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The Sun Two Speed Crossword Answers -30-March-2020
The Sun Two Speed Crossword Answers -29-March-2020
The Sun Two Speed Crossword Answers -28-March-2020
  1. 1.Children
  2. 2.Board wants approval in French and German
  3. 3.Asian recipe in area educated woman covers
  4. 4.Clumsy
  5. 5.Business to intimidate two males held inside
  6. 6.Coat pupils should wear?
  7. 7.Spiritualist's item
  8. 8.Husband in car say reversed to fill tank
  9. 9.Indian yoghurt dish
  10. 10.Rat unfortunately has pain inside windpipe
  11. 11.Trade
  12. 12.Island finally gets link by bridge
  13. 13.Front of the eyeball
  14. 14.Embarrassing display observed we hear
  15. 15.Rush forward
  16. 16.Ally importing revolutionary weapon
  17. 17.Throat passage
  18. 18.Johann Sebastian's address in Wales
  19. 19.Current passing through fish grounds
  20. 20.Hebridean isle
  21. 21.Setting
  22. 22.Harsh as I've to restrain supporter
  23. 23.Broad knife
  24. 24.Drink on tick for boss
  25. 25.German composer
  26. 26.Foundation
  27. 27.Mr Duck died a dissolute man
  28. 28.Scratchy
  29. 29.Signal keeps Liberal in lead
  30. 30.Overall chief
  31. 31.Some in creche long for order
  32. 32.Milk from humble educator
  33. 33.Male waterfowl
  34. 34.Black fish makes animal cry
  35. 35.Pointer
  36. 36.Stone dealer excited to accept million
  37. 37.Social rank
  38. 38.European tax company backed group of eight
  39. 39.Extort money from (figurative)
  40. 40.Plant anything but a girl's best friend?
  41. 41.Heehaw
  42. 42.No odd number in service
  43. 43.Green gem
  44. 44.Shoe for one going furtively
  45. 45.Musical interval
  46. 46.One sits with problem
  47. 47.Irish national emblem
  48. 48.Compassionate chap in shade
  49. 49.Seconds: small quantity without a vegetable
  50. 50.Evening prayers
  51. 51.Row is over little Susan
  52. 52.Casual shoe (informal)
  53. 53.Puzzling question
  54. 54.Difficult militarist, no leader at war, died
  55. 55.Kindhearted
  56. 56.Popeye's energy source

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