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(#1, 1984)>]]> <![CDATA[Glacier-scaling tool>]]> <![CDATA[Yard tool>]]> <![CDATA[Private student>]]> <![CDATA[Figure it out>]]> <![CDATA[___ Lilly (pharmaceutical giant)>]]> <![CDATA["Jeez!">]]> <![CDATA[Actress Garr>]]> <![CDATA[Beach shaper>]]> <![CDATA[Only player to win the U.S. Chess Championship with no losses or draws>]]> <![CDATA[Darling>]]> <![CDATA[Harbor helper>]]> <![CDATA[___ story (tale of a car company's bankruptcy?)>]]> <![CDATA[CHAN_E _PPEA_ANCE TO CONCEA_ _ _D MISLEA_ (#1, 1968)>]]> <![CDATA[Islamic spirit>]]> <![CDATA[Brand of insecticide strips>]]> <![CDATA[Madhouses>]]> <![CDATA[TITTLE-TATTLE (#16, 2011)>]]> <![CDATA[Opposite of post->]]> <![CDATA[Airline posting>]]> <![CDATA[Furnace for calcium oxide production>]]> <![CDATA[ENTICEMENT (#1, 1983)>]]> <![CDATA[Big club in Las Vegas?>]]> <![CDATA[The final word>]]> <![CDATA[Give a lift>]]> <![CDATA[Know-it-all>]]> <![CDATA["___ Como Va" (Santana hit)>]]> <![CDATA[Female Olympian of note>]]> <![CDATA[Palindromic battlers>]]> <![CDATA[Place of worship whose third, fourth and fifth letters are appropriate>]]> <![CDATA[One of eight in a stick of butter: Abbr>]]> <![CDATA[Jolly laugh>]]> <![CDATA[Dec. 24 and 31, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Minor accident>]]> <![CDATA[Mary ___ Evans a.k.a. George Eliot>]]> <![CDATA[Opposite of paleo->]]> <![CDATA[Memo abbr>]]> <![CDATA[When doubled, Hawaiian food fish>]]> <![CDATA[Pique>]]> <![CDATA[Terk in Disney's "Tarzan," e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Opera with the aria "Ave Maria">]]> <![CDATA[Naval engineer>]]> <![CDATA[Air traveler's accumulation>]]> <![CDATA[Quint's boat in "Jaws">]]> <![CDATA[Enclosure for a bike chain and sprockets>]]> <![CDATA[Arthur who invented the crossword puzzle (1913)>]]> <![CDATA[Overgrown, say>]]> <![CDATA[Kind of terrier>]]> <![CDATA[Young chicken, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Actress Tyler>]]> <![CDATA[Move barefoot across a scorchingly hot beach, maybe>]]> <![CDATA[Shock's partner>]]> <![CDATA[Throw ___ (rant and rave)>]]> <![CDATA[No longer frozen>]]> <![CDATA[Kind>]]> <![CDATA[Crop up>]]> <![CDATA[Chafe>]]> <![CDATA[Out of gas, informally>]]> <![CDATA[Internet ending that's also an ending for inter->]]> <![CDATA[Part of the brainstem>]]> <![CDATA[Chatter>]]> <![CDATA[Greek letter that might follow "z">]]> <![CDATA[Affix, in a way>]]> <![CDATA[Eyelashes>]]> <![CDATA[Ketchup brand>]]> <![CDATA["One ___-dingy" (Ernestine the operator's catchphrase on "Laugh-In")>]]> <![CDATA[Arch type>]]> <![CDATA[Landlord's due>]]> <![CDATA[Petrol unit>]]> <![CDATA[Surgically remove>]]> <![CDATA[Unearthed>]]> <![CDATA[Mi, in a C major scale>]]> <![CDATA[Number twos>]]> <![CDATA[Pelvic bones>]]> <![CDATA[Air carrier>]]> <![CDATA[Island where Paul Gauguin painted>]]> <![CDATA[Book that's the source of the phrase "a land flowing with milk and honey">]]> <![CDATA[Go back (on)>]]> <![CDATA[Instruction in an oatmeal recipe>]]> <![CDATA["Zebra">]]> <![CDATA[Slugger from Louisville>]]> <![CDATA[Florida city whose name has three pairs of doubled letters>]]> <![CDATA[Upscale watch brand>]]> <![CDATA[Annual eight-day celebration>]]> <![CDATA[Basketball stat: Abbr>]]> <![CDATA[Numbskull>]]> <![CDATA[Poetic dusk>]]> <![CDATA[Color of traffic on a GPS>]]> <![CDATA[Craft carried over a portage>]]> <![CDATA[Rhythmic part of a heartbeat>]]> <![CDATA[Same: Prefix>]]> <![CDATA[Sense of self>]]> <![CDATA[Protagonist in "The Stepford Wives">]]> <![CDATA[FedEx competitor>]]> <![CDATA[Clears for takeoff?>]]> <![CDATA[Old Glory>]]> <![CDATA[1964 Tony Randall title role>]]> <![CDATA[Like oranges and some gossip>]]> <![CDATA[Duck or Penguin>]]> <![CDATA[Frost>]]> <![CDATA[Davidson of "S.N.L.">]]> <![CDATA[Richard and Jane in court>]]> <![CDATA[Commercial prefix with postale>]]> <![CDATA[Out of office?: Abbr>]]> <![CDATA[One-named Irish hitmaker>]]> <![CDATA[Tops>]]> <![CDATA[Madrid's country, in the Olympics>]]> <![CDATA[Song lead-in to "Believer," "Loser" or "Survivor">]]> <![CDATA[Actress who played Susan Harper in long-running BBC TV sitcom My Family>]]> <![CDATA[Thomas , English publisher of an 1818 expurgated version of The Family Shakespeare>]]> <![CDATA[Name of the first dog in space>]]> <![CDATA[Clarified butter used in Indian cookery>]]> <![CDATA[2002 film drama starring Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer>]]> <![CDATA[1980 film drama starring Gary Busey and Jodie Foster>]]> <![CDATA[& 12D Stage play by Tom Stoppard based on his 1991 radio play In the Native State (6,3)>]]> <![CDATA[D C , Australia Test cricketer who hit 200 against New Zealand at Perth in 1989>]]> <![CDATA[Emil , painter and engraver whose works include 1913 lithograph The Three Kings>]]> <![CDATA[Hector , composer of the operas Beatrice et Benedict and Les Troyens>]]> <![CDATA[Comic actor who played the title roles in BBC TV sitcoms Clarence and The Magnificent Evans>]]> <![CDATA[Hendrik , prime minister of South Africa from 1958-66>]]> <![CDATA[Charles , 19th-century founder of a symphony orchestra in Manchester>]]> <![CDATA[Island in the Pacific Ocean; the world's smallest republic>]]> <![CDATA[English golfer who won the 1987 Panasonic European Open>]]> <![CDATA[Carlo , Italian author of 1945 memoir Christ Stopped at Eboli>]]> <![CDATA[Light foamy dessert made of egg yolks, sugar and marsala>]]> <![CDATA[Wine bottle holding the equivalent of twelve normal bottles>]]> <![CDATA[God of fields, woods, shepherds and flocks in Greek mythology>]]> <![CDATA[See 15 Across>]]> <![CDATA[Fractional monetary unit of Bulgaria worth one hundredth of a lev>]]> <![CDATA[Capital of French Guiana>]]> <![CDATA[Graeme , cyclist whose 2003 autobiography is entitled Flying Scotsman>]]> <![CDATA[Deep-bodied, Eurasian freshwater fish>]]> <![CDATA[Bird such as the common also called the Great Northern diver>]]> <![CDATA[Hypnotic state>]]> <![CDATA[Blemish>]]> <![CDATA[Metal fastener>]]> <![CDATA[Myth>]]> <![CDATA[Level of authority>]]> <![CDATA[Unwrap>]]> <![CDATA[Shout>]]> <![CDATA[Food container>]]> <![CDATA[Possess>]]> <![CDATA[Location>]]> <![CDATA[Types of pet>]]> <![CDATA[Tiring walk>]]> <![CDATA[Line>]]> <![CDATA[Bill of fare>]]> <![CDATA[Binds>]]> <![CDATA[Merited>]]> <![CDATA[Claw>]]> <![CDATA[Jasons ship>]]> <![CDATA[Bequeath>]]> <![CDATA[Father>]]> <![CDATA[Organisms>]]> <![CDATA[Stolen>]]> <![CDATA[Conspiracy>]]> <![CDATA[Evict>]]> <![CDATA[Money earned>]]> <![CDATA[Beginning>]]> <![CDATA[Matter>]]> <![CDATA[Fad>]]> <![CDATA[Eras>]]> <![CDATA[Large feline>]]> <![CDATA[Canter off in a daze>]]> <![CDATA[Notice location>]]> <![CDATA[Nothing about a form of digital protection>]]> <![CDATA[Fable of the foot?>]]> <![CDATA[Disgusting position>]]> <![CDATA[Honest old writer>]]> <![CDATA[Hard to get bird to cry>]]> <![CDATA[Hitting with can>]]> <![CDATA[Admit to being won over>]]> <![CDATA[Ties up venue>]]> <![CDATA[Musical animals>]]> <![CDATA[Work on small caber>]]> <![CDATA[Priest upset band>]]> <![CDATA[Soldiers find acceptable range of food>]]> <![CDATA[Fastens neckwear>]]> <![CDATA[Deserved to be educated, but not initially>]]> <![CDATA[Work a lot with new claw>]]> <![CDATA[Jargon around ancient craft>]]> <![CDATA[Give conclusion only direction>]]> <![CDATA[Parent may rise awkwardly>]]> <![CDATA[Fixes factories>]]> <![CDATA[Accepted, thanks to chap>]]> <![CDATA[Scheme to get some land>]]> <![CDATA[Remove during jousting>]]> <![CDATA[Fashionable to arrive with salary>]]> <![CDATA[Start playing notes>]]> <![CDATA[Childrens edition>]]> <![CDATA[Time to tear into fashion>]]> <![CDATA[Sage cultivated for a long time>]]> <![CDATA[Creature of pride>]]> <![CDATA[Tennis term>]]> <![CDATA[Photographer>]]> <![CDATA[Female relative>]]> <![CDATA[Snare>]]> <![CDATA[Style of architecture>]]> <![CDATA[Place of safety>]]> <![CDATA[Cardinal number>]]> <![CDATA[Clip with scissors>]]> <![CDATA[Directly below>]]> <![CDATA[Entertainer>]]> <![CDATA[Convey much significant information>]]> <![CDATA[Remove by digging>]]> <![CDATA[Skilful>]]> <![CDATA[Regretful>]]> <![CDATA[Forsake>]]> <![CDATA[This place>]]> <![CDATA[Lose an opportunity>]]> <![CDATA[Weight-training exercise>]]> <![CDATA[Martial art level>]]> <![CDATA[Precious stone or jewel>]]> <![CDATA[Good-looking>]]> <![CDATA[Gossip, rumour>]]> <![CDATA[Slice meat>]]> <![CDATA[Walking pole>]]> <![CDATA[Hoodwink>]]> <![CDATA[Nail's kin>]]> <![CDATA[Cries of surprise>]]> <![CDATA[Ran away>]]> <![CDATA[Zero>]]> <![CDATA[Stage reminder>]]> <![CDATA[Lion's sound>]]> <![CDATA[Interior>]]> <![CDATA[Oriental cafe>]]> <![CDATA[Casual shirt>]]> <![CDATA[Knight's title>]]> <![CDATA[Fungus>]]> <![CDATA[Kill a bill>]]> <![CDATA[Teamster's rig>]]> <![CDATA[So long, in Soho>]]> <![CDATA[Sprightly>]]> <![CDATA["____ Wash">]]> <![CDATA[Descendant>]]> <![CDATA[Glided>]]> <![CDATA[Rap>]]> <![CDATA[Land force>]]> <![CDATA[Copier need>]]> <![CDATA[Half gainer, e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Connection>]]> <![CDATA[Florist's jar>]]> <![CDATA[Helm position>]]> <![CDATA[Notable span>]]> <![CDATA[Ms. Burke>]]> <![CDATA[Heat outlet>]]> <![CDATA[Grizzly ____>]]> <![CDATA[Verge>]]> <![CDATA[Elected>]]> <![CDATA[Needle's cousin>]]> <![CDATA[Canary, e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Prettier>]]> <![CDATA[Local>]]> <![CDATA[Honest>]]> <![CDATA[Go downhill>]]> <![CDATA[Storekeeper>]]> <![CDATA[Circus item>]]> <![CDATA[Dress part>]]> <![CDATA[Ascertain>]]> <![CDATA[Dither>]]> <![CDATA[Sugar stalk>]]> <![CDATA[Sassy>]]> <![CDATA[____ trip>]]> <![CDATA[What person's?>]]> <![CDATA[Fall month: abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Shade of color>]]> <![CDATA[Mariners>]]> <![CDATA[Play>]]> <![CDATA[Deafening>]]> <![CDATA[Let up on>]]> <![CDATA[Ms. Barrymore>]]> <![CDATA[Most banal>]]> <![CDATA[This fellow>]]> <![CDATA[Reinvestment of funds>]]> <![CDATA[Change>]]> <![CDATA[Avoid>]]> <![CDATA["____ Girl">]]> <![CDATA[Cliff hanger?>]]> <![CDATA[Track official>]]> <![CDATA[Ultimate>]]> <![CDATA[Nimble>]]> <![CDATA[Poe bird>]]> <![CDATA[Red vegetable>]]> <![CDATA[Scanning a book>]]> <![CDATA[____ Clark Five>]]> <![CDATA[Not in class>]]> <![CDATA[Type of pastry>]]> <![CDATA[Moray>]]> <![CDATA[Knot>]]> <![CDATA[Thicken>]]> <![CDATA[Expect>]]> <![CDATA[Baker's box>]]> <![CDATA[Type size>]]> <![CDATA[Perpetually>]]> <![CDATA[Coastal bird>]]> <![CDATA[____ out a living>]]> <![CDATA[Boundary>]]> <![CDATA[Tic-tac-____>]]> <![CDATA[Concrete section>]]> <![CDATA[Past prime>]]> <![CDATA[Eagle's nest>]]> <![CDATA[At no time>]]> <![CDATA[Attention ___>]]> <![CDATA[Pricey>]]> <![CDATA[Grub>]]> <![CDATA[1979 Ridley Scott movie>]]> <![CDATA[Cold one>]]> <![CDATA["Undertale" character>]]> <![CDATA[Director Craven>]]> <![CDATA[Queen's subject>]]> <![CDATA[Picked around in, as a junkyard>]]> <![CDATA[English __>]]> <![CDATA[Slowing, to an orch>]]> <![CDATA[N.T. book>]]> <![CDATA[Start to finish?