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New York Times Crossword Answers -30-March-2020
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New York Times Crossword Answers -28-March-2020
  1. 1.Massachusetts home of Phillips Academy
  2. 2.Unaccounted-for, briefly
  3. 3.Fish that may be served meunire
  4. 4.Kevlar developer
  5. 5.Rolex competitor
  6. 6.Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay
  7. 7.Opposite of "Yay!"
  8. 8.Timeline swath
  9. 9.Sports getup, for short
  10. 10.Acer offerings
  11. 11.Rock formation
  12. 12.Trial run
  13. 13.Salon, fancily
  14. 14.Unwanted effect on a recording
  15. 15.Drink container that doesn't easily spill
  16. 16.Capital on the Atlantic
  17. 17.Kind of shot that's the opposite of a 38-Down in a screenplay
  18. 18.Chili variety
  19. 19.Person on horseback?
  20. 20.Got sudsy
  21. 21.Endnote abbr
  22. 22."Merci ___ aussi"
  23. 23.Org. overseeing the Epidemic Intelligence Service
  24. 24.Refusal overseas
  25. 25.Rider on a carousel?
  26. 26."Well, looky there!"
  27. 27.Eschew the bus or subway, say
  28. 28."I did it!"
  29. 29.1980s disco hit that became a gay anthem
  30. 30.Plain lodging
  31. 31.Section often symbolized by a speech bubble
  32. 32.Shoe size specification
  33. 33.Mystery title: Abbr
  34. 34."Wasn't I right?"
  35. 35.Like a lamb
  36. 36.Parts of many an urban skyline
  37. 37.People of NE France
  38. 38.See 22-Across
  39. 39.Kind of wind across the Aegean
  40. 40.With 51-Down, part of a golf club
  41. 41.Like email addresses, practically
  42. 42.Indian flatbread
  43. 43.Proboscis
  44. 44.Number in a pharmacy, informally
  45. 45.Some choice words
  46. 46.Treasured
  47. 47.Catch up
  48. 48.Apologize with actions
  49. 49.Actor with the 2007 memoir "Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself"
  50. 50.Something David Copperfield has that Penn and Teller don't
  51. 51.Nut variety
  52. 52.Watching TV after midnight, say
  53. 53.Rock formation
  54. 54.Chesterfield and others
  55. 55.Words said while pointing
  56. 56.Kind of shot that's the opposite of a 47-Across in a screenplay
  57. 57.Germany, France, the U.K., Italy, Spain and Poland, collectively
  58. 58.Vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and meat, classically
  59. 59.Lead-in to -tainment
  60. 60.Draws
  61. 61.Native name for the Iroquois Confederacy
  62. 62.Cleveland ___: Abbr
  63. 63.Burp, more formally
  64. 64.They don't give you much to stand on
  65. 65.Alias
  66. 66.Many promgoers: Abbr
  67. 67.Flavor of some bottle-shaped gummies
  68. 68.Lima locale

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