over the years and is now considered as one of the most prestigious and most widely circulated crosswords across USA. Taking a big leap in the world of crosswords and puzzles, the NYT crosswords game was released in 2007 by Majesco Entertainment. The game includes more than 1000 NYT crosswords from the different weekdays of a week.

Majority of the NYT crosswords are not directly written by Will Shortz himself. The puzzles are constructed by a variety of freelance contributors which are only edited and checked by the maestro before publishing. The Thursday and Sunday puzzles are always themed and have a connection with long NYT crossword answers that are similar to letter substitution, type of pun, etc. The daily puzzles are made available on the website in the evening before they are published in the newspapers the following day. The puzzles for Saturday and Sunday are published at 6 pm, the evening before.

New York Times Crossword Contests: The New York Times Crossword started a new tradition of hosting the Super Mega Crossword Contest once a year, since 2018. The Giant puzzle is 50 X 50 squares in size and appears in the paper’s Puzzle Mania section. It’s been 3 years since the giant puzzle is being constructed and published in the paper. A random winner is chosen from all the entries who correctly answered the puzzle and gifted a prize money of $1,000 from the publication.

NYT Puzzle Authors: Will Shortz many other freelance constructors such as Sam Ezersky and Brenden Emmett Quigley.

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