>]]> <![CDATA[May bouquet words>]]> <![CDATA[Shopping area loiterer>]]> <![CDATA[Each>]]> <![CDATA[Lundi follower>]]> <![CDATA[Lingerie item>]]> <![CDATA[Fragrant compounds>]]> <![CDATA[1971 Fonda/Sutherland film>]]> <![CDATA[Plannin' to>]]> <![CDATA[Jargon ending>]]> <![CDATA[Rodents on wheels, perhaps>]]> <![CDATA[Some hostel visitors>]]> <![CDATA[Dynamic start?>]]> <![CDATA[On the train>]]> <![CDATA[None too worldly>]]> <![CDATA[Food preservation method>]]> <![CDATA[Island that's the first word of The Beach Boys' "Kokomo">]]> <![CDATA[Strong textile>]]> <![CDATA["What a relief!">]]> <![CDATA[Gorp bit>]]> <![CDATA[Genetic carriers>]]> <![CDATA[__City: computer game>]]> <![CDATA[Facebook option>]]> <![CDATA[Knight's ride>]]> <![CDATA["Heart Blanche" rapper Green>]]> <![CDATA[Atoll, say>]]> <![CDATA[L in a box score>]]> <![CDATA[Word before party or math>]]> <![CDATA[Sushi-grade tuna>]]> <![CDATA["See ya">]]> <![CDATA[Rock groups?>]]> <![CDATA[Sling on a phone>]]> <![CDATA[Animal rights org>]]> <![CDATA[Doctor's office posting>]]> <![CDATA[Salamanca souls>]]> <![CDATA[Mulberry family fruit>]]> <![CDATA["We should just skip it">]]> <![CDATA[Barely clear of the bottom>]]> <![CDATA[__ state>]]> <![CDATA[First name in '70s Olympics gymnastics>]]> <![CDATA[Town>]]> <![CDATA[Virtual name that means "beautiful woman who leads you to victory" in Norwegian>]]> <![CDATA[Sales rep's upsell>]]> <![CDATA[Fannie of "Fried Green Tomatoes" fame>]]> <![CDATA[Feeling>]]> <![CDATA[Has the ability to>]]> <![CDATA[One of 21, or sometimes 20>]]> <![CDATA[Brouhahas>]]> <![CDATA[Trade gp>]]> <![CDATA[Get energy from>]]> <![CDATA[Girl Scout group>]]> <![CDATA[Den piece>]]> <![CDATA[__--porter: ready-to-wear>]]> <![CDATA[Trendy type often parodied on "Portlandia">]]> <![CDATA[For mature audiences>]]> <![CDATA[Enter with caution>]]> <![CDATA[It's quarry>]]> <![CDATA["Now __ talking!">]]> <![CDATA[Obsessed (on)>]]> <![CDATA[__Sweet: sugar substitute>]]> <![CDATA[Rolls and binds>]]> <![CDATA[Zones>]]> <![CDATA[Eight pts>]]> <![CDATA[Tour de France saison>]]> <![CDATA[Vitals checker, briefly>]]> <![CDATA[Law school accrediting org>]]> <![CDATA[Cruiser's milieu>]]> <![CDATA[Highest Scrabble tile point value>]]> <![CDATA[Felt>]]> <![CDATA[Snuck>]]> <![CDATA[Venomous snake>]]> <![CDATA[ER readouts>]]> <![CDATA[Env. insert>]]> <![CDATA[Art movement since the '70s>]]> <![CDATA[In different places>]]> <![CDATA[Sty fare>]]> <![CDATA[*Like one of two parents, often>]]> <![CDATA[Turkish bread>]]> <![CDATA[Correct the pitch of>]]> <![CDATA[Maria __ Trapp>]]> <![CDATA[Beyond repair>]]> <![CDATA[Insurance giant>]]> <![CDATA[Drei squared>]]> <![CDATA[*When many grab a bite>]]> <![CDATA[Four-time Grammy-nominated metal band>]]> <![CDATA["Dies __": hymn>]]> <![CDATA[Amazon and others, locally>]]> <![CDATA[*Inverness native>]]> <![CDATA[Large green moth>]]> <![CDATA[Bio or chem>]]> <![CDATA[Pre-revelry nights>]]> <![CDATA[Navel variety>]]> <![CDATA[Unchains>]]> <![CDATA[United>]]> <![CDATA["... without trying to change me">]]> <![CDATA[*Software design considerations>]]> <![CDATA[Makes less dense>]]> <![CDATA[Break down>]]> <![CDATA[Gram prefix>]]> <![CDATA[Partaking of>]]> <![CDATA[Big celebrations>]]> <![CDATA[Rio Grande city>]]> <![CDATA[Green-skinned "Return of the Jedi" girl>]]> <![CDATA[Snacks>]]> <![CDATA[Underground conduit>]]> <![CDATA[*Cube in a bowl>]]> <![CDATA[Credited in a note>]]> <![CDATA[Windy City rail initials>]]> <![CDATA[Wrestling foes>]]> <![CDATA[Iranian language>]]> <![CDATA[Many hybrid dogs, casually>]]> <![CDATA[Jack or jenny>]]> <![CDATA[Zest>]]> <![CDATA[*Bridge holdings sufficient to start the bidding with>]]> <![CDATA[Eighteen-wheelers>]]> <![CDATA[Raison d'__>]]> <![CDATA["You better believe I'll fight!">]]> <![CDATA[*Cardiologist's dietary concern>]]> <![CDATA[They know the ropes>]]> <![CDATA[Ames native>]]> <![CDATA[Bob Hope venue>]]> <![CDATA[Luke, to Darth>]]> <![CDATA[Sonny & Cher hit>]]> <![CDATA["Chase those guys!">]]> <![CDATA[End of an iconic speech ... and what the ends of the answers to starred clues can have?>]]> <![CDATA[Mystery's Gardner>]]> <![CDATA[Sunlit courts>]]> <![CDATA[Fired at the table?>]]> <![CDATA[Once named>]]> <![CDATA[On a pension: Abbr>]]> <![CDATA[Rimes of country>]]> <![CDATA[Cool giant>]]> <![CDATA[Ecru relative>]]> <![CDATA[Bean curd>]]> <![CDATA[Robbery>]]> <![CDATA[Poems of praise>]]> <![CDATA[Woeful word>]]> <![CDATA[Spooky>]]> <![CDATA[Lima's locale>]]> <![CDATA[Heal>]]> <![CDATA[In the center of>]]> <![CDATA[Sum>]]> <![CDATA[Slanted type>]]> <![CDATA[Decreased>]]> <![CDATA[Halloween mo.>]]> <![CDATA[School official>]]> <![CDATA[Actor ____ De Niro>]]> <![CDATA[Send>]]> <![CDATA[Furthermore>]]> <![CDATA[Juliet's beloved>]]> <![CDATA[Picasso and Rembrandt>]]> <![CDATA[Cure-all>]]> <![CDATA[Actress ____ Hunt>]]> <![CDATA[Throat-clearing sound>]]> <![CDATA[Koppel and Kennedy>]]> <![CDATA[Stadiums>]]> <![CDATA[Mine finds>]]> <![CDATA[Philadelphia time zone (abbr.)>]]> <![CDATA[Occurrence>]]> <![CDATA[Oyster's kin>]]> <![CDATA[Ascend>]]> <![CDATA[Uncontaminated>]]> <![CDATA[Famed consumer advocate (2 wds.)>]]> <![CDATA[Buffalo's canal>]]> <![CDATA[Stale>]]> <![CDATA[Glide>]]> <![CDATA[Cherished>]]> <![CDATA[Family car>]]> <![CDATA[Building extensions>]]> <![CDATA[Sour in taste>]]> <![CDATA[Bread topping>]]> <![CDATA[Actuality>]]> <![CDATA[Normal>]]> <![CDATA[Giggle sound>]]> <![CDATA[Always, in poems>]]> <![CDATA[Fin. fund>]]> <![CDATA[Certain protest (hyph.)>]]> <![CDATA[Seesaw>]]> <![CDATA[Milky gem>]]> <![CDATA[____ Moore of "Indecent Proposal">]]> <![CDATA[Singer ____ Clapton>]]> <![CDATA[Soap bubbles>]]> <![CDATA[Implored>]]> <![CDATA[Embellish>]]> <![CDATA[____ belt>]]> <![CDATA[Mexican sauce>]]> <![CDATA[Printing measures>]]> <![CDATA[D-Day beach>]]> <![CDATA[Concerned one>]]> <![CDATA[Owner's proof>]]> <![CDATA[Watercraft>]]> <![CDATA[TV host>]]> <![CDATA[Marsh grasses>]]> <![CDATA[French ____>]]> <![CDATA[Mortgage>]]> <![CDATA[Puccini work>]]> <![CDATA[Slowpoke>]]> <![CDATA[So be it!>]]> <![CDATA[Scalding>]]> <![CDATA[Nasal sounds>]]> <![CDATA[Peruse>]]> <![CDATA[Emergency tire>]]> <![CDATA[Rub out>]]> <![CDATA[Ran>]]> <![CDATA[Heal>]]> <![CDATA[Opera song>]]> <![CDATA[Sly glance>]]> <![CDATA[Revered person>]]> <![CDATA[Official stamp>]]> <![CDATA[Makes a mistake>]]> <![CDATA[Pot top>]]> <![CDATA[School gp.>]]> <![CDATA[Female fowl>]]> <![CDATA[Hit hard — huge anticlimax>]]> <![CDATA[Infatuation as fellow gathers everyone round female>]]> <![CDATA[2 team expanded to restrict heat and carbon>]]> <![CDATA[Wander across where the last shall be first>]]> <![CDATA[Single month — November or August?>]]> <![CDATA[One going round on this bike?>]]> <![CDATA[Name for German unchanged by revolution>]]> <![CDATA[Fine results in going beyond this potentially simple diet>]]> <![CDATA[Show with questions flower maiden keeps in memory>]]> <![CDATA[Huntsman has to go by lake>]]> <![CDATA[Brought in from anchorage in one sea>]]> <![CDATA[Have mine where there's no time for seafood>]]> <![CDATA[Greeks initially beat back bloodsucker>]]> <![CDATA[Good drive coming to nothing — call for old player>]]> <![CDATA[Accountant trained recalled scholastic life>]]> <![CDATA[Partly processed food to become solid in batter?>]]> <![CDATA[Character seen with drink — John Lennon for one>]]> <![CDATA[Manage large snake accommodated in sweltering mobile home>]]> <![CDATA[Extremely sensitive judoka provides chair>]]> <![CDATA[Make merry in saloon on river?>]]> <![CDATA[Wild demon possibly displaying crude character>]]> <![CDATA[Truck coming from Ayr rolled over>]]> <![CDATA[He composed line put in exam papers for sending back>]]> <![CDATA[Plan to have precious stone beneath rock layers>]]> <![CDATA[Force endlessly hurt when called into question>]]> <![CDATA[Gangster and nutter — one put out diary>]]> <![CDATA[Jones for one cool with divine huntress>]]> <![CDATA[Flat-bottomed vessels in Devon river region>]]> <![CDATA[Four pairs in old court given notice>]]> <![CDATA[Philosophical sort almost shut in thus>]]> <![CDATA[Type of dog>]]> <![CDATA[Lukewarm>]]> <![CDATA[Arm joint>]]> <![CDATA[Venerate>]]> <![CDATA[Sand eel>]]> <![CDATA[See note>]]> <![CDATA[Elevated>]]> <![CDATA[Precipitation>]]> <![CDATA[Whole unit>]]> <![CDATA[Firearm>]]> <![CDATA[Big cat>]]> <![CDATA[Childishly sulky>]]> <![CDATA[Unenlightened period>]]> <![CDATA[Productive>]]> <![CDATA[On the next page>]]> <![CDATA[Compressor>]]> <![CDATA[Dizzy>]]> <![CDATA[Caribbean dance>]]> <![CDATA[Not up>]]> <![CDATA[Soon>]]> <![CDATA[Brindled cat>]]> <![CDATA[Largest Caribbean island>]]> <![CDATA[Throw>]]> <![CDATA[Sky blue>]]> <![CDATA[Unwarrantied>]]> <![CDATA[Commedia dell'__>]]> <![CDATA[Craze>]]> <![CDATA[Gladiator armed with net and trident>]]> <![CDATA[Approved>]]> <![CDATA[Like certain teenage turtles>]]> <![CDATA[Bravura>]]> <![CDATA[Decency>]]> <![CDATA[Act impatiently>]]> <![CDATA[Polite>]]> <![CDATA[Aim>]]> <![CDATA[Clothes line?>]]> <![CDATA[Nabokov novel>]]> <![CDATA[Nod>]]> <![CDATA[Top of a clock dial>]]> <![CDATA[Theater box>]]> <![CDATA[Dots and dashes>]]> <![CDATA[Messy dressers>]]> <![CDATA[Aircraft>]]> <![CDATA[Homesteaders>]]> <![CDATA[Superman star>]]> <![CDATA[Gas rating>]]> <![CDATA[Intimate attire>]]> <![CDATA[Subject for St. Thomas Aquinas>]]> <![CDATA["There is Nothin' Like __">]]> <![CDATA[Nautical direction>]]> <![CDATA[Croon>]]> <![CDATA[Mythical giant>]]> <![CDATA[Tidings>]]> <![CDATA[Auto maker Ferrari>]]> <![CDATA[Opposite camp>]]> <![CDATA[Subdued>]]> <![CDATA[Muezzin's call to prayer>]]> <![CDATA[German assembly>]]> <![CDATA[French roll>]]> <![CDATA[Young animal>]]> <![CDATA[Insertion symbol>]]> <![CDATA[Preowned>]]> <![CDATA[Byte part>]]> <![CDATA[Renowned sci-fi author>]]> <![CDATA[Price-fixing groups>]]> <![CDATA[Opera highlights>]]> <![CDATA[Publicity seeker's act>]]> <![CDATA[Irritable>]]> <![CDATA[German car>]]> <![CDATA[__ Domingo>]]> <![CDATA[Underground worker>]]> <![CDATA[100 dinars>]]> <![CDATA[Loosen>]]> <![CDATA[Pacific salmon>]]> <![CDATA[Parts of a meter>]]> <![CDATA[Clear>]]> <![CDATA[Helper>]]> <![CDATA[Architect __ van der Rohe>]]> <![CDATA[Colorado ski resort>]]> <![CDATA[Assign authority>]]> <![CDATA[Properties>]]> <![CDATA[Collapsed>]]> <![CDATA[Swedish actress Olin>]]> <![CDATA[Ultimatum ender>]]> <![CDATA["__ is an island">]]> <![CDATA[Nice school?