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Daily Themed Crossword Answers -19-April-2024
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Daily Themed Crossword Answers -17-April-2024
  1. 1.Settle a bill, say
  2. 2.Indonesian island
  3. 3.Null and ___
  4. 4."___ questions?"
  5. 5.___ Ferrigno, actor from "Pumping Iron"
  6. 6.___ talk (encouraging speech)
  7. 7.Number with all its letters in alphabetical order
  8. 8.Long sandwich, for short
  9. 9.Police personnel, slangily
  10. 10.German for "a"
  11. 11.Narcotics watchdog: Abbr.
  12. 12.Humpback home
  13. 13.(2/5) Now to getting the book, you could buy one or go to the ___ to borrow one off the shelf?
  14. 14."Lara Croft: ___ Raider"
  15. 15.Direction opposite to sunset
  16. 16.Mark Wahlberg's movie with a lively bear
  17. 17.(5/5) Oh no! The book ended, but worry not for there's a sequel, let's head back to 30a to grab the second ___
  18. 18.Tag ___ (go with)
  19. 19.(1/5) Let's read a book! Do you like fiction, fantasy or romance? Pick a ___
  20. 20.Old Hollywood actress ___ Gabor
  21. 21.College seniors' test with a max score of 340: Abbr.
  22. 22.Charlotte Bronte's "Jane ___"
  23. 23.Swedish DIY furniture brand
  24. 24.Beach shade
  25. 25.Enjoy an apple pie, say
  26. 26.Honest ___, President Lincoln's nickname
  27. 27.Fancy black-tie party
  28. 28.Observe
  29. 29.Cunning and deceitful
  30. 30.Command to preserve computer files
  31. 31.Race from H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine"
  32. 32.Sick-day cause, perhaps
  33. 33.Like dry humor (sounds like "rye")
  34. 34.(3/5) With a book in hand, let's head home and settle in with a freshly brewed cup of ___
  35. 35."___ the season to be jolly"
  36. 36.Small-size batteries
  37. 37.Fashion magazine of French origin (sounds like "L")
  38. 38.Low in pitch
  39. 39.Poison ___ (Batman villain dressed in green)
  40. 40.Junior rank in the navy, for short
  41. 41.Hawaiian floral necklace
  42. 42.(4/5) Flip to the first ___ and start your journey into the world created by the author
  43. 43.Switch setting that makes the room go dark
  44. 44.Guitar ___ (repeated bit)
  45. 45.Large vessel found in a winery
  46. 46.Maple or oak, e.g.
  47. 47.Adam's love
  48. 48.An expert in their field
  49. 49.Woman of tomorrow
  50. 50.Gas in bar signs
  51. 51.European peak
  52. 52.List unit
  53. 53.Place that's hit to get fit
  54. 54.Action film series starring Liam Neeson
  55. 55.TV's "___ Betty"
  56. 56.Lots of bucks?
  57. 57.It may have come before the chicken?
  58. 58.Blow one's own trumpet
  59. 59."Avengers: Infinity ___"
  60. 60.Hollywood red carpet walker?
  61. 61.Academic year division, for short
  62. 62."That's so so cute!"
  63. 63.Spiritual advisor or tech expert
  64. 64.Actor Omar from "House"
  65. 65.Steal from
  66. 66.Voice of Apple?
  67. 67.Irrefutable statement
  68. 68.Hairdo for Jimi Hendrix

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