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📅 Recent Clues🔥

  1. ___-A-Fella Records (Jay-Z's label)
  2. Timely, advantageous moment
  3. Succor
  4. How the sun fills Bess with rapture
  5. Appear
  6. Connect
  7. Totally relaxed
  8. Shabby way of working not right to challenge
  9. Trophies and plaques
  10. Dairy product
  11. Vault
  12. Hanger-on starts to be unreasonably resolute
  13. "Friends, ..., countrymen, lend me your ears" (Julius Caesar)
  14. "Rule Britannia" composer
  15. Details of where an anchor might lie mysterious to us
  16. Where one could learn agriculture, for example?
  17. Sleazeballs, and a phonetic hint to 16-, 27- and 43-Across
  18. "Jingle Bells” contraction
  19. Hit show letters
  20. Snooty attitude
  21. Religious song
  22. Clarify, ... light on
  23. Ground meat
  24. Remains of a fire
  25. Change in personal relations suggesting trap?
  26. Early hrs.
  27. FBI employees
  28. Cake finisher
  29. Brings home
  30. Author Quindlen or actress Paquin
  31. Unreactive
  32. "____ Magic"
  33. Vultures' food
  34. Love to make a fuss about...
  35. R&B singer Hilson
  36. They hold power
  37. "Now I ask you very confidentially; Ain't ... sweet?"
  38. We set out to be like a sixteen year old
  39. Musical pets
  40. In France, you double the skirt
  41. Creepy-crawlies
  42. Bait
  43. Compact, but three miles in length
  44. Item produced by Santa's elves
  45. Make over
  46. Cardinal number
  47. Eight, in Spanish
  48. Lose weight and become more cheerful?
  49. "Lou Grant" star
  50. Coronation regalia, ... & sceptre