>]]> <![CDATA[Scatter about>]]> <![CDATA[Starr of the Beatles>]]> <![CDATA[Austrian city on the Danube>]]> <![CDATA[Muslim priest>]]> <![CDATA[Counting-out starter>]]> <![CDATA[Transgression>]]> <![CDATA[Resist>]]> <![CDATA[Convent head>]]> <![CDATA[Freshwater fish>]]> <![CDATA[Vanquish>]]> <![CDATA[Popular cheese>]]> <![CDATA[Apportion>]]> <![CDATA[Dissimilar>]]> <![CDATA[Distinguishing feature>]]> <![CDATA[Give evidence>]]> <![CDATA[Posy>]]> <![CDATA[Blacksmith's block>]]> <![CDATA[Threat (anag.)>]]> <![CDATA[Shut>]]> <![CDATA[Science of light>]]> <![CDATA[Go on>]]> <![CDATA[Replete>]]> <![CDATA[Servitude>]]> <![CDATA[Evenly matched>]]> <![CDATA[Layers of rock>]]> <![CDATA[Woodwork>]]> <![CDATA[Weariness>]]> <![CDATA[Robbers>]]> <![CDATA[Horrible smell>]]> <![CDATA[Rode a bike>]]> <![CDATA[Something of value>]]> <![CDATA[Diminutive>]]> <![CDATA[Solo cabaret turn in common market!>]]> <![CDATA[Leave a politician after a month>]]> <![CDATA[Bold daughter joins a band>]]> <![CDATA[A pastry's round layers>]]> <![CDATA[Feel bitter about being dispatched again?>]]> <![CDATA[Cooler that is cold inside>]]> <![CDATA[American uncle's performing as strong man>]]> <![CDATA[Recommend about five new ideas>]]> <![CDATA[Customer is right in court>]]> <![CDATA[Jailed lord who can draw the longbow?>]]> <![CDATA[Rosie Lee ran all over country>]]> <![CDATA[Cockney's borough reported skin complaint>]]> <![CDATA[Give weapons to girl in fleet>]]> <![CDATA[Beef has arrived,, not entirely without trimmings>]]> <![CDATA[Poker boss>]]> <![CDATA[Scottish children getting drunk in bars>]]> <![CDATA[Brass covering northern hills>]]> <![CDATA[Dry-eyed request for rent reduction?>]]> <![CDATA[Legible order for bread and ale>]]> <![CDATA[Name of man organising events>]]> <![CDATA[Mr Meldrew is a winner>]]> <![CDATA[Sour sweet?>]]> <![CDATA[Former PM in paradise>]]> <![CDATA[Babe in the woods>]]> <![CDATA[Kitchen drawer?>]]> <![CDATA[It may be super>]]> <![CDATA[Actor J. Carrol ________>]]> <![CDATA[Wall Street worry>]]> <![CDATA["Lux” composer>]]> <![CDATA[Play about an annoying office sub?>]]> <![CDATA[Cat or Caps preceder>]]> <![CDATA[Bygone>]]> <![CDATA[Ocular inflammation>]]> <![CDATA[Cloverleaf feature>]]> <![CDATA[Producer of lts.>]]> <![CDATA["Isn't ________ bit like you and me?,” Beatles lyric>]]> <![CDATA[Play about a Greek caddie?>]]> <![CDATA[Fashionable>]]> <![CDATA[Young Kal-El>]]> <![CDATA[Oils and such>]]> <![CDATA[Pump numbers>]]> <![CDATA[Producer of lts.>]]> <![CDATA[Ricocheting>]]> <![CDATA[Chair piece>]]> <![CDATA[Play about a noted tortoise's appendage?>]]> <![CDATA[List ending>]]> <![CDATA["Paradise Lost,” e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Tater>]]> <![CDATA[Symphonic gong>]]> <![CDATA["Livin' Thing” gp.>]]> <![CDATA[Actress Cynthia>]]> <![CDATA[Play about Child visiting Abraham's birthplace?>]]> <![CDATA[Bar beginning>]]> <![CDATA[Take ________, go for it>]]> <![CDATA[Brings up>]]> <![CDATA[Utmost>]]> <![CDATA[Baby Jane portrayer>]]> <![CDATA[Citizen rival>]]> <![CDATA[In the know about>]]> <![CDATA[Ken of "Wiseguy”>]]> <![CDATA[Perjured oneself>]]> <![CDATA[Superlative suffix>]]> <![CDATA[Basic faith>]]> <![CDATA[Ancient Rome's ________ Way>]]> <![CDATA[Enthralled>]]> <![CDATA[R.E.M.'s "The ________ Love”>]]> <![CDATA[Deform>]]> <![CDATA[Glass-Steagall, for one>]]> <![CDATA[Mexican coin>]]> <![CDATA[The "A” in A.D.>]]> <![CDATA[Condo alternative>]]> <![CDATA[Genetic-information carrier: abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Memorable Bert>]]> <![CDATA[180, familiarly>]]> <![CDATA[French 101 verb>]]> <![CDATA[Shul reading>]]> <![CDATA[Between, in Barcelona>]]> <![CDATA[Siouan language>]]> <![CDATA[What a buzzkill kills>]]> <![CDATA["Christ Stopped at ________”>]]> <![CDATA[Early diet soda>]]> <![CDATA[Pt. of CBS>]]> <![CDATA[Churl's lack>]]> <![CDATA[Skip over>]]> <![CDATA[Ecclesiastical sash>]]> <![CDATA[Old cable inits.>]]> <![CDATA[Was short>]]> <![CDATA[Squid's ink holder>]]> <![CDATA[Second shot>]]> <![CDATA[Baden-Baden et al.>]]> <![CDATA[Kitchen aids>]]> <![CDATA[Bones' partner>]]> <![CDATA[Blog entry>]]> <![CDATA["This can't be good”>]]> <![CDATA[Came down>]]> <![CDATA[Wet blanket?>]]> <![CDATA[Morales of "NCIS: Los Angeles”>]]> <![CDATA[Hide in the shadows>]]> <![CDATA[Term of approximation>]]> <![CDATA[Start of a one-two>]]> <![CDATA[Shoebox letters>]]> <![CDATA[Sports events played by visiting teams>]]> <![CDATA[Obeys reluctantly>]]> <![CDATA[Boho-chic Aussie boots>]]> <![CDATA[Arched shoe part>]]> <![CDATA[Part of U.K.>]]> <![CDATA[She talks on iPhones>]]> <![CDATA[Parasites plaguing the Cheshire cat?>]]> <![CDATA[A party to>]]> <![CDATA[Everlasting, poetically>]]> <![CDATA[Above ground>]]> <![CDATA[Bedazzled>]]> <![CDATA[Worked to get a different reward?>]]> <![CDATA[Pizza base>]]> <![CDATA[Tic-tac-toe win>]]> <![CDATA[Geometry assignments>]]> <![CDATA["Dr.” who raps>]]> <![CDATA[Above, poetically>]]> <![CDATA[Yard separators>]]> <![CDATA[Prefix with cyclist>]]> <![CDATA[Combat vet's affliction, for short>]]> <![CDATA[One giving technical advice to wizards?>]]> <![CDATA[Bull in a ring>]]> <![CDATA[Structure near a tonsil>]]> <![CDATA["Othello” adversary>]]> <![CDATA[Relatives of alpacas>]]> <![CDATA[Adversary>]]> <![CDATA[City area where lots of radiators are produced?>]]> <![CDATA[Sword variety>]]> <![CDATA[Medic>]]> <![CDATA[Hiking aid>]]> <![CDATA[Disgusting>]]> <![CDATA[Untwisting threads overseas?>]]> <![CDATA["I think —!”>]]> <![CDATA[Mobile's state>]]> <![CDATA[Smell horrible>]]> <![CDATA[Big ape>]]> <![CDATA[Hoofbeat>]]> <![CDATA[Math student doing sums correctly?>]]> <![CDATA[Mötley —>]]> <![CDATA[— hub (tech device)>]]> <![CDATA[Widely known>]]> <![CDATA["Nope”>]]> <![CDATA[Narrow estuary>]]> <![CDATA[Guinea pig's cousin>]]> <![CDATA[Ring legend Muhammad>]]> <![CDATA[Speechify>]]> <![CDATA[Clock setting at the rear of a ship?>]]> <![CDATA[Makes grimy>]]> <![CDATA[Eye color, e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Non-Spanish spelling of an Arizona tribe's name>]]> <![CDATA[Pack neatly>]]> <![CDATA[Trim request ... or what this puzzle takes, based on what its missing letters spell?>]]> <![CDATA[Sicilian peak>]]> <![CDATA[Use a hammer to fix, perhaps>]]> <![CDATA[Angry cry to a captor>]]> <![CDATA[Promising>]]> <![CDATA[Lacey's partner on TV>]]> <![CDATA[Hugh Jackman film about robot boxing>]]> <![CDATA[Vex>]]> <![CDATA[Doing the job>]]> <![CDATA[Suffix with clear or vigil>]]> <![CDATA[Certain plows and tractors>]]> <![CDATA[Give a smile>]]> <![CDATA[Ed of "Gus”>]]> <![CDATA[Trim grass>]]> <![CDATA["Do Ya” rock gp.>]]> <![CDATA[Wash. bigwig>]]> <![CDATA[Good, in Spain>]]> <![CDATA[Freeway access point>]]> <![CDATA[More shrewd>]]> <![CDATA[Begin>]]> <![CDATA["X” number>]]> <![CDATA[Eccentric>]]> <![CDATA[Consuming>]]> <![CDATA[Popular highball>]]> <![CDATA[Gardeners, farmers, etc.>]]> <![CDATA[Well-muscled>]]> <![CDATA[Affront, in rap>]]> <![CDATA[GEICO's bus.>]]> <![CDATA[Incessantly>]]> <![CDATA[Geologic spans>]]> <![CDATA[Lead-in to drama>]]> <![CDATA[Sweetie pie>]]> <![CDATA[Should that be the case>]]> <![CDATA[Super-deep sleep>]]> <![CDATA[Skim, say>]]> <![CDATA[Spur (on)>]]> <![CDATA[Pté de — gras>]]> <![CDATA[Hollywood's Kazan>]]> <![CDATA[Eye color, e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Itchy, medically>]]> <![CDATA[Make weak>]]> <![CDATA[Pigeon sound>]]> <![CDATA[Geologic span>]]> <![CDATA[Shearer of "A Free Soul”>]]> <![CDATA[Sept. follower>]]> <![CDATA[Bigwig>]]> <![CDATA[Comic strip cry of dismay>]]> <![CDATA[Sloppy farm area>]]> <![CDATA[Animal in a 58-Down>]]> <![CDATA[Greeting with a GIF, maybe>]]> <![CDATA[June honoree>]]> <![CDATA[Geologic span>]]> <![CDATA[Chum>]]> <![CDATA[Pre-hurricane orders>]]> <![CDATA[Stuff in the gene pool>]]> <![CDATA[Thai language>]]> <![CDATA[Oppose as false>]]> <![CDATA[Snoozing site>]]> <![CDATA[Atoll feature>]]> <![CDATA[Sticky pod in Cajun cuisine>]]> <![CDATA[Entre — (between us)>]]> <![CDATA[Tolkien beast>]]> <![CDATA[Astronaut's wear>]]> <![CDATA["Girls” creator Dunham>]]> <![CDATA[Legal exam, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Former court king Arthur>]]> <![CDATA[Lying adjacent to>]]> <![CDATA[Epps of "Scream 2”>]]> <![CDATA[Give up a poker hand>]]> <![CDATA[More boorish>]]> <![CDATA[Trattoria rice dish>]]> <![CDATA[Distress call>]]> <![CDATA[— Antiqua>]]> <![CDATA[Plaid design>]]> <![CDATA[Even-scored>]]> <![CDATA[Nebraskan Native Americans>]]> <![CDATA[Reinstate in an office>]]> <![CDATA[1999 Super Bowl MVP John>]]> <![CDATA[Humdinger>]]> <![CDATA[Wolfed down>]]> <![CDATA[Spying info>]]> <![CDATA[To — (perfectly)>]]> <![CDATA[Living space>]]> <![CDATA[German car company>]]> <![CDATA[Circle part>]]> <![CDATA[Rural stretch>]]> <![CDATA[Rink legend Bobby>]]> <![CDATA[Stipend or toll>]]> <![CDATA[St. Pete loc.>]]> <![CDATA[Small rodent>]]> <![CDATA[Conjecture>]]> <![CDATA[Woolgathering>]]> <![CDATA[Arrest>]]> <![CDATA[Streamlined>]]> <![CDATA[Strong drink>]]> <![CDATA[Vocation>]]> <![CDATA[Blasphemy>]]> <![CDATA[Shadow>]]> <![CDATA["I see a fox!”>]]> <![CDATA[Show>]]> <![CDATA[Excess>]]> <![CDATA[Inconstant>]]> <![CDATA[Sexual partner>]]> <![CDATA[With, romantically>]]> <![CDATA[Matchless>]]> <![CDATA[Item>]]> <![CDATA[Resound>]]> <![CDATA[Special prominence>]]> <![CDATA[Piece of hard copy>]]> <![CDATA[Split hairs>]]> <![CDATA[Busy>]]> <![CDATA[Pastoral verse>]]> <![CDATA[Put up with>]]> <![CDATA[Key worker first seen on state-run TV, say>]]> <![CDATA[American boozer in state — in Tennessee>]]> <![CDATA[Defensive structure in support of lock>]]> <![CDATA[Music producer puts work into hit>]]> <![CDATA[State broadcasts to be reviewed, Yard admitted>]]> <![CDATA[Plant a gentile cultivated with nitrogen>]]> <![CDATA[People trying to convert house after work>]]> <![CDATA[Was seedy hand out to have a fast time?>]]> <![CDATA[Shortly, naval deserter will meet an old lover in Italy>]]> <![CDATA[Red trousers around twenty pounds>]]> <![CDATA[Test grasping bishop showing group loyalty>]]> <![CDATA[Stealthily getting as high as one can?>]]> <![CDATA[Chaps involved in junk trade tease cats>]]> <![CDATA[Bill split by diplomat and party member?>]]> <![CDATA[Uncouth old swimmer hogging second of lanes>]]> <![CDATA[French department stores finally promote minor painter>]]> <![CDATA[A heartless reporter cracking national's account>]]> <![CDATA[Liars with witness strained relations>]]> <![CDATA[Like our man Newton? It's the ruddy opposite!>]]> <![CDATA[Clear blue>]]> <![CDATA[Rhubarb side, bit of nauseous feeling eating it>]]> <![CDATA[Novel obtained and sold with Gore on its cover?