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The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -3-August-2020
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -27-July-2020
The Guardian Quiptic Crossword Answers -20-July-2020
  1. 1.Lustrous, quiet, fashionable and unknown
  2. 2.Fund defender to get revenge
  3. 3.One called initially to step up to create glacial mass
  4. 4.Fabric salesman in church
  5. 5.Brute causes a disturbance internally
  6. 6.Licensed cat herder in action
  7. 7.Angel travelling in Asia to provide relief from suffering
  8. 8.Dances about with tool
  9. 9.Pirate victory over independent ruler
  10. 10.Artwork is attractive but lacking in force
  11. 11.Last word about section tenor delivers flat
  12. 12.Start violent attack
  13. 13.Bone queen buried in compost
  14. 14.Flying ace primed to live for the moment
  15. 15.Stories of fish rising on poles
  16. 16.Demure love note for wild beast
  17. 17.Laid back about praying regularly for organ
  18. 18.Letter of thanks following article
  19. 19.Bug old boy before meeting
  20. 20.Mythical creature somewhere in Arizona
  21. 21.Blast top of orange to get zest
  22. 22.Sorcerer returning natural hair
  23. 23.Begin with famous sheep
  24. 24.Weep about husband I am able to engage initially in deceit
  25. 25.Small hens killer
  26. 26.Strip guy smuggling drug to Norway
  27. 27.Annoyed by Dire Straits, unfortunately twice missing start of song
  28. 28.Steal books for mechanical man
  29. 29.Strength of some grain containing whiskey
  30. 30.Emotional reaction shown by rich state in transition
  31. 31.Difficult to swallow odd bits of Viagra in this university
  32. 32.Storm about in circle

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