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Example From Today’s Clues:

  1. Presented an ultimatum to attend here - or else!
  2. Government or church officer
  4. Partner of Iron Man and Captain America
  5. Crypt
  6. Idris who played Mandela
  7. Japanese wrestling
  8. Find the answer to
  9. Very pressing
  10. Painter Bonheur
  11. Deprived (of)
  12. Mason in movies
  13. Least available
  14. Voice-activated assistant
  15. Packs (down)
  16. Subsequently
  17. Claudius or Nero
  18. Nautical term
  19. Biblical measure
  20. Effortless
  21. "In ___ dreams!”
  22. A spree, strangely, following Prophet Zoroaster
  23. Fall flowers
  24. Item of value
  25. Big day preceders