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  1. 1.For hours __ (nonstop)
  2. 2.Deep desires
  3. 3.In good order
  4. 4.It's north of Mex
  5. 5.Carpeting measure
  6. 6.Wall St. debut
  7. 7.Metal fasteners
  8. 8.Travel aimlessly
  9. 9.Observe formality fully
  10. 10.Smartphone downloads
  11. 11.Cried out, as a crow
  12. 12.Mascara mishaps
  13. 13.Industry slang
  14. 14.Learn by __ (memorize)
  15. 15.Because of
  16. 16.__ Moines, IA
  17. 17.Easily cut, as a cutlet
  18. 18.Piece of garlic
  19. 19.Shakespeare's river
  20. 20.Church wedding spot
  21. 21.Spanish cheers
  22. 22.__ game (pitcher's prime performance)
  23. 23.Read closely (over)
  24. 24.Probability numbers
  25. 25.Camel's Peruvian cousin
  26. 26.First person in the Bible
  27. 27.Be extra careful not to offend
  28. 28.Shanghai's continent
  29. 29.Local sandwich shop
  30. 30.Fencing sword
  31. 31.First son of 1 Across
  32. 32.Pull with difficulty
  33. 33.Traditional maxim
  34. 34.More qualified
  35. 35.Genetic copy
  36. 36.Web auctioneer
  37. 37.Armed conflict
  38. 38.Chill with ice
  39. 39.Dustcloths
  40. 40.Rebound of sound
  41. 41.Ropes that support bridges
  42. 42.Actually have in mind
  43. 43.Protect another from distraction
  44. 44.Skywalker of ''Star Wars
  45. 45.Nullify
  46. 46.Draw upon
  47. 47.Foolish one
  48. 48.Waikiki neckwear
  49. 49.Lessen gradually
  50. 50.Poker quitter's comment
  51. 51.Song sung in December
  52. 52.Ladder steps
  53. 53.The one right here
  54. 54.Hexes
  55. 55.Guilty'' or ''Not guilty
  56. 56.Depend (on)
  57. 57.Not satisfied, as needs
  58. 58.Comical quality
  59. 59.Hoofbeat sound
  60. 60.Deep desires
  61. 61.Bull at a bullfight
  62. 62.Fraction of a square mile
  63. 63.Suffix for kitchen
  64. 64.Engine
  65. 65.Chromosome part
  66. 66.Obtain entry to
  67. 67.Periods of history
  68. 68.Unkind remark
  69. 69.Corridor
  70. 70.Takes a breather
  71. 71.Campus marching grp
  72. 72.Smeller on your face
  73. 73.Approximately
  74. 74.Wild pig
  75. 75.Mrs. Flintstone
  76. 76.Bridging
  77. 77.Hit the __ (leave)
  78. 78.Large tea dispensers

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