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Example From Today’s Clues:

  1. Shook
  2. Section of a legal document
  3. Collieries
  4. The Examiners in court going through the motions?
  5. Treated smile as random
  6. Try legato out for literary group
  7. Discover the note when you get home
  8. Near the border theres an exceptionally tough type
  9. Guayaquil guy
  10. Face with courage
  11. Killer
  12. Screen message you'd rather not see
  13. Give a makeover
  14. Part of some court awards
  15. Genus
  16. Encountered
  17. Stabbing weapon
  18. Amaze
  19. Pure
  20. Mongolian dwelling
  21. Genesis figure
  22. Will get one back into shape? Go on!
  23. College detached, lacking a large health centre
  24. Anatomical pivot point
  25. Roasts tuna bake for those going on a journey thats out of this world