>]]> <![CDATA[A rampant wild boar will find water>]]> <![CDATA[Flight safety device airline inters in error>]]> <![CDATA[Doing cocaine and becoming excited>]]> <![CDATA[Reportedly like a kid's facial hair>]]> <![CDATA[Scoff after agent provides quote, perhaps>]]> <![CDATA[Winner might do this if Oscar went to Speed>]]> <![CDATA[1968 film in which Charlton Heston says "You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”>]]> <![CDATA[Title of the final episode of Hawaii Five-O, shown on US TV in April 2020>]]> <![CDATA[Drug-users such as autobiographer Thomas De Quincey>]]> <![CDATA[Sobriquet of King Henry the Second's successor>]]> <![CDATA[In New York, someone living north of Central Park>]]> <![CDATA[Zoological term for a crustacean like a woodlouse>]]> <![CDATA[Shakespearean princess poisoned by her sister>]]> <![CDATA[Wildcat of South and Central America>]]> <![CDATA[Westinghouse's adversary in the "War of the currents”>]]> <![CDATA["Woo-hoo! When I feel heavy-metal!” (____, Blur)>]]> <![CDATA[What can be expressed as 100 grades, 8 points or 6 hours>]]> <![CDATA[Language created by Polish oculist "Doctor Hopeful”>]]> <![CDATA[25 sheets, often kept in a drawer, maybe used by a drawer>]]> <![CDATA[Homophones may make ____ unhelpfully difficult>]]> <![CDATA[Activist played by Denzel Washington in Cry Freedom>]]> <![CDATA[Technical name for athlete's foot>]]> <![CDATA[Roy ____ succeeded Fabio Capello as England manager>]]> <![CDATA[Beetle which was sacred in ancient Egypt>]]> <![CDATA[____s are compounds with similar but different molecular forms, such as propyne and propadiene>]]> <![CDATA[Poet described as the father of Italian literature>]]> <![CDATA[Largest of Northern Ireland's six historic counties>]]> <![CDATA[Particle discovered by Carl David Anderson in 1932>]]> <![CDATA[Bernstein-scored musical about Second World War sailors enjoying 24 hours of shore leave>]]> <![CDATA[Bunuel film whose title is the name given to Catherine Deneuve's character by Madame Anaïs>]]> <![CDATA[Inspector ____ is part of a code phrase telling transport staff of a potential incident without causing panic>]]> <![CDATA[Book of the Bible featuring the Sermon on the Mount>]]> <![CDATA[Ian McKellen played John ____ in the 1989 film Scandal>]]> <![CDATA["I had only ____ left and I didn't want to waste it on God” (Albert Camus)>]]> <![CDATA[Austen matchmaker who marries George Knightley>]]> <![CDATA[Torsion-powered sone-throwing weapon of Roman times>]]> <![CDATA[English river which the spirit Peg Powler is said to inhabit>]]> <![CDATA[County in which the Long Man of Wilmington is found>]]> <![CDATA[Thucydides wrote a seminal account of this conflict between Athens and Sparta>]]> <![CDATA[The easternmost beach of the 1944 Normandy landings>]]> <![CDATA[Greek myth's "river of woe”, crossed by souls of the dead>]]> <![CDATA[Borneo and Sumatra's "man of the forest”>]]> <![CDATA[Nottinghamshire's ____ Nature Reserve was opened by a famous broadcaster and naturalist>]]> <![CDATA[In the USA, Samuel Barber's ____ has a "solemn occasion” role similar to that of Elgar's Nimrod in the UK>]]> <![CDATA[Character played by George Reeves and Henry Cavill>]]> <![CDATA[Latin-derived term for a countrywoman of Shirley Bassey>]]> <![CDATA[There has been a UK edition of this magazine since 1938>]]> <![CDATA[Twenty-sided dice are these shapes>]]> <![CDATA[Author whose first published novel was Under the Net (1954), about a struggling young writer>]]> <![CDATA["With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are ____” (social reformer Thomas Fowell Buxton)>]]> <![CDATA[In 1984 Paul ____ performed a sketch with prime minister Margaret Thatcher, based on the show in which he starred>]]> <![CDATA[German engineer Werner ____'s "Elektromote”, in Berlin in 1882, was the world's first trolleybus>]]> <![CDATA[Historic county town in Scotland, replaced by Paisley>]]> <![CDATA[Disco group who released Daddy Cool and Rasputin>]]> <![CDATA[Skimpy beachwear like a G-string>]]> <![CDATA[In Indian cuisine, ____ gobi is a potato and cauliflower dish>]]> <![CDATA[Strikers threaten one dropping out? They can be dismissed on appeal>]]> <![CDATA[Picture of the Month challenge discontinued>]]> <![CDATA[Agitation in Unite upset with Old Bill>]]> <![CDATA[Weaker official about to admit abuse>]]> <![CDATA[Free from rain, pretty good bazaar for charity>]]> <![CDATA[Fate of Charlie on hold>]]> <![CDATA[Clever person coloured confectionery>]]> <![CDATA[Guard in Arab stores ready for Jordan>]]> <![CDATA[Cheese on grilled meat cut is a Japanese dish>]]> <![CDATA[Dishonest Khan unexpectedly retaining power>]]> <![CDATA[Heads to roll in favoured gatherings producing cases>]]> <![CDATA[Rough breathing in grammar school? It's the fags!>]]> <![CDATA[British actress Jane seen in straw hat>]]> <![CDATA[Maid, one indeed for a Sloane>]]> <![CDATA[Ruler's traditional dress in Thailand not available>]]> <![CDATA[Experiences of migrants beginning with hope and ending with rescue at sea?>]]> <![CDATA[Parts of ground in sporting venues not given a name?>]]> <![CDATA[Avoid confronting stores about water parsnip>]]> <![CDATA[Knocks from Bravo in short made it with Stokes>]]> <![CDATA[Academician's ridiculous to hold up article concerning ink>]]> <![CDATA[Italian cop succeeded getting little resistance in pen>]]> <![CDATA[Issuing ecstasy, smuggler caught leading to fine>]]> <![CDATA[Laments idea oddly to cut European members>]]> <![CDATA[Old lady nursing sick daughter shows restraint across the pond>]]> <![CDATA[Man in house with line disconnected>]]> <![CDATA[Energy seen around mount in the country>]]> <![CDATA[Replays concerning Hearts, it's said>]]> <![CDATA[Casement's embellishment a spymaster in Special Branch linked with case of eventual uprising>]]> <![CDATA[President to prohibit one form of art from Japan>]]> <![CDATA[Type of dog leads with special attachments getting interest as before>]]> <![CDATA[Sister in reverse outside wing halves>]]> <![CDATA[Had snack prepared omitting cold dish>]]> <![CDATA[Slimmer in supermarket ends with veggie burger>]]> <![CDATA[Boat mostly around source of African river such as this one>]]> <![CDATA[Term for brass handle?>]]> <![CDATA[Ditch husband with expression of pleasure>]]> <![CDATA[Karate school>]]> <![CDATA[Start of many hymns>]]> <![CDATA[Pre-college grades>]]> <![CDATA[Word like ''mademoiselle>]]> <![CDATA[Draftsperson's device>]]> <![CDATA[Literary coda>]]> <![CDATA[Empire State sch. system>]]> <![CDATA[Showtime sister station>]]> <![CDATA[Florida speedway city>]]> <![CDATA[Whom Mandela succeeded>]]> <![CDATA[Play about horses>]]> <![CDATA[Pencil remnants>]]> <![CDATA[On the Road'' narrator>]]> <![CDATA[What some call rubber bands>]]> <![CDATA[Type in again>]]> <![CDATA[Muscle soreness>]]> <![CDATA[Sear on a grill>]]> <![CDATA[Very long time>]]> <![CDATA[$, in exchange-rate tables>]]> <![CDATA[No prob>]]> <![CDATA[First Obi-Wan portrayer>]]> <![CDATA[First of 12 popes>]]> <![CDATA[Large antelope>]]> <![CDATA[Campus clubs>]]> <![CDATA[Eagle abode>]]> <![CDATA[Cut the line, in London>]]> <![CDATA[Ocean hue>]]> <![CDATA[Get comfy under a blanket>]]> <![CDATA[Homemade liquor>]]> <![CDATA[Broad neckwear>]]> <![CDATA[Makes sharper>]]> <![CDATA[Wander widely>]]> <![CDATA[It means ''not exactly>]]> <![CDATA[Harsh criticism>]]> <![CDATA[Tri-layer cookie>]]> <![CDATA[Cinema snack>]]> <![CDATA[Sharply inclined>]]> <![CDATA[Suitable for dudes>]]> <![CDATA[Cast member>]]> <![CDATA[Brunch beverages, briefly>]]> <![CDATA[Aspirations>]]> <![CDATA[Become aware of>]]> <![CDATA[Tablet reading>]]> <![CDATA[Verbal fanfare>]]> <![CDATA[Bridle part>]]> <![CDATA[South American capital>]]> <![CDATA[Bacterium>]]> <![CDATA[No need to tell me>]]> <![CDATA[Catty remarks>]]> <![CDATA[Potato appetizers>]]> <![CDATA[Herr Schindler>]]> <![CDATA[Overly interested>]]> <![CDATA[Of fall>]]> <![CDATA[Guest at Alice's tea party>]]> <![CDATA[Subatomic particle>]]> <![CDATA[Senator Gillibrand>]]> <![CDATA[__-European languages>]]> <![CDATA[Racetrack official>]]> <![CDATA[Reproach>]]> <![CDATA[Scenic views, for short>]]> <![CDATA[__ Selassie>]]> <![CDATA[Son of Jacob>]]> <![CDATA[78 Across muscles>]]> <![CDATA[Hinge (on)>]]> <![CDATA[Ball-shaped cheese>]]> <![CDATA[Taj Mahal city>]]> <![CDATA[It's said like ''say>]]> <![CDATA[Celine of song>]]> <![CDATA[Remaining>]]> <![CDATA[List-ending abbr>]]> <![CDATA[Fast-moving spray>]]> <![CDATA[Suffix for rocks or residents>]]> <![CDATA[__ de toilette>]]> <![CDATA[Accomplish, in the Bible>]]> <![CDATA[__ 1869 (Heinz ketchup label phrase)>]]> <![CDATA[Thickly packed>]]> <![CDATA[Hurry up>]]> <![CDATA[Makes eyes at>]]> <![CDATA[Western predator>]]> <![CDATA[Social peer>]]> <![CDATA[Resounding sound>]]> <![CDATA[He preceded Andrew>]]> <![CDATA[Monarch met by Marco Polo>]]> <![CDATA[In a loathsome way>]]> <![CDATA[Anklebone>]]> <![CDATA[Cattle drive beast>]]> <![CDATA[Swiss watch brand>]]> <![CDATA[Global extremes>]]> <![CDATA[Web craft store>]]> <![CDATA[Muslim ascetic>]]> <![CDATA[Somersaulting dive>]]> <![CDATA[Ad biz award>]]> <![CDATA[Vise gripper>]]> <![CDATA[News agency founder>]]> <![CDATA[Fowl complaint>]]> <![CDATA[Show to a seat, so to speak>]]> <![CDATA[Environs>]]> <![CDATA[That makes two __>]]> <![CDATA[Large coffeemakers>]]> <![CDATA[In the past>]]> <![CDATA[God for whom a day is named>]]> <![CDATA[City on the English Channel>]]> <![CDATA[With no tread left>]]> <![CDATA[Specialized vocabulary>]]> <![CDATA[Get it?>]]> <![CDATA[Drs.' org>]]> <![CDATA[Upper bodies>]]> <![CDATA[NBAers, in headlines>]]> <![CDATA[Artist Steen or Vermeer>]]> <![CDATA[What the patella is part of>]]> <![CDATA[Slipper tip>]]> <![CDATA[Italian cuisine staple>]]> <![CDATA[Santalike>]]> <![CDATA[In the past>]]> <![CDATA[Creator of Bert and Ernie>]]> <![CDATA[Belly>]]> <![CDATA[Train station>]]> <![CDATA[Way over there>]]> <![CDATA[Banjo cousin>]]> <![CDATA[Criticizes>]]> <![CDATA[Sony cofounder Morita>]]> <![CDATA[Fly sky-high>]]> <![CDATA[T-Rex, for instance>]]> <![CDATA[Downed dinner>]]> <![CDATA[Unexpected punts>]]> <![CDATA[Milk source, to tots>]]> <![CDATA[Bit of okra>]]> <![CDATA[Alt-media quarterly>]]> <![CDATA[Mosaic patterns>]]> <![CDATA[Witch's potions>]]> <![CDATA[Residence on the Rhine>]]> <![CDATA[Strong devotion>]]> <![CDATA[Tranquil>]]> <![CDATA[Acquire new weaponry>]]> <![CDATA[Trade grp>]]> <![CDATA[Kit's colleague>]]> <![CDATA[Obi-Wan, for one>]]> <![CDATA[Says nothing>]]> <![CDATA[Mideast flier>]]> <![CDATA[Last words of a Kilmer verse>]]> <![CDATA[Life of leisure>]]> <![CDATA[Good old'' land>]]> <![CDATA[Olde __ (retro brand name)>]]> <![CDATA[Soak up, as knowledge>]]> <![CDATA[Dull routines>]]> <![CDATA[Streisand title role>]]> <![CDATA[What a V on a menu might stand for>]]> <![CDATA[University in Atlanta>]]> <![CDATA[Puts in order of preference>]]> <![CDATA[Line of work, informally>]]> <![CDATA[Unideal roommate for a neatnik>]]> <![CDATA[Sign at an intersection>]]> <![CDATA[Play an F instead of an F#, say>]]> <![CDATA[Perfect scores for gymnasts>]]> <![CDATA[Tricolor kitty>]]> <![CDATA[Process that creates rust>]]> <![CDATA[___ Moines, Iowa>]]> <![CDATA[Stately tree>]]> <![CDATA[Pink cocktail, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Joke>]]> <![CDATA["The Sun Is ___ a Star" (Yoon novel)>]]> <![CDATA[Send out>]]> <![CDATA[Ruler of old Russia>]]> <![CDATA[Singer Kravitz>]]> <![CDATA[Progresses s-l-o-w-l-y>]]> <![CDATA[" ... ___ lack thereof">]]> <![CDATA[Tax prep pro>]]> <![CDATA[Goulash and burgoo, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Industry giant>]]> <![CDATA[Strongly praised>]]> <![CDATA[Emergency contact, for short?