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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -25-May-2020
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -18-May-2020
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -11-May-2020
  1. 1.Forage in underground chamber cutting tin and germanium
  2. 2.Swear love in a Volkswagen
  3. 3.Ones quiet about plans unhappy outcome
  4. 4.Abandon castle when kings left protected by another piece
  5. 5.Heartily enjoy mums sisters outings
  6. 6.Caught and gently treated missing large young bird
  7. 7.Songwriters catalogue includes riches, half unknown before
  8. 8.Reckon online price cut has affected tea
  9. 9.Hesitate to free up article trapped inside
  10. 10.Knock art made with a couple of bits of junk
  11. 11.Bolt maybe a variety of beans after a period without eating
  12. 12.Live long, occupying time with dog
  13. 13.Leave unfinished line about king being eccentric
  14. 14.Changed doctor provided, that is, daughters come round
  15. 15.One plays records from America following brief trend
  16. 16.Top copy with ten underneath
  17. 17.Bagpipe pieces include works about Scotch pancakes
  18. 18.Gunners side taking international trophy borders on strangeness
  19. 19.Retirement home where things are unclear?
  20. 20.Scrupulous but informal with thug
  21. 21.Impress daughter with cool music, starting off with the French
  22. 22.Silly sons 50-50 after exercises, having a funny turn
  23. 23.Good-natured sort left legacy behind
  24. 24.Physical training keeps pin-up flexible
  25. 25.Brand-new moneymaker
  26. 26.At your send-off, bishop and I included a short life history
  27. 27.Blend egg in cake mixture initially, then beat
  28. 28.Notice jumpers are going up

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