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  1. Rockers electronic gear
  2. Indeed
  3. Hawaiian floral necklace
  4. School group
  5. Cain's brother following married woman
  6. Too innocent for one's own good
  7. Pig thief of rhyme
  8. Lena of "The Reader”
  9. Lagoon's boundary
  10. Drug that's "dropped"
  11. Ambush
  12. Cut up
  13. Excellent work flourished in tense environment?
  14. Give it the old college ___
  15. "Police," you say. "Brake!"
  16. City that shares an airport with Pullman, Washington (2)
  17. Find, when you make a copy of
  18. Lighten
  19. Window sill
  20. Lingerie buy
  21. Geometric designs that represent spiritual journeys
  22. 2024 film starring 15-Across and 30-Across about a difficult bicycle ride from Denver to the Grand Canyon (2 wds.)
  23. Slow down
  24. Trick
  25. Corp. boss
  26. Stomach acid
  27. Summer shade
  28. Ferret cousins
  29. Piece of paper for a shopper
  30. Famed for converting a politician? Slanderous
  31. Raised
  32. Arithmetical problem
  33. Tiki bar offering
  34. Angel's aura
  35. Devastate generation with remains of something damaged
  36. Cassette successors
  37. College near Duke
  38. Zsa Zsa's sister
  39. Hang on there! You're not getting a third!
  40. Board along the bottom of a wall
  41. Mental flash
  42. Actress Kunis
  43. Reddish root veggie
  44. Attention
  45. Regatta crew
  46. Chance
  47. Committed companion
  48. Stay abed? Wrong to cover skin over
  49. "____ disturb" (2 wds.)
  50. Yes vote