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Family Time Crossword Crossword Answers -3-August-2020
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Family Time Crossword Crossword Answers -27-July-2020
  1. 1.Belts out a tune
  2. 2.Some mamas on farms
  3. 3.Response to a stupid joke
  4. 4.Units of electrical resistance
  5. 5.Fancy way to say "without"
  6. 6.Type of Easter hunt
  7. 7.Circuit breaker alternative (2 words)
  8. 8.Street of trades?
  9. 9.Famous ancient city on the Nile
  10. 10.Contains the ingredients (with "of")
  11. 11.Takes several breaks
  12. 12.What the "A" of A.D. means
  13. 13.Nut for bubbly drinks
  14. 14.Cause of some rushes
  15. 15.Quaint little hotel
  16. 16.VIP on a soccer field
  17. 17."Star Wars" character's first name
  18. 18.Thought that leads to an invention
  19. 19."Who ___ that masked man?"
  20. 20.Expensive place to get in hot water
  21. 21.Smashed, as a pesky fly
  22. 22.Two words before "trap" or "goal"
  23. 23.Vast body of water
  24. 24.Top limit, briefly
  25. 25.Some deadly snakes
  26. 26.A long, long way from abundant
  27. 27.Cry to a shepherd
  28. 28.Like the best insurance clients (2 words)
  29. 29.Hamsters, gerbils, goldfish, cats, etc
  30. 30.Feel sore from sports
  31. 31.Help signal on the Indian Ocean
  32. 32.Upper or lower, in writing (2 words)
  33. 33.Some tall, shady, sturdy trees
  34. 34.Belonging to them
  35. 35.Collect in a cornfield
  36. 36.Like many garages (2 words)
  37. 37.Brief or condensed summary
  38. 38.Darken under the sun
  39. 39.The Tortoise's fabled foe
  40. 40.Give off or send forth
  41. 41.Second-largest living bird
  42. 42.Things that threaten harm
  43. 43.Creature with a shell
  44. 44.Shaped by machinery
  45. 45.You, way back when?
  46. 46.Largest desert in the world
  47. 47.Plaintiff
  48. 48."I don't care which"
  49. 49.Hang around in line
  50. 50.Type of wool?
  51. 51.Little boy
  52. 52."You're it!" game
  53. 53.Me and you, as entertainers
  54. 54.Put on display
  55. 55.Target's red circles, for one
  56. 56.Roast container
  57. 57.Like meat from a butcher
  58. 58.Make a sketch
  59. 59.Long, heroic story
  60. 60.Cash, paid-off cars, stocks and such
  61. 61.Outdoor storage facilities
  62. 62.Otherwise

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