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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -2-August-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -26-July-2021
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -19-July-2021
  1. 1.Astronomer has front of telescope crushed by rod — gosh!
  2. 2.Minister is nosy — start of trouble
  3. 3.Safety device from America with iron casing
  4. 4.Greek character features in second statue maybe
  5. 5.Grass when you have hunger? Not good!
  6. 6.Wind — trees lay broken
  7. 7.Most reliable mate finally breaking confidence
  8. 8.University exceptionally stern as the result of disturbance
  9. 9.The fellow with name for a bird
  10. 10.That girl's father is half cut
  11. 11.Agreement is sealed by Italian, one wanting perfection
  12. 12.Society girl, a right leftie getting banned
  13. 13.The Spanish female is a little troublemaker
  14. 14.European conclusion being reported
  15. 15.Young creatures always invading rented properties
  16. 16.Prime team?
  17. 17.Chap, superior friend using hands
  18. 18.Awkward uncle had to be got going
  19. 19.Mentor working in Oxford college
  20. 20.Nests, as seen across one of the Great Lakes
  21. 21.Sailor perched when traversing lake
  22. 22.Number in favour of being heard
  23. 23.Signal given by letter audibly
  24. 24.Agreement was sentimental to some extent
  25. 25.Stuck in this place with tot running around
  26. 26.Joining up of everyone that is kept outside African party
  27. 27.Siren yet to disturb peace
  28. 28.Italian union facing examination
  29. 29.Vehicle naughty laddies wrecked
  30. 30.Something hairy not far from the viewer
  31. 31.One church that is very cold
  32. 32.Illnesses sending mum to the loo
  33. 33.Dangerous animals close? Cor, I'd get excited!
  34. 34.Some modest piece of poetry

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