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  1. 1.Scoreboard posting
  2. 2.Machines with centrifugal PUMPS
  3. 3.Set free, in a way
  4. 4.__ in ''extraordinary
  5. 5.At __ time (prescheduled)
  6. 6.ASAP!
  7. 7.Starchy side dish
  8. 8.Events with snowboarding and skateboarding
  9. 9.Brown shades
  10. 10.Harrison, in four films
  11. 11.Erratic
  12. 12.Fey once of ''SNL
  13. 13.Sports equipment often waxed
  14. 14.Treat with cocoa
  15. 15.S-shaped molding
  16. 16.Fell off
  17. 17.Places that sell PUMPS
  18. 18.Midtown healthful haven
  19. 19.Berry Farm family
  20. 20.Traveling through
  21. 21.Greetings with PUMPS
  22. 22.Barbecue sauce selection
  23. 23.Pollination participant
  24. 24.An old college cry
  25. 25.Civil War insignia
  26. 26.Think piece
  27. 27.Thrill ride shout
  28. 28.50s revolutionary
  29. 29.Org. for the best drivers
  30. 30.Marine rank
  31. 31.Hand-to-throat signal in charades
  32. 32.War zone danger, for short
  33. 33.Market research tools
  34. 34.Rested
  35. 35.Royal pal of Falstaff
  36. 36.That didn't work!
  37. 37.Mall Santa photographer
  38. 38.Dueler's attendant
  39. 39.I told you so!
  40. 40.Fall parade participant
  41. 41.Vocalize
  42. 42.Steam product
  43. 43.Prefix for while
  44. 44.Where a herd grazes
  45. 45.Appliances with PUMPS
  46. 46.Checkers of books
  47. 47.Drawn-out attack
  48. 48.Hot ''saison
  49. 49.Basic cable superstation
  50. 50.Scrabble's 100
  51. 51.Undecided
  52. 52.Sail supports
  53. 53.Part of NAACP: Abbr
  54. 54.Impertinence, informally
  55. 55.Global extremes
  56. 56.Wonka creator
  57. 57.Question marks
  58. 58.Where to buy PUMPS
  59. 59.What might precede a flat
  60. 60.Please __ Here (checkout sign)
  61. 61.Short-lived crazes
  62. 62.Since January 1
  63. 63.Short delay
  64. 64.Fall behind
  65. 65.First verb to be telegraphed
  66. 66.Big piece of marble
  67. 67.Courses for drivers: Abbr
  68. 68.Airport in northeast OH
  69. 69.Hospital's animal-interaction offering
  70. 70.Athens' long-ago foe
  71. 71.Not far from
  72. 72.Cajun staples
  73. 73.Sea urchin delicacy
  74. 74.It's west of Daytona
  75. 75.Nickname of Mercury astronaut Cooper
  76. 76.Salon supplies with PUMPS
  77. 77.Part of TNT
  78. 78.To become a prince, for Aladdin in ''Aladdin
  79. 79.Bake sale sponsor
  80. 80.Curve without a 47 Down
  81. 81.Intl. commerce agency
  82. 82.Cockpit reading
  83. 83.Scoring test for hospital newborns
  84. 84.Behave badly, as a kid
  85. 85.Gull cousin
  86. 86.Temporarily discounted
  87. 87.Negative connector
  88. 88.Bakery-cafe chain
  89. 89.PC shortcut key
  90. 90.Pro athletes' downtime
  91. 91.Reach for, like a pooch
  92. 92.Greek god with wings
  93. 93.One less than quad-
  94. 94.Noisy napper
  95. 95.Cleansers in PUMPS
  96. 96.Ahi, at a sushi bar
  97. 97.Biblical name ending
  98. 98.Try to hit
  99. 99.Dancing shoe attachments
  100. 100.Gold nos
  101. 101.Clark Kent colleague
  102. 102.Overinterested one
  103. 103.Diner serving
  104. 104.__ it (leave in a hurry)
  105. 105.Request for permission
  106. 106.Roll a ball toward the pins
  107. 107.Air gun pellets
  108. 108.Book after Job
  109. 109.Tavern's ''pale'' pour
  110. 110.Helps out
  111. 111.Auspices
  112. 112.Da'' and ''ja
  113. 113.Memo opener
  114. 114.Group with Mohawks and Senecas
  115. 115.Had a date
  116. 116.Most-used English word
  117. 117.Steep slope
  118. 118.Commotion
  119. 119.Facilities with rows of PUMPS
  120. 120.Shaped like some mens' shoes
  121. 121.In my humble opinion . . .
  122. 122.The Lion King'' villain
  123. 123.Highly perceptive
  124. 124.Become well again
  125. 125.Comics cry
  126. 126.Pooches
  127. 127.2 Down vision
  128. 128.Committee leader
  129. 129.New England house style
  130. 130.Terminus
  131. 131.Gatorade sister brand
  132. 132.Contingent of naysayers
  133. 133.Extremely, so to speak
  134. 134.Portugal's second city
  135. 135.Ren Faire strings
  136. 136.Same here
  137. 137.Coin of a gold-and-silver color
  138. 138.Traditional Arctic abodes
  139. 139.Shallowest Great Lake
  140. 140.Ready for a take
  141. 141.Make a last-moment eBay bid
  142. 142.Machines with water PUMPS
  143. 143.Standing room only'' situation
  144. 144.Cause to be captivated
  145. 145.MLB division with CA teams
  146. 146.Yearbook editors, usually: Abbr

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