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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers -4-June-2020
Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers -3-June-2020
Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers -2-June-2020
  1. 1.Title shared by top 10 hits from Halsey in 2018 and Eminem in 2002: 2 wds.
  2. 2.Bird seen on a parks lake
  3. 3.Playroom items
  4. 4.Leader of China in the 1950s 1960s and 1970s
  5. 5.Thor: The Dark World actress Dennings
  6. 6.Crime involving burning
  7. 7.Deliver Us From ___ (2003 Gabrielle Union rom-com)
  8. 8.___ in the woods (inexperienced person)
  9. 9.Mooing animal
  10. 10.Bear whose porridge was too cold
  11. 11.Decisive blows in MMA bouts: Abbr.
  12. 12.Title shared by top 10 hits from BTS in 2018 and Drake in 2017: 2 wds.
  13. 13.Queen Sugar actor Dorsey
  14. 14.Cell phone message
  15. 15.Instrument played by Sting
  16. 16.Any port ___ storm: 2 wds.
  17. 17.Heavenly body that streaks across the sky
  18. 18.Bird from which New Zealanders get their nickname
  19. 19.Act sulky
  20. 20.Go back a step in some programs
  21. 21.Awkwafina Is ___ From Queens (Comedy Central show)
  22. 22.Comedian Conway who died in 2019
  23. 23.Pull ___ strings (use ones influence): 2 wds.
  24. 24.Basic beds used by campers
  25. 25.It aint over till the ___ lady sings
  26. 26.___ Fields (chain of cookie stores)
  27. 27.Cubes thrown in Yahtzee
  28. 28.Groupie
  29. 29.Symptom of skin or eye allergies
  30. 30.I cant ___ another bite! (Im stuffed!)
  31. 31.Developers area of land
  32. 32.Millennium ___ (Han Solos craft)
  33. 33.That was quite a while ___ . . .
  34. 34.Like freshly applied paint
  35. 35.___ one on (get drunk)
  36. 36.Gamblers wager
  37. 37.Acme or peak
  38. 38.Parts of personalities
  39. 39.Like a snails pace
  40. 40.Genetic testing material: Abbr.
  41. 41.Panda Express pan
  42. 42.Vocalist on 1987s The Joshua Tree
  43. 43.Brooklyns basketball team
  44. 44.Tummy muscles
  45. 45.Broadway legend Merman of Gypsy
  46. 46.Pre-iTunes music purchases: Abbr.
  47. 47.Hells Bells band
  48. 48.Skinny part of a cherry
  49. 49.Like all the numbers painted on a football field
  50. 50.Title shared by top 10 hits from Post Malone in 2017 and Nickelback in 2006
  51. 51.Outback automaker
  52. 52.TV producer Norman who won his latest Emmy at age 97
  53. 53.Enthusiastic review
  54. 54.Major commotion
  55. 55.Shazam! actor Brody
  56. 56.Newspaper opinion piece
  57. 57.Tooth in the back of the mouth
  58. 58.Needing a doctor maybe
  59. 59.Somewhat off-center
  60. 60.Title shared by top 10 hits from Ariana Grande and Social House in 2019 and Justin Bieber in 2012
  61. 61.Pastrami sandwich bread
  62. 62.South Koreas continent
  63. 63.Chimneys black residue
  64. 64.Video game console that was discontinued in 2017
  65. 65.Money a landlord collects
  66. 66.Small clue

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