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We also publish articles and guides that help all crossword lovers learn and play crossword puzzles better. Get better knowledge about crosswords with every guide and article we publish. At CrosswordAnswers911, our only aim is to give all our readers the best crossword experience they can wish for.

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idan editor

idan editor

Idan is the Chief editor and founder of The website was built in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping crossword fans from all across the globe to solve crossword puzzles better and enjoy their time reading and guessing the perfect solutions for the clues.

Idan was raised by his parents, Sara and Izik, both of whom are elementary school teachers. They introduced crosswords to Idan at a very early age, as a game to keep him busy and learn new words. This love for crossword puzzles only multiplied with time and age for Idan. After graduating from the “Tel Aviv University” with a degree in Computer Science, Idan put all his knowledge in creating his dream, a functional and interactive crossword website. Today, Idan and his team of writers, regularly create fresh and unique crosswords at CrosswordAnswers911 with the sole aim of entertaining and educating people with their smart, witty and intellectual puzzles.


Shay Ashkenazi – Crossword writer & solver

Shay is a young mind and a true Israeli! He loves food and can probably write down a book about the amazing street food stalls found in the city of Tel Aviv.

Shay  is an engineering graduate from the HIT and was introduced to the world of crossword puzzles by his friend during university days simply as a mind refresher. But who knew, that a small passion would make him a true crossword lover, solving puzzles every morning as a routine. He now writes crossword puzzles and their solutions for CrosswordAnswers911 and simply hopes to one day reach the level of Puzzlemaster.


Efrat Genat – Crossword Writer & solver

Efrat is the youngest team member at CrosswordAnswers911. Still a student at the MLA, Efrat is studying to become an Architect, while also writing crosswords for CrosswordAnswers911.

Born and brought up in Bat-Yam(israel), Efrat is a fun loving and high spirited girl who developed an interest in solving crosswords at a very young age. She started solving crosswords with her sister and since then has been playing with words and clues. She is exceptionally good in solving cryptic crosswords and takes them up as a challenge to help her become better as a crossword writer & slover.

Lilia Roche – Sub-Editor

Gifted with a mind that easily solves cryptic crosswords, Lilia is the Sub-Editor at CrosswordAnswers911.

An English literature graduate from the University of St. Andrews, Lilia has been solving crosswords from a young age of 10. It was just a regular Sunday puzzle that spiked her interests in crosswords and she has been solving them ever since. Born in Bradford, Lilia is an avid reader of old literature and loves to be surrounded by her favourite books. She came across CrosswordAnswers911 when it was in its preliminary stage and later joined as a core team member, creating, editing and solving crosswords for the website.


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