>]]> <![CDATA[Like some pretzels and taco shells>]]> <![CDATA[School grp. with no children in it>]]> <![CDATA[Drink at a pizza party, often>]]> <![CDATA[Alternative form of an element>]]> <![CDATA[They're often drawn in the evening>]]> <![CDATA[YouTube star Kay>]]> <![CDATA[Seek forgiveness>]]> <![CDATA[Singer/activist Horne>]]> <![CDATA[Venomous African snake>]]> <![CDATA[No-frills>]]> <![CDATA[Seasons, like fries>]]> <![CDATA[Aware of>]]> <![CDATA[Hoity-toity person>]]> <![CDATA[Corporate $$$ exec>]]> <![CDATA["I was today years ___ when ...">]]> <![CDATA[Actor McKellen>]]> <![CDATA["Seeing red" feeling>]]> <![CDATA[Touch and go?>]]> <![CDATA[Acrobat's safety item>]]> <![CDATA[What a cryptogram is written in>]]> <![CDATA[Message sent with a click>]]> <![CDATA[Earth's is made of iron and nickel>]]> <![CDATA[Ice skating jump>]]> <![CDATA[First-person reporting style popularized by Hunter S. Thompson>]]> <![CDATA[Biblical boat>]]> <![CDATA[Oscars adjective>]]> <![CDATA[Lost traction>]]> <![CDATA[NASDAQ alternative>]]> <![CDATA[Dirty work?>]]> <![CDATA[Burn with water>]]> <![CDATA[Vespa, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Part of a flight>]]> <![CDATA[Go out for a bit?>]]> <![CDATA[___ pickle>]]> <![CDATA[Mints in a clear box>]]> <![CDATA[Track on a Lil Nas X album, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[And so on, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Luau bowlful>]]> <![CDATA["Hamilton" won 11 in 2016>]]> <![CDATA[Side dish named for a New York hotel>]]> <![CDATA[Surly growl>]]> <![CDATA[Freebie that might hold other freebies>]]> <![CDATA[Sound-boosting gear>]]> <![CDATA["Othello" villain>]]> <![CDATA[Heaps>]]> <![CDATA[Pie ___ mode>]]> <![CDATA[Many a cat or dog>]]> <![CDATA[Skedaddle>]]> <![CDATA[Stick with it!>]]> <![CDATA[Circle the Earth>]]> <![CDATA[Roulette statistic>]]> <![CDATA[A's point value in Scrabble>]]> <![CDATA[Magical legumes in "Into the Woods">]]> <![CDATA[Centrist leader, second-class, left impression>]]> <![CDATA[Satanic sort, very French, about to ensnare writer>]]> <![CDATA[Insulate round the bend without a tool>]]> <![CDATA[Buck embraces Penny in tree>]]> <![CDATA[Morse cop novel one writes in bars>]]> <![CDATA[Confident getting on with bishop>]]> <![CDATA[Shoot the messenger>]]> <![CDATA[Fighting to slice fish or chicken>]]> <![CDATA[Bright person drops kilo in box>]]> <![CDATA[Clubs and centres rebuilt in street>]]> <![CDATA[In contract, organ player>]]> <![CDATA[One in church opposing drink>]]> <![CDATA[Terrifying beast men sort out>]]> <![CDATA[False strokes producing boundaries>]]> <![CDATA[Aggressive delivery from Bruce on Reformation?>]]> <![CDATA[Bitter perhaps in congressional elections>]]> <![CDATA[Maybe indebted shop's revitalised>]]> <![CDATA[One offering bargain in basement we hear>]]> <![CDATA[Drink given with soft meat>]]> <![CDATA[ESP in later years keeps old in hush-hush work>]]> <![CDATA[Stomp with energy in older jazz style>]]> <![CDATA[Chap that mixed a new cocktail>]]> <![CDATA[Rotting corpse in plot>]]> <![CDATA[Cracking deal: it's for nuts and bolts>]]> <![CDATA[Shopkeeper less refined we hear>]]> <![CDATA[Son opening unwanted mail makes sudden attack>]]> <![CDATA[Courage that's needed on icy roads>]]> <![CDATA[Badger in range occasionally>]]> <![CDATA[New Labour's leader>]]> <![CDATA[Large snake>]]> <![CDATA[Implement>]]> <![CDATA[Canadian emblem>]]> <![CDATA[Music creator>]]> <![CDATA[Audacious>]]> <![CDATA[Track athlete>]]> <![CDATA[One lacking courage>]]> <![CDATA[Trade punches>]]> <![CDATA[Curved shape>]]> <![CDATA[Performer>]]> <![CDATA[Red wine>]]> <![CDATA[Fearsome creature>]]> <![CDATA[Borders>]]> <![CDATA[Doorman>]]> <![CDATA[Beer>]]> <![CDATA[Brought back>]]> <![CDATA[Trader>]]> <![CDATA[Hindquarters>]]> <![CDATA[Spying>]]> <![CDATA[Step>]]> <![CDATA[New York island>]]> <![CDATA[Connive>]]> <![CDATA[Particulars>]]> <![CDATA[Food retailer>]]> <![CDATA[Twitch>]]> <![CDATA[Gravel>]]> <![CDATA[Scold>]]> <![CDATA["Fantastic!">]]> <![CDATA[Boxer McCarter>]]> <![CDATA[Skating venues>]]> <![CDATA[National Regifting Day month (Abbr.)>]]> <![CDATA[Greek god of love>]]> <![CDATA[Place where watermelons grow>]]> <![CDATA["Back to the Future" actress Thompson>]]> <![CDATA[Curved path>]]> <![CDATA[Zero percent>]]> <![CDATA[Bone-to-muscle connector>]]> <![CDATA[Actress Menzel>]]> <![CDATA["How can I ever ___ you?">]]> <![CDATA[Very pale>]]> <![CDATA[Gas that glows red>]]> <![CDATA[Tonsils' locations>]]> <![CDATA["The Family Romanov" monarch>]]> <![CDATA["Until next time!">]]> <![CDATA[Shrill barks>]]> <![CDATA[Small flute>]]> <![CDATA[Problem with an old sofa cushion>]]> <![CDATA[Once ___ blue moon>]]> <![CDATA[Prefix for "space">]]> <![CDATA[Fish with a fruit in its name>]]> <![CDATA[Subside like the tide>]]> <![CDATA[Lean-___ (simple shelters)>]]> <![CDATA[Birds heard at night>]]> <![CDATA[Brown drink>]]> <![CDATA[School URL ending>]]> <![CDATA[Silences>]]> <![CDATA["___-doke!">]]> <![CDATA[Beehive State resident>]]> <![CDATA["Queen" author Alex>]]> <![CDATA[Make it right>]]> <![CDATA[Prefix for "space">]]> <![CDATA[Salty or bitter, for example>]]> <![CDATA[Take an oath>]]> <![CDATA[___ Club (Costco rival)>]]> <![CDATA[Not at home>]]> <![CDATA[Washington Wizards' org>]]> <![CDATA["I'll pass">]]> <![CDATA[Move on skates>]]> <![CDATA[Prepare ahead of time>]]> <![CDATA[Title for Sidney Poitier>]]> <![CDATA[Competitor like Justin Williams>]]> <![CDATA[Prefix for "space">]]> <![CDATA[Assistant>]]> <![CDATA[Type of body language considered rude in many cultures>]]> <![CDATA[Sound at a salon>]]> <![CDATA[Order ___ carte>]]> <![CDATA[Brief moment>]]> <![CDATA[Goddess associated with the capital of Greece>]]> <![CDATA[Small pie>]]> <![CDATA["Hey, another thing . . .">]]> <![CDATA[Channel on which "DaDaDa DaDaDa" can be heard>]]> <![CDATA[Have a longing>]]> <![CDATA[Mountain where Musa received two tablets>]]> <![CDATA["Is anybody here?">]]> <![CDATA["___ me explain!">]]> <![CDATA[Ungoverned society>]]> <![CDATA[Pill in a clinical trial>]]> <![CDATA[Fuel in a tank>]]> <![CDATA[Deals with struggles>]]> <![CDATA[Some burial sites>]]> <![CDATA[Made cow sounds>]]> <![CDATA[Norway's capital>]]> <![CDATA[Moving day rental>]]> <![CDATA[Insects that make mounds>]]> <![CDATA[Picture made with needles>]]> <![CDATA["That's right">]]> <![CDATA[Lumber mill tool>]]> <![CDATA[Cold sore soother>]]> <![CDATA[Triumphed in a photo finish>]]> <![CDATA[Female turkeys>]]> <![CDATA[___ job (mechanic's task)>]]> <![CDATA[Island nation near Tunisia>]]> <![CDATA[12/31, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Symbol on the Cuban flag>]]> <![CDATA[See-through>]]> <![CDATA[Has overall control; is paramount>]]> <![CDATA[Pay particular care to understand this>]]> <![CDATA[Manage; parry>]]> <![CDATA[Dissolve Parliament and call a General Election>]]> <![CDATA[Mete out; allocate>]]> <![CDATA[The clear, upper air; an anaesthetic>]]> <![CDATA[Arid; dried up>]]> <![CDATA[Utterly lost>]]> <![CDATA[Sneakiest oath? (anag)>]]> <![CDATA[One of the D-Day landing beaches; Roman goddess>]]> <![CDATA[In music, smooth with no perceptible gaps between notes>]]> <![CDATA[Dutch city whose name was given to an important treaty in 1713>]]> <![CDATA[Sorceress wife of Jason; Euripides drama>]]> <![CDATA[Euphoric; cock-a-hoop>]]> <![CDATA[US WWII general, later President>]]> <![CDATA[Has arrived; becomes noticed>]]> <![CDATA[Slang word for moneys>]]> <![CDATA[Small hole for a lace or cord to be drawn through>]]> <![CDATA[Swimming; floating>]]> <![CDATA[Overdone; trite>]]> <![CDATA[Tolkien's tree-like forest creatures>]]> <![CDATA[... and that's magic!>]]> <![CDATA[Ay yi yi>]]> <![CDATA[Good Times' singer Brickell>]]> <![CDATA[Goodness gracious!>]]> <![CDATA[Invisible Touch' band>]]> <![CDATA[No more!>]]> <![CDATA[Part of Your World' singer in a Disney film>]]> <![CDATA[Psst! This way!>]]> <![CDATA[Schitt's Creek' character with several designer wigs>]]> <![CDATA[SOS!>]]> <![CDATA[That's interesting>]]> <![CDATA[That's terrifying!>]]> <![CDATA[The Search for General ___' (film about a military leader and the Chinese American dish named after him)>]]> <![CDATA[Twilight' actress Ashley>]]> <![CDATA[Vikings' character played by Maude Hirst>]]> <![CDATA[___ have a better chance of winning damages for plaintiffs than weak ones>]]> <![CDATA[___ must be really smart birds. How else could they have gotten their law degrees?>]]> <![CDATA[___ when they need a nap after arguing against the prosecution>]]> <![CDATA[___ would be a festive decoration for the hearing>]]> <![CDATA[___, but they'll be back after lunch>]]> <![CDATA[___? If not, nobody will testify for me>]]> <![CDATA[___? That's when the judge is a marsupial>]]> <![CDATA[1999 Ron Howard film often compared to 'The Truman Show>]]> <![CDATA[90-degree shape>]]> <![CDATA[Academic assessments>]]> <![CDATA[Adds moisture to>]]> <![CDATA[Attempt to seize>]]> <![CDATA[Baseball owner Moreno>]]> <![CDATA[Before surgery, briefly>]]> <![CDATA[Big ___ (semis)>]]> <![CDATA[Bit of barbecue fare>]]> <![CDATA[Brand that created a cookie-flavored wine with Barefoot in 2021>]]> <![CDATA[Brisk, steady pace>]]> <![CDATA[Broadway entrance>]]> <![CDATA[Card game with a forehand, middlehand and rearhand>]]> <![CDATA[Charlotte Bront's Jane>]]> <![CDATA[Charlottesville sch. that Tina Fey graduated from in 1992>]]> <![CDATA[Circumvent>]]> <![CDATA[Coastal town>]]> <![CDATA[Code problem>]]> <![CDATA[Congressional member of the House: Abbr>]]> <![CDATA[Connoisseurs>]]> <![CDATA[Deep-fried cylinder>]]> <![CDATA[Demonstrated interest>]]> <![CDATA[Discharge, as a volcano>]]> <![CDATA[Distribute, with 'out>]]> <![CDATA[Do better than>]]> <![CDATA[Doesn't take sides ... or anything else?