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📅 Recent Clues🔥

  1. Put away
  2. Awakens
  3. Midwest state
  4. "The ___ Four" (nickname for The Beatles)
  5. Harvest
  6. Minimum
  7. Nourished
  8. Doubt
  9. Speak
  10. Lethargy
  11. Rightful
  12. Curtsied
  13. Drug-dependent people became known by this word, first coined in 1909
  14. Sagacious
  15. Exploits
  16. Zodiac animal with horns
  17. Label
  18. Fictional Olive
  19. Aseptic
  20. Stretches out
  21. Extra
  22. "Winning ___ everything"
  23. Dynamite relative: Abbr.
  24. In truth, male is hairless
  25. Carnival car
  26. Not prepared to go out as one press chief enters
  27. Tie up an animal
  28. Wait while an eccentric lady captures the heart of men
  29. Explosions
  30. Tire filler
  31. Perfume
  32. Number of deadly sins
  33. Golf course area
  34. Special miniature article, e.g. work by Fabergé, is dear
  35. Small shark's peak energy
  36. Sham
  37. Gardening tool
  38. Timespan
  39. Gain by labour
  40. Rarely treat in salt
  41. Franchised travel branches
  42. Praise boastfully in a letter to a relative
  43. Ryan Seacrest's morning TV cohost Kelly
  44. Kitchen strainer
  45. Swimming stroke
  46. Kill escort
  47. Drink daintily
  48. Darling!
  49. Carpentry clamps
  50. Local admin bodies