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Example From Today’s Clues:

  1. Tight finish
  2. The very opposite of Windsor?
  3. Unsoiled
  4. Golf course hazards
  5. Heard Moore joins society first - its a cover up
  6. More than a little, we gather
  7. Newt
  8. Loving touch
  9. Gains again, as trust
  10. Show doctor left during medium assembly
  11. Bethesda research org.
  12. Sooner
  13. Unruly crowd
  14. Cotton square
  15. Infant
  16. Photograph a monster - in the garden
  17. Exert restraint
  18. Flings about and disturbs the cats rest
  19. Riddling monster of Greek mythology
  20. Speedily
  21. Unfinished
  22. Sign of resistance in Spanish port
  23. Open to view — how a pullover might be worn
  24. Delivers publicly
  25. Some person