>]]> <![CDATA[D___ish>]]> <![CDATA[Educator Khan who founded the Khan Academy>]]> <![CDATA[English or Spanish, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Every last one>]]> <![CDATA[Exchange for a price>]]> <![CDATA[Fall dropping>]]> <![CDATA[Famous ___ (rhyming cookie brand)>]]> <![CDATA[Fantasy game backstory>]]> <![CDATA[Fixtures in clock towers>]]> <![CDATA[Flag staff>]]> <![CDATA[Flipping gymnastics maneuver>]]> <![CDATA[Form of vitamin B3>]]> <![CDATA[Freedom Summer organizer Fannie ___ Hamer>]]> <![CDATA[Freeze ___ (variant of a playground game)>]]> <![CDATA[French word for 'king>]]> <![CDATA[Get a fresh start>]]> <![CDATA[Gigantic amount>]]> <![CDATA[Gradually withdraw from nursing>]]> <![CDATA[Greek letter in Margaret Atwood's name?>]]> <![CDATA[Group taking more than one kind of donation>]]> <![CDATA[Guitar technique that involves hitting the strings>]]> <![CDATA[Guts, so to speak>]]> <![CDATA[Handel work with the 'Hallelujah' chorus>]]> <![CDATA[Hazardous situation>]]> <![CDATA[HBO show featuring a stickup man named Omar Little>]]> <![CDATA[Healing wound's cover>]]> <![CDATA[Hit home?>]]> <![CDATA[Hole in the ground>]]> <![CDATA[Hot Wheels car, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Impressionist?>]]> <![CDATA[Involve in a troublesome situation>]]> <![CDATA[James ___ Jones, actor who provided the voice of Darth Vader>]]> <![CDATA[Lake by the Heavenly Mountain Resort>]]> <![CDATA[Large vessel that may hold oolong>]]> <![CDATA[Last word of SNL>]]> <![CDATA[Like some coffee>]]> <![CDATA[Like the Czech language>]]> <![CDATA[Like the name Ruby, for a jewelry store owner>]]> <![CDATA[Loud, harsh sound>]]> <![CDATA[Low-quality publication>]]> <![CDATA[Marmalade holder>]]> <![CDATA[Marvel hero Cage>]]> <![CDATA[Marvelous>]]> <![CDATA[Mischief-making pixie>]]> <![CDATA[Mulder and Scully of 'The X-Files,' e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Neighbor of thallium on the periodic table>]]> <![CDATA[News teams' vehicles>]]> <![CDATA[Nickname that drops 'art' from the end>]]> <![CDATA[Not ordinary>]]> <![CDATA[Not yet fulfilled>]]> <![CDATA[Old European gold coin>]]> <![CDATA[On account of>]]> <![CDATA[One working for wages>]]> <![CDATA[Opera house number>]]> <![CDATA[Opinions on matters of Islamic law>]]> <![CDATA[Opposite of wild>]]> <![CDATA[Orthodontist's interest>]]> <![CDATA[Outer layer of barley>]]> <![CDATA[Paper cup shape, at times>]]> <![CDATA[Part of a float>]]> <![CDATA[Potato dish topping>]]> <![CDATA[Potato prep utensil>]]> <![CDATA[Pugilistic Muhammad>]]> <![CDATA[Reminders of collisions>]]> <![CDATA[Sandy area where a stingray might be concealed>]]> <![CDATA[Sensitive about one's words>]]> <![CDATA[Setting one's sights on>]]> <![CDATA[Skeet shooting need>]]> <![CDATA[Soc. Sec. cards, e.g>]]> <![CDATA[Soon, informally>]]> <![CDATA[Southern NCAA powerhouse>]]> <![CDATA[Squirreled away>]]> <![CDATA[Stadium section>]]> <![CDATA[State fruit of Georgia>]]> <![CDATA[Sticker in a doctor's office>]]> <![CDATA[Structure near a Shinto shrine>]]> <![CDATA[Tent-securing item>]]> <![CDATA[They get dressed at a restaurant>]]> <![CDATA[Those inspired by the band Bauhaus, perhaps>]]> <![CDATA[Those singing on the A line of vocal scores>]]> <![CDATA[To a greater extent>]]> <![CDATA[Totally wretched>]]> <![CDATA[Trebinjica River setting>]]> <![CDATA[Urgent request for a miracle, say>]]> <![CDATA[Use a patio swing>]]> <![CDATA[Venetian money, once>]]> <![CDATA[Weapon wielded in a western>]]> <![CDATA[What the Marvel mutant Pyro controls>]]> <![CDATA[Where many RNs work>]]> <![CDATA[Work with feet about a feat, maybe>]]> <![CDATA[Wound up, like a hose>]]> <![CDATA[You, in Corinthians>]]> <![CDATA[Zero, in the English Football League>]]> <![CDATA[___ Rica>]]> <![CDATA[A lefty with a cold in shot>]]> <![CDATA[Protected parcel oddly sufficed>]]> <![CDATA[He was nothing to look at>]]> <![CDATA[Crush had briefly on a girl, say>]]> <![CDATA[Hawk catches river fish>]]> <![CDATA[Rolled gold added to lead to celebrate>]]> <![CDATA[A fruit fly over some melons>]]> <![CDATA[Hot stuff filled tortilla graduates consumed>]]> <![CDATA[Specific tales a cut resolves>]]> <![CDATA[Father flipped paintings separately>]]> <![CDATA[Neurotic's blunder is stupid>]]> <![CDATA[Appropriation plus exploitation>]]> <![CDATA[Fought prisoner was prone>]]> <![CDATA[Polyhedron's third inside edge>]]> <![CDATA[A god a man was worthy of>]]> <![CDATA[Airhead aboard smart chopper>]]> <![CDATA[Soda ruins reconstructed relics>]]> <![CDATA[Confidential talk foolishly interrupted by a drip>]]> <![CDATA[Demanding old man from Italy>]]> <![CDATA[Character facing consequences in a story about style>]]> <![CDATA[Five adult deer make tracks>]]> <![CDATA[Bash people with small gifts>]]> <![CDATA[A release of deer one caught after a lion, say>]]> <![CDATA[Inn's utter failure to provide sustenance>]]> <![CDATA[Plant support covering stalk's rear quarter>]]> <![CDATA[A source of fruit and veg, alternatively>]]> <![CDATA[Waitress first in dished up changed course>]]> <![CDATA[Garment ordeal oddly involving a shirt>]]> <![CDATA[A little kitten seemed nervous>]]> <![CDATA[Material girl out of glue rides off>]]> <![CDATA[Enter with keys?>]]> <![CDATA[Unspecified high term in a mathematical series>]]> <![CDATA[Judge>]]> <![CDATA[Name associated with an online list>]]> <![CDATA["What have we here?">]]> <![CDATA[Sorta>]]> <![CDATA[Famous feature of Ryoan-ji>]]> <![CDATA[1984 hit for 2-Down>]]> <![CDATA[Squeal in response to hearing a mouse's squeal>]]> <![CDATA[Take out to court?>]]> <![CDATA["Don't fight!">]]> <![CDATA[Jam>]]> <![CDATA[Weekend gathering for high schoolers when someone's parents are out of town>]]> <![CDATA[Dirty quarters>]]> <![CDATA[Lang. used for choosing fonts>]]> <![CDATA[It's found at both ends of snakes>]]> <![CDATA[Talking Heads bassist ___ Weymouth>]]> <![CDATA[Boats with one mast>]]> <![CDATA[Sedentary sloth>]]> <![CDATA[Speechless>]]> <![CDATA[Violent regime change>]]> <![CDATA[Smoke>]]> <![CDATA[Sardonic syllable>]]> <![CDATA[Athlete who snaps>]]> <![CDATA[Mobile game with a sliced-watermelon logo>]]> <![CDATA[Suffix with Toad or Smurf>]]> <![CDATA[Root (out)>]]> <![CDATA[It's right on a globe>]]> <![CDATA["Give me ___!" (start of a cheer in Alabama)>]]> <![CDATA[Fireplace residue>]]> <![CDATA[Accompanying dish ... that 15-, 23-, 33-, and 45-Across all have?>]]> <![CDATA["Sorry, busy that day">]]> <![CDATA[Mature>]]> <![CDATA["I'm here to help">]]> <![CDATA[___ memorization>]]> <![CDATA[Prof's honor, typically>]]> <![CDATA[Smoke screen>]]> <![CDATA[Place for some Christmas shopping>]]> <![CDATA[Parodist with the album Alpocalypse>]]> <![CDATA[One of several in a pen, usually>]]> <![CDATA["Ye gods!">]]> <![CDATA[Point at with the head>]]> <![CDATA[Maastricht Treaty grp.>]]> <![CDATA[Darlin>]]> <![CDATA[2021 role for Kristen>]]> <![CDATA[Whole>]]> <![CDATA[Emperor's proclamations>]]> <![CDATA[Chums at sea?>]]> <![CDATA[From Brno, say>]]> <![CDATA[Doesn't get left in the dust>]]> <![CDATA[Cheers for a sports team>]]> <![CDATA[Make smitten>]]> <![CDATA[City famous for its pesto>]]> <![CDATA["Move it!">]]> <![CDATA[Evaluation of an argument based on whether it can be made with a straight face>]]> <![CDATA[Actress Headley of Coming to America and Coming 2 America>]]> <![CDATA[Groovy music offerings?>]]> <![CDATA[Monolith material>]]> <![CDATA[Mantra, e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Defeats verbally>]]> <![CDATA[7-Down, e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Like anchors during a commercial break>]]> <![CDATA[Sistine Chapel decoration>]]> <![CDATA[Part of a Soviet military uniform>]]> <![CDATA[24 beer cans>]]> <![CDATA[Duane ____ (New York City pharmacy chain)>]]> <![CDATA[Woman's name that comes from the Greek for "peace">]]> <![CDATA[Colt call>]]> <![CDATA[Tired and bored>]]> <![CDATA[Russian ruler until 1917>]]> <![CDATA[One who looks up when told that gullible is written on the ceiling, say>]]> <![CDATA[Tempe sch.>]]> <![CDATA[Item on a to-do list>]]> <![CDATA[Mas' spouses>]]> <![CDATA[The Times ___ Are a-Changin' (Bob Dylan song)>]]> <![CDATA[Nation bordering the Persian Gulf>]]> <![CDATA[Android download>]]> <![CDATA[What ___ you done?>]]> <![CDATA[Image that spreads across the Internet>]]> <![CDATA[Star Trek: Picard actress who was born in Germany to American parents: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Maker of Sonic games>]]> <![CDATA[Yes at the altar: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Charmed actress who was born in Italy to American parents: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Man-___ (hipster hairstyle)>]]> <![CDATA[Saint Patrick's Day month: Abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Take It to the ___ (Eagles hit)>]]> <![CDATA[Group size between duo and quartet>]]> <![CDATA[Eat dinner>]]> <![CDATA[Maker of Air Max sneakers>]]> <![CDATA[Saw something happen but didn't get involved: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Word that can follow place or welcome>]]> <![CDATA[Silently show assent>]]> <![CDATA[Star Trek: The Next Generation actor who was born in Germany to American parents: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Intense anger>]]> <![CDATA[Video game heroine Croft>]]> <![CDATA[Sharp Objects actress who was born in Italy to American parents: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Let me see what ___ do: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Weight-loss plan>]]> <![CDATA[Sound made by a dove>]]> <![CDATA[Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt creator Fey>]]> <![CDATA[Fill with food>]]> <![CDATA[Farm animal that clucks>]]> <![CDATA[Current that goes around and around>]]> <![CDATA[Last Man Standing star ___ Allen>]]> <![CDATA[You ___ what you eat>]]> <![CDATA[Luggage company whose name derives from a biblical strongman>]]> <![CDATA[You bend them when doing squats>]]> <![CDATA[Outfit you change into at bedtime>]]> <![CDATA[Hairy muscular animal>]]> <![CDATA[Garnish-sized piece of parsley>]]> <![CDATA[Soccer play that involves touching the ball with one's hands: Hyph.>]]> <![CDATA[Bales in a barn's loft>]]> <![CDATA[CSI: Miami costar LaRue>]]> <![CDATA[Deep longing>]]> <![CDATA[American ___ (reality show airing its 20th season this year)>]]> <![CDATA[Precious rock>]]> <![CDATA[Like farm country>]]> <![CDATA[Tiny piece of toast or cake>]]> <![CDATA[Building block for proteins: 2 wds.