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📅 Recent Clues🔥

  1. Calm and unruffled like a crisp salad plant
  2. Maker of Dental Chews for pet dogs
  3. Of the kidneys
  4. Casual top
  5. Faucet
  6. Very, very
  7. Computer input
  8. Coin
  9. Honour a chap as king
  10. Bring back controls on time at start of exam
  11. Gumbo vegetable
  12. Canadian singer Celine
  13. Tall slender structure
  14. ___ Jones, "MADtv" actor who voices the gopher, Snack in the sitcom "Father of the Pride"
  15. Retract
  16. "Enough of this!"
  17. Course requiring permit to be getting on
  18. Rescues
  19. Sport with bamboo swords
  20. Prop for Poseidon
  21. Baited
  22. Not dark
  23. Indifferent to insult
  24. "I'm getting the job done" letters
  25. A qualification of use in navigation
  26. Distinctive BMW feature
  27. Requirement
  28. Ready for business, say
  29. Tempestuous film franchise character
  30. ___ Herman, "Bob's Burgers" actor who voices the animal trainer, Roy Horn in the sitcom "Father of the Pride"
  31. Dalai ___
  32. Briefly suspended by church, creating suspicion
  33. See 30-Across
  34. Ventured, again, to put father out
  35. Swelter
  36. Metric weight
  37. Palindromic astronomical altar
  38. Hit by a vehicle - and not cared for
  39. Inventor's inspiration
  40. Group's mood
  41. Pool fill
  42. Write on this — not extended record, short announcement
  43. Sci-fi conveyances
  44. Profound
  45. One without regrets maybe needing to change husband
  46. Dumbo actor Arkin
  47. In there as an intermediary
  48. Airport annoyance, commonly
  49. Napoleon's banishment, for one
  50. Piglet's playpen