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Example From Today’s Clues:

  1. Country lab sure to explode
  2. Hut's organised in this way
  3. City southeast of Tampa
  4. Parts, pieces, portions
  5. CID holding up lover boy
  6. Group having row secures agreement? That makes sense
  7. Comprehensive
  8. Painful
  9. Impossible
  10. Animal spotted at Crufts?
  11. Red meat
  12. Actor
  13. A fellow also turns up
  14. Nuts - and nuts for saint
  15. Portable lamp
  16. "The Incredibles" family name
  17. Talk about new slogan
  18. Ship's staff
  19. Embarrass a bishop with a demand to keep quiet
  20. Graze
  21. Contagious disease
  22. Former federation
  23. __ Plaines: Chicago suburb
  24. High points
  25. Excuse me!