>]]> <![CDATA[Japanese company that makes Coolpix cameras>]]> <![CDATA[Dynamite boy band>]]> <![CDATA[Guy who was the I in How I Met Your Mother>]]> <![CDATA[Anticipate and prevent as difficulties>]]> <![CDATA[Ratched star Sarah>]]> <![CDATA[Three-foot measurement>]]> <![CDATA[___-la-la-la>]]> <![CDATA[Get in touch with as by phone>]]> <![CDATA[Clichéd>]]> <![CDATA[Messages used to sell products>]]> <![CDATA[Actress Farrow>]]> <![CDATA[This film is not ___ rated>]]> <![CDATA[Manny and Jack's fellow Pep Boys mascot>]]> <![CDATA[Salt ___ pepper>]]> <![CDATA[Vote of opposition>]]> <![CDATA[Addictive narcotic>]]> <![CDATA[... & adenoids>]]> <![CDATA[Plotted>]]> <![CDATA[TV trial episode>]]> <![CDATA[Customary practice>]]> <![CDATA[Involve (in dispute)>]]> <![CDATA[Thick sweet liquid>]]> <![CDATA[Alleviated>]]> <![CDATA[Hoard>]]> <![CDATA[African savanna beast>]]> <![CDATA[Hawaiian garland>]]> <![CDATA[Polite form of address>]]> <![CDATA[Red dye>]]> <![CDATA[Digging tool>]]> <![CDATA[Immature frog>]]> <![CDATA[Estimate>]]> <![CDATA[Takes bone photos>]]> <![CDATA[Remote fort>]]> <![CDATA[Sketched (plans)>]]> <![CDATA[Place>]]> <![CDATA[Write music>]]> <![CDATA[Underground room>]]> <![CDATA[Foot arch>]]> <![CDATA[Display>]]> <![CDATA[Tribal drums>]]> <![CDATA[Node>]]> <![CDATA[Relatives by marriage>]]> <![CDATA[Protective screens>]]> <![CDATA[About-face>]]> <![CDATA[In total>]]> <![CDATA[Maths problem>]]> <![CDATA[Assist>]]> <![CDATA[Smoked pork>]]> <![CDATA[Laboured (of train)>]]> <![CDATA[Reviewed (ledger)>]]> <![CDATA[Loving>]]> <![CDATA[Criticise harshly>]]> <![CDATA[Biliousness>]]> <![CDATA[Dined at restaurant>]]> <![CDATA[Group of six>]]> <![CDATA[Northern US state>]]> <![CDATA[His political career began as a member of the South African parliament in 1969; his role in the dismantling of apartheid was recognised in the Nobel peace prize he shared with Nelson Mandela>]]> <![CDATA[Robert Donat was the star of the thriller, The Thirty-Nine ...>]]> <![CDATA[In 1955 she became the last woman to be executed in Britain, convicted murderess Ruth ...>]]> <![CDATA[John ... Kirkpatrick was the man with the donkey responsible for saving many lives under fire during World War One>]]> <![CDATA[In early 1944 American scientists working at the Rockefeller Institute in New York discovered this chemical which makes up genes>]]> <![CDATA[Judy Garland sang The Trolley Song in ... In St Louis>]]> <![CDATA[In July 1941 the Japanese army took Saigon and began disembarking troops to be garrisoned in Cambodia's capital, Phnom ..., within striking range of Thailand>]]> <![CDATA[In the fairy tale, this vegetable provided a coach for Cinderella>]]> <![CDATA[Prince ... Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand de Grimaldi of Monaco married actress Grace Kelly>]]> <![CDATA[Charles Laughton played a deformed bell-ringer in the film The Hunchback ... Dame>]]> <![CDATA[The way we used to learn our tables, thoroughly committed to memory>]]> <![CDATA[This landmark statue was replaced in Piccadilly Circus, London, on June 28, 1947>]]> <![CDATA[This organ was first transplanted in 1950 by US surgeon Richard Lawler>]]> <![CDATA[Classic No, No, Nanette duet, ... For Two>]]> <![CDATA[In 1953 actor Frank ... relaunched his career with an Oscar-winning performance in From Here To Eternity>]]> <![CDATA[We discovered in the Seventies that CFCs were depleting this layer of the Earth's atmosphere>]]> <![CDATA[This system for detecting aeroplanes at a distance over the horizon was patented in 1935>]]> <![CDATA[Product that saw the end of soap flakes in the laundry and bars of soap in the kitchen sink>]]> <![CDATA[Paying tribute to Battle of Britain pilots on August 20, Winston Churchill said: "Never in the ... of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few">]]> <![CDATA[Steve Austin, played by Lee Majors, was the reconstructed NASA colonel who survived a near-fatal car crash to become The Six Million ...>]]> <![CDATA[Cole Porter's musical based on Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Shrew>]]> <![CDATA[During the cold war the Warsaw Pact countries were called the ... bloc (as opposed to the West's NATO group)>]]> <![CDATA[The partition which produced the nations of Pakistan and India also left this beautiful Himalayan area in dispute>]]> <![CDATA[Shirley Eaton and Joan ... were stars of those funny Carry On films>]]> <![CDATA[Pat Phoenix played ... Tanner in Coronation Street>]]> <![CDATA[In the Sixties, Prince Michael of Kent underwent training at this military academy>]]> <![CDATA[George Orwell's classic look into a future when 'Big brother is watching you', Nineteen ...>]]> <![CDATA[In My Fair Lady, ... Higgins asks, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?">]]> <![CDATA[Garbo's immortal line from Grand Hotel, "... alone">]]> <![CDATA[Erich Kastner classic for children, ... The Detectives>]]> <![CDATA[Blue Velvet was a hit in the Fifties for crooner, Tony ...>]]> <![CDATA["The sweet things in life, to you were loaned; So how can you lose what you've never ...? Life is just a bowl of cherries">]]> <![CDATA[In the sixties millions of gallons of the deadly herbicide, ... Orange, were sprayed over South Vietnam>]]> <![CDATA[Janet Gaynor starred in A ... Is Born>]]> <![CDATA[Cancel out>]]> <![CDATA[Calf meat>]]> <![CDATA[State of suspension>]]> <![CDATA[Snatch>]]> <![CDATA[Eye membrane>]]> <![CDATA[Sudden overwhelming anxiety>]]> <![CDATA[Hold up>]]> <![CDATA[Involved in>]]> <![CDATA[Cultivated plot>]]> <![CDATA[Striped big cats>]]> <![CDATA[Clap (of thunder)>]]> <![CDATA[Crossbreed>]]> <![CDATA[Exclusive>]]> <![CDATA[Six, ... a dozen>]]> <![CDATA[Cab passenger>]]> <![CDATA[Unnerve>]]> <![CDATA[Prisoner's room>]]> <![CDATA[Beauty queen ribbons>]]> <![CDATA[Scolding repeatedly>]]> <![CDATA[Leisurely walk>]]> <![CDATA[Flee to wed>]]> <![CDATA[Well-known>]]> <![CDATA[Expressing (opinion)>]]> <![CDATA[Pilot>]]> <![CDATA[Female rabbit>]]> <![CDATA[Arithmetic mean>]]> <![CDATA[Mournful>]]> <![CDATA[Most intrusive>]]> <![CDATA[Very cold>]]> <![CDATA[Unhappiness>]]> <![CDATA[Warms>]]> <![CDATA[Polishes>]]> <![CDATA[Just misses, as a putt>]]> <![CDATA[Con's con>]]> <![CDATA[Asian festival>]]> <![CDATA[Cathedral display>]]> <![CDATA[Disney dog>]]> <![CDATA[Chromosome carriers>]]> <![CDATA[Bank customer, at times>]]> <![CDATA[Pentagon fig.>]]> <![CDATA[Color of some diamonds>]]> <![CDATA[Certain horses>]]> <![CDATA[A crowd, sometimes>]]> <![CDATA[Agree with, as sentiments>]]> <![CDATA[Peach or plum>]]> <![CDATA[Jet-speed word>]]> <![CDATA[Fairy tale figures>]]> <![CDATA[Actuary's datum>]]> <![CDATA[Eliot's Marner>]]> <![CDATA[Make a dove cry>]]> <![CDATA[Ironworker's union?>]]> <![CDATA[Barroom projectile>]]> <![CDATA[Jamaican export>]]> <![CDATA[Point in the right direction?>]]> <![CDATA[Glacial crest>]]> <![CDATA[Sticking places?>]]> <![CDATA[It has a supporting role?>]]> <![CDATA[Ruckus>]]> <![CDATA[Washing rituals>]]> <![CDATA[Tuner's asset>]]> <![CDATA[Almost here or there>]]> <![CDATA[Prelude to a duel>]]> <![CDATA[Satiric>]]> <![CDATA[Says in a postscript>]]> <![CDATA[Out there, in pop culture>]]> <![CDATA[Free>]]> <![CDATA[Cap material?>]]> <![CDATA[Barber's challenge>]]> <![CDATA[Bedtime distraction>]]> <![CDATA[Went down to second?>]]> <![CDATA[Curiosity victim>]]> <![CDATA[Flap, so to speak>]]> <![CDATA[Biblical incense>]]> <![CDATA[Caesar dressing?>]]> <![CDATA[Neither up nor down>]]> <![CDATA[Some salon offerings>]]> <![CDATA[Could be>]]> <![CDATA[Awed response>]]> <![CDATA[Easing of tension>]]> <![CDATA[Bigger than the both of us>]]> <![CDATA[Casting requirement?>]]> <![CDATA[Brilliant success>]]> <![CDATA[Arctic fish>]]> <![CDATA[Comes to the rescue>]]> <![CDATA[It can be a lot>]]> <![CDATA[Joint malady>]]> <![CDATA[Less than most>]]> <![CDATA[Betray surprise>]]> <![CDATA[Dawn discovery>]]> <![CDATA[Yogi's position>]]> <![CDATA[Office reward>]]> <![CDATA[All hands on deck?>]]> <![CDATA[Pride signal>]]> <![CDATA[Wrong, as plans>]]> <![CDATA[Seed cases>]]> <![CDATA[Dreamy spot?>]]> <![CDATA[Bagpipes player, maybe>]]> <![CDATA[Familiar, as a joke>]]> <![CDATA[Bug, in a way>]]> <![CDATA[Good looker?>]]> <![CDATA[Car rug obtained from vending machine>]]> <![CDATA[Red tape transposed and narrowed>]]> <![CDATA[Written down clearly in monochrome>]]> <![CDATA[Is cake ever decorated at start?>]]> <![CDATA[Fallen tree, I see, has a reason>]]> <![CDATA[Anne leaves meanness to the soldiers' cafe>]]> <![CDATA[Charcoal waistcoat sounds most serious>]]> <![CDATA[Rumbles about sleep>]]> <![CDATA[Making shipshape with misplaced dignity>]]> <![CDATA[Medical client forbearing to ask for pay shunt>]]> <![CDATA[Painful feeling hypochondriac held internally>]]> <![CDATA[Baker sustained fracture>]]> <![CDATA[Exploding mountain in Vietnam>]]> <![CDATA[Offer to drain any disorders when the working week winds up>]]> <![CDATA[Leo's sad about being roped>]]> <![CDATA[A little credit facilitated being folded>]]> <![CDATA[A revolt cropping up>]]> <![CDATA[Submits for acceptance and presides over restaurant furnishings>]]> <![CDATA[Honey liquor gives me publicity>]]> <![CDATA[Remove from stake-outs>]]> <![CDATA[Arranged on lists and removed when giving trouble>]]> <![CDATA[Manhandles wild wasp>]]> <![CDATA[Complain about having to lift items wrapped around charged particle>]]> <![CDATA[Wardrobe mistress at the kitchen cupboard. She could be Welsh>]]> <![CDATA[Being around at the start>]]> <![CDATA[Rather quiet characters>]]> <![CDATA[In left ear, fulsomely weepy>]]> <![CDATA[Lad rang about wreath>]]> <![CDATA[Type of surgery on a credit card>]]> <![CDATA[I ranted wildly as I practised>]]> <![CDATA[Hal has nothing but a ring of light>]]> <![CDATA[Family history in the forest>]]> <![CDATA[Response to a question, for short>]]> <![CDATA["That happened a while ___...">]]> <![CDATA[Prefix with "politics" or "thermal">]]> <![CDATA[Wise bird that hangs out at night>]]> <![CDATA[Buildup of this in the body causes obesity>]]> <![CDATA["The ___ Four," nickname of the Beatles>]]> <![CDATA[No longer asleep>]]> <![CDATA[Special forces cap>]]> <![CDATA[___ Mitchell, "Pretty Little Liars" actress who has a YouTube channel dedicated to lifestyle vlogs>]]> <![CDATA[City roads, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Common sandwich filler>]]> <![CDATA[Military rank above corporal, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Protagonist of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them">]]> <![CDATA[Hammer or saw, for one>]]> <![CDATA[Shock and ___ (display of force)>]]> <![CDATA[What an "O" symbolizes in XO>]]> <![CDATA[Harrison Ford's "Star Wars" character Han ___>]]> <![CDATA[Emission from a tea kettle>]]> <![CDATA[What an asterisk looks like>]]> <![CDATA[It may crawl in colonies>]]> <![CDATA[Leftover crumb, after a meal>]]> <![CDATA[Fixes illegally>]]> <![CDATA[Nairobi's land>]]> <![CDATA[Slaps the cuffs on, as a thief>]]> <![CDATA[Kim K's mom>]]> <![CDATA[___ Jenner, celebrity who has YouTube channels for her skincare line and personal vlogs>]]> <![CDATA[Be loud in a catfight>]]> <![CDATA[Educated guess on when a flight will land: Abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Smallest prime number>]]> <![CDATA[Italian "three">]]> <![CDATA[Petrol, in the U.S.