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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -7-April-2024
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -1-April-2024
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -25-March-2024
  1. 1.Apply for example to return outfit
  2. 2.One gliding right behind fish
  3. 3.Got free ride from two jerks and Duke
  4. 4.Quiet craftsperson is biased
  5. 5.Greeting first lady and chaps during do for success
  6. 6.Puts an end to including heads of grilled grouse in bar snacks
  7. 7.Privy to put hole in pub
  8. 8.Huge performance trick
  9. 9.Show bum whitish illegal booze
  10. 10.Demonstrate king, for one, is especially fine specimen
  11. 11.Attacked appeal Victor developed
  12. 12.Generous and candid meeting worker and editor
  13. 13.Rare small vehicle by church
  14. 14.Frank is force-fed regularly
  15. 15.Tidies leaderless canteens in disarray
  16. 16.Takes in commercial and chooses
  17. 17.Woman's embraced by awful poseur - one with special powers
  18. 18.Caught bumpkin getting physical exercise with a plant
  19. 19.Heads of the assembly cautiously try diplomacy
  20. 20.Desperation born as feasts end in chaos
  21. 21.Featureless second print scrapped
  22. 22.Set off from meeting around school
  23. 23.Chop drugs up with love to produce lozenges
  24. 24.Dell remodel a vaunted revolutionary part
  25. 25.Four surrounded by drink still going strong
  26. 26.Watch, say, brief getting upset
  27. 27.Drink fortified wine for comfort
  28. 28.Youngster accepting help having fulfilled financial obligations
  29. 29.Wishes knight in river success at first
  30. 30.Army brag derisively at first

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