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Example From Today’s Clues:

  1. Greek cheese
  2. Vapor
  3. Lean- — (sheds)
  4. Card game
  5. Plea's outcome, possibly a foregone conclusion
  6. Step outside The Convention Centre in France following model's partner - the one breaking the rule
  7. Pest given assistance outside public house
  8. Chief
  9. Crimson
  10. Knight departs during broadcast's lowest point
  11. Confine a fashionable bird
  12. Superwoman out in States
  13. Sailor takes Ken out in ship
  14. Big fuss
  15. Common joke setting
  16. See 4 Across
  17. HBO show discussed on the podcast "Couldn't Help but Wonder"
  18. "That's the way it ___"
  19. Barely beat
  20. Former name of Sri Lanka
  21. Ancient
  22. Propose as a candidate
  23. Sad about half the team being overfed!
  24. Assumed names
  25. Cost of purchase