>]]> <![CDATA[Knight's title>]]> <![CDATA[Software version that's almost ready>]]> <![CDATA[Jesse Andrews' "Me and ___ and the Dying Girl">]]> <![CDATA[Opposite of "false">]]> <![CDATA[Play ___ role in (important):>]]> <![CDATA["Ali" actor who has a YouTube channel dedicated to fitness and personal vlogs:>]]> <![CDATA[Fertile and rich soil>]]> <![CDATA[Freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada>]]> <![CDATA[Collection of compost>]]> <![CDATA["Raiders of the Lost ___," Harrison Ford action film>]]> <![CDATA[Scandinavian capital whose name starts and ends with "O">]]> <![CDATA["Love Again" singer ___ Morris>]]> <![CDATA[Wish it undone>]]> <![CDATA[Proof of a fire>]]> <![CDATA[Hair roots location>]]> <![CDATA[Pocus' partner, in a magician's chant>]]> <![CDATA[___ Rhode Bieber, model who has a YouTube channel dedicated to fashion and personal vlogs>]]> <![CDATA[Small land in water>]]> <![CDATA[___ Schnapp, "Stranger Things" actor who has a personal YouTube channel>]]> <![CDATA[Bandai ___ Entertainment (Japanese video game publisher)>]]> <![CDATA[Calista Flockhart's "___ McBeal">]]> <![CDATA[Photo ___ (camera sessions)>]]> <![CDATA[Cooling units for rooms: Abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[One of the early Internet pioneers>]]> <![CDATA[Supplier of fake tunnels to Wile E. Coyote>]]> <![CDATA[Company leadership: Abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Items in a post box, for short>]]> <![CDATA["Looney Tunes" devil, familiarly>]]> <![CDATA[Cape Town country: Abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Part of a minute, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Energy unit on a nutrition label, for short>]]> <![CDATA[Carry with effort>]]> <![CDATA[Performed with ___ (without much difficulty)>]]> <![CDATA[Reserved, like a wallflower>]]> <![CDATA[LA winter clock setting: Abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[___ Efron, "Baywatch" actor who has a YouTube channel that hosts "Off the Grid">]]> <![CDATA[Electrical resistance unit>]]> <![CDATA[Past your prime, say>]]> <![CDATA[Tie up ___ ends>]]> <![CDATA[Underworld figure with horns>]]> <![CDATA[Weed-tackling tool>]]> <![CDATA["Nomadland" or "Sound of Metal," for one>]]> <![CDATA["___ show time!">]]> <![CDATA["That," in Spain>]]> <![CDATA[Uses a stool>]]> <![CDATA[Disney's "Frozen" queen>]]> <![CDATA[Very many (2 wds)>]]> <![CDATA[Precipice>]]> <![CDATA[Large in combinations>]]> <![CDATA[City east of Osaka>]]> <![CDATA[Convex molding>]]> <![CDATA[Wings>]]> <![CDATA[Stan's South Park friend>]]> <![CDATA[One of the Ursas>]]> <![CDATA[Silent film actress Nazimova>]]> <![CDATA[Shelters>]]> <![CDATA[Low-pressure pitch>]]> <![CDATA[Sluggish>]]> <![CDATA[Rapper Dr. ___>]]> <![CDATA[Orange tuber>]]> <![CDATA[C.I.A. predecessor>]]> <![CDATA[Having no life>]]> <![CDATA[Mom's command>]]> <![CDATA[Handel bars>]]> <![CDATA[Thrilled>]]> <![CDATA[Inquisitive>]]> <![CDATA[Start of a lilt perhaps>]]> <![CDATA[Heavy twine>]]> <![CDATA[Guru residence>]]> <![CDATA[Interview for part in a movie>]]> <![CDATA[Writer Umberto or system header>]]> <![CDATA[Scientology founder Hubbard>]]> <![CDATA[Landing craft (Abbr.)>]]> <![CDATA[Pre-A.D.>]]> <![CDATA[Symbols for coefficient of friction>]]> <![CDATA[Abbr. on a business envelope perhaps>]]> <![CDATA[Carbon and gold e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Recessions of disease>]]> <![CDATA[Tootsie star>]]> <![CDATA[Pester>]]> <![CDATA[Venus de ___>]]> <![CDATA[Spanish cordial>]]> <![CDATA[Parts of a meter>]]> <![CDATA[Small game e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Approx. time it takes for light to travel one foot>]]> <![CDATA[___ Dream (Lohengrin piece)>]]> <![CDATA[Rushes off>]]> <![CDATA[Annette Sings ___ (1960 pop album)>]]> <![CDATA[Is a valuable hen>]]> <![CDATA[Paris airport>]]> <![CDATA[Asian weight units>]]> <![CDATA[Dot ___ at the end of a website>]]> <![CDATA[Early year in Nero's reign>]]> <![CDATA[Subatomic particles>]]> <![CDATA[Deluge>]]> <![CDATA[At no cost>]]> <![CDATA[Serpico'' author Peter>]]> <![CDATA[It might be blind>]]> <![CDATA[Kind of lily>]]> <![CDATA[King's state>]]> <![CDATA[Fashion magnate Gucci>]]> <![CDATA[Cousin of a canvasback>]]> <![CDATA[___ the fields we go>]]> <![CDATA[Cool one's heels>]]> <![CDATA[Charlie Chaplin wife O'Neill>]]> <![CDATA[Some hotels for short>]]> <![CDATA[Casement>]]> <![CDATA[Big name in golf resorts>]]> <![CDATA[Small pie>]]> <![CDATA[(Part of a vehicle)>]]> <![CDATA[Work like a dog>]]> <![CDATA[Verse form>]]> <![CDATA[Job for a body shop>]]> <![CDATA[Ambiance>]]> <![CDATA[Height>]]> <![CDATA[Dudley Do-Right was one>]]> <![CDATA[Piece of a semicolon>]]> <![CDATA[International (abbr.)>]]> <![CDATA[Got started with>]]> <![CDATA[The Family Feud'' participants>]]> <![CDATA[Unnatural>]]> <![CDATA[Take the silver?>]]> <![CDATA[Insect larva>]]> <![CDATA[Richie's mom to Fonzie>]]> <![CDATA[Wal-Mart wholesale club>]]> <![CDATA[iPhone assistant>]]> <![CDATA[Gen. Robert ___>]]> <![CDATA[Edamame beans>]]> <![CDATA[Fed. money lender>]]> <![CDATA[One before tee>]]> <![CDATA[Knitter's stitch>]]> <![CDATA[Likewise>]]> <![CDATA[Nonsense>]]> <![CDATA[Actress Shire>]]> <![CDATA[The N of N.A.A.C.P.: Abbr>]]> <![CDATA[Lumberjack often>]]> <![CDATA[Biblical patriarch>]]> <![CDATA[Gr. titaness>]]> <![CDATA[Admiral Zumwalt>]]> <![CDATA[AOL alternative>]]> <![CDATA[Woman who wore a fig leaf>]]> <![CDATA[Tin Pan Alley location for short>]]> <![CDATA[Initial public offering>]]> <![CDATA[Forensic drama>]]> <![CDATA[Tasty>]]> <![CDATA[Jejuna neighbors>]]> <![CDATA[Cops' hangouts? (Abbr.)>]]> <![CDATA[Intra-office computer system>]]> <![CDATA[Adjacent>]]> <![CDATA[Gumbo veggie>]]> <![CDATA[What the princess felt in her bed>]]> <![CDATA[Heating fuel>]]> <![CDATA[Group of three>]]> <![CDATA[Neighbor of Syr.>]]> <![CDATA[They may be liberal>]]> <![CDATA[Part of a meter>]]> <![CDATA[Valley>]]> <![CDATA[Sister of Zsa Zsa>]]> <![CDATA[Fix at a predetermined level>]]> <![CDATA[Eye sore (Var.)>]]> <![CDATA[Support for ballet dancers>]]> <![CDATA[Point as a rifle>]]> <![CDATA[Stamp mill material>]]> <![CDATA[Quick swim>]]> <![CDATA[Schedule abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Imperial follower>]]> <![CDATA[City SSW of Moscow>]]> <![CDATA[Insect eggs>]]> <![CDATA[Vows>]]> <![CDATA[Avatar race>]]> <![CDATA[___ mater (brain membrane)>]]> <![CDATA[NBA's Robertson and Thurmond>]]> <![CDATA[Back to school mo. for many>]]> <![CDATA[River whose mouth is near Nieuwpoort>]]> <![CDATA[States>]]> <![CDATA[Location between mountain peaks>]]> <![CDATA[___ Bator Mongolia>]]> <![CDATA[Crossword inlet>]]> <![CDATA[Adds liquor discreetly>]]> <![CDATA[Pre-deal chip>]]> <![CDATA[Musical scale note>]]> <![CDATA[Nana star Anna>]]> <![CDATA[Brand of body washes>]]> <![CDATA[Field's Norma>]]> <![CDATA[Primrose>]]> <![CDATA[Adagio and allegro>]]> <![CDATA[Allen Conway or Curry>]]> <![CDATA[Crucifix>]]> <![CDATA[CEO e.g.>]]> <![CDATA[Civil War inits.>]]> <![CDATA[Auto>]]> <![CDATA[Literary collection>]]> <![CDATA[Actress Swenson>]]> <![CDATA[Kind of jet>]]> <![CDATA[Bridge position>]]> <![CDATA[Famous explorer>]]> <![CDATA[Subsist on a meager allowance>]]> <![CDATA[Sonny boy>]]> <![CDATA[See 10 down>]]> <![CDATA[Surveyor's map>]]> <![CDATA[Slippery>]]> <![CDATA[Busy as ___>]]> <![CDATA[She may have a sobrina>]]> <![CDATA[Title for knights on Game of Thrones>]]> <![CDATA[Honored mil. Award>]]> <![CDATA[___ Mehta Indian writer>]]> <![CDATA[Fish whose name comes from the Old English for spear>]]> <![CDATA[Benefit or blessing>]]> <![CDATA[City on the Scarpe River>]]> <![CDATA[Third tale-teller in The Canterbury Tales>]]> <![CDATA[Eragon star Jeremy>]]> <![CDATA[Memorial Day race informally>]]> <![CDATA[Papal name>]]> <![CDATA[Osiris alias>]]> <![CDATA[___-bitty>]]> <![CDATA[the One Jennifer Aniston flick ___>]]> <![CDATA[Mag. submissions>]]> <![CDATA[Stiff Upper ___ (Gershwin song)>]]> <![CDATA[Three in Sicily>]]> <![CDATA[Battery size>]]> <![CDATA[___ synthesis in chemistry>]]> <![CDATA[Diuretic target>]]> <![CDATA[Horse-drawn wagons>]]> <![CDATA[Chew (on)>]]> <![CDATA[Siren>]]> <![CDATA[Corkwood>]]> <![CDATA[(Wild oxen: y___)>]]> <![CDATA[High-school subj.>]]> <![CDATA[Stat on a food label>]]> <![CDATA[After-dinner quaff>]]> <![CDATA[(Fruit __pberry)>]]> <![CDATA[Metallic refuse>]]> <![CDATA[Huge house: m___r>]]> <![CDATA[Govt. property org.>]]> <![CDATA[Manh. or Bklyn.>]]> <![CDATA[Stock group inits.>]]> <![CDATA[Response to Shall we?>]]> <![CDATA[Math course: abbr.>]]> <![CDATA[Lead-in for metric>]]> <![CDATA[Extinct flightless birds>]]> <![CDATA[View from a boardwalk>]]> <![CDATA[The jitters>]]> <![CDATA[Refusal from a bonny lass>]]> <![CDATA[There's no ___ team!>]]> <![CDATA[Cobbler's punching tool>]]> <![CDATA[AKA>]]> <![CDATA[Asmera is its capital>]]> <![CDATA[Indian pancakes>]]> <![CDATA[Directed a vehicle>]]> <![CDATA[(Machine for shaping wood or other materials)>]]> <![CDATA[Horseshoe-like figure>]]> <![CDATA[Suffix with plug>]]> <![CDATA[Partner of cranny>]]> <![CDATA[Behaves humanly>]]> <![CDATA[Historic opening?>]]> <![CDATA[Tankers>]]> <![CDATA[___ Marie R&B singer>]]> <![CDATA[Undeveloped state>]]> <![CDATA[Doublet>]]> <![CDATA[Expanded>]]> <![CDATA[TV hosts briefly>]]> <![CDATA[Expression of satisfaction>]]> <![CDATA[There were 39 for the Constitution>]]> <![CDATA[Tanglewood letters>]]> <![CDATA[Org. for a large party>]]> <![CDATA[In connection with>]]> <![CDATA[Back talk>]]> <![CDATA[Bus. degrees>]]> <![CDATA[Part played by a performer>]]> <![CDATA[Musician who pulls out all the stops>]]> <![CDATA[Carbohydrate ending>]]> <![CDATA[Word with Gatos or Altos>]]> <![CDATA[Opposite of potentially to Caesar>]]> <![CDATA[Says it ain't so>]]> <![CDATA[Taste for antiques>]]> <![CDATA[Sound of satisfaction>]]> <![CDATA[Pledge in Perugia>]]> <![CDATA[Break down>]]> <![CDATA[Put in cargo>]]> <![CDATA[Jewish rights org.>]]> <![CDATA[Hawaii's Mauna ___>]]> <![CDATA[Chat room article>]]>