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  1. 1.Son of Jacob
  2. 2.Drs.' org
  3. 3.Very long time
  4. 4.Sony cofounder Morita
  5. 5.It means ''not exactly
  6. 6.Tranquil
  7. 7.Bridle part
  8. 8.Web craft store
  9. 9.Hurry up
  10. 10.Karate school
  11. 11.Scenic views, for short
  12. 12.Specialized vocabulary
  13. 13.Muscle soreness
  14. 14.Makes sharper
  15. 15.__ 1869 (Heinz ketchup label phrase)
  16. 16.Banjo cousin
  17. 17.City on the English Channel
  18. 18.What some call rubber bands
  19. 19.Streisand title role
  20. 20.Racetrack official
  21. 21.Homemade liquor
  22. 22.__ de toilette
  23. 23.Train station
  24. 24.In the past
  25. 25.Global extremes
  26. 26.Pencil remnants
  27. 27.Strong devotion
  28. 28.Verbal fanfare
  29. 29.Soak up, as knowledge
  30. 30.Senator Gillibrand
  31. 31.Ocean hue
  32. 32.Fast-moving spray
  33. 33.Creator of Bert and Ernie
  34. 34.That makes two __
  35. 35.Cattle drive beast
  36. 36.Whom Mandela succeeded
  37. 37.Witch's potions
  38. 38.Become aware of
  39. 39.Good old'' land
  40. 40.Guest at Alice's tea party
  41. 41.Remaining
  42. 42.Santalike
  43. 43.Eagle abode
  44. 44.In a loathsome way
  45. 45.Showtime sister station
  46. 46.Alt-media quarterly
  47. 47.Brunch beverages, briefly
  48. 48.Last words of a Kilmer verse
  49. 49.Overly interested
  50. 50.Show to a seat, so to speak
  51. 51.It's said like ''say
  52. 52.Slipper tip
  53. 53.Large antelope
  54. 54.He preceded Andrew
  55. 55.Literary coda
  56. 56.Milk source, to tots
  57. 57.Suitable for dudes
  58. 58.Says nothing
  59. 59.Potato appetizers
  60. 60.News agency founder
  61. 61.Ball-shaped cheese
  62. 62.Artist Steen or Vermeer
  63. 63.First Obi-Wan portrayer
  64. 64.Word like ''mademoiselle
  65. 65.Downed dinner
  66. 66.Cinema snack
  67. 67.Kit's colleague
  68. 68.No need to tell me
  69. 69.Ad biz award
  70. 70.Social peer
  71. 71.78 Across muscles
  72. 72.Upper bodies
  73. 73.$, in exchange-rate tables
  74. 74.Fly sky-high
  75. 75.Harsh criticism
  76. 76.Acquire new weaponry
  77. 77.South American capital
  78. 78.Muslim ascetic
  79. 79.Makes eyes at
  80. 80.Start of many hymns
  81. 81.__ Selassie
  82. 82.Get it?
  83. 83.Sear on a grill
  84. 84.Criticizes
  85. 85.Wander widely
  86. 86.Thickly packed
  87. 87.Reproach
  88. 88.With no tread left
  89. 89.Type in again
  90. 90.Broad neckwear
  91. 91.Accomplish, in the Bible
  92. 92.Way over there
  93. 93.God for whom a day is named
  94. 94.On the Road'' narrator
  95. 95.Dull routines
  96. 96.__-European languages
  97. 97.Get comfy under a blanket
  98. 98.Suffix for rocks or residents
  99. 99.Belly
  100. 100.Large coffeemakers
  101. 101.Swiss watch brand
  102. 102.Play about horses
  103. 103.Residence on the Rhine
  104. 104.Tablet reading
  105. 105.Olde __ (retro brand name)
  106. 106.Subatomic particle
  107. 107.List-ending abbr
  108. 108.In the past
  109. 109.Cut the line, in London
  110. 110.Anklebone
  111. 111.Florida speedway city
  112. 112.Mosaic patterns
  113. 113.Aspirations
  114. 114.Life of leisure
  115. 115.Of fall
  116. 116.Environs
  117. 117.Celine of song
  118. 118.Italian cuisine staple
  119. 119.Campus clubs
  120. 120.Monarch met by Marco Polo
  121. 121.Empire State sch. system
  122. 122.Bit of okra
  123. 123.Cast member
  124. 124.Mideast flier
  125. 125.Herr Schindler
  126. 126.Fowl complaint
  127. 127.Taj Mahal city
  128. 128.What the patella is part of
  129. 129.First of 12 popes
  130. 130.Resounding sound
  131. 131.Draftsperson's device
  132. 132.Unexpected punts
  133. 133.Sharply inclined
  134. 134.Obi-Wan, for one
  135. 135.Catty remarks
  136. 136.Vise gripper
  137. 137.Hinge (on)
  138. 138.NBAers, in headlines
  139. 139.No prob
  140. 140.T-Rex, for instance
  141. 141.Tri-layer cookie
  142. 142.Trade grp
  143. 143.Bacterium
  144. 144.Somersaulting dive
  145. 145.Western predator
  146. 146.Pre-college grades

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