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USA Today Crossword Answers -29-May-2024
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USA Today Crossword Answers -27-May-2024
  1. 1."Hilarity ___" ("Then funny stuff happened")
  2. 2.Sauna garment
  3. 3.Common lunch time
  4. 4.Haul with difficulty
  5. 5."black-ish" actress Tracee Ellis
  6. 6.Sushi topping
  7. 7.Louvre display
  8. 8.Artificial waterway
  9. 9.Osprey's claw
  10. 10.Undecided, for short
  11. 11.Reputation, for short
  12. 12.Gorilla, e.g
  13. 13.Bit of body art
  14. 14.Things to cram for
  15. 15.Like someone without sea legs
  16. 16.Leading
  17. 17.They're often signed with "HAGS"
  18. 18.Sushi tuna
  19. 19.Bug spray ingredient
  20. 20.Over the top, in slang
  21. 21.Bring to ruin
  22. 22.Squad
  23. 23.Marine predator
  24. 24.Cause of some itchy skin
  25. 25.Shared value system
  26. 26.Castle trench
  27. 27.Carnival ride also known as a carousel
  28. 28.Fret extensively
  29. 29.Sweetie
  30. 30.Early chat app with the "Running Man" mascot
  31. 31.Paving goo
  32. 32.Poet Limon
  33. 33.Hollywood area home to The Comedy Store and Whisky a Go Go
  34. 34."I'm good for it" note
  35. 35.Ranked, in a tournament
  36. 36.Archaeologist's project
  37. 37.Padawan braid, essentially
  38. 38.Thailand's continent
  39. 39.Vigilant
  40. 40.Capital of Belgium
  41. 41.Compute a sum
  42. 42.Produce, like eggs
  43. 43.Thus
  44. 44."The Phantom of the ___"
  45. 45."BMO" singer Lennox
  46. 46."___ we forget . . ."
  47. 47.Skilled at repartee
  48. 48.Educators' union
  49. 49.Foot the bill
  50. 50.Luau dancing garment
  51. 51.Baker's cry of delight after using a cake tester, maybe
  52. 52.French fashion magazine
  53. 53.Person writing the music for a musical
  54. 54.Crossed paths
  55. 55."___, am America" (Langston Hughes line)
  56. 56.Big ask
  57. 57.Hourly charge
  58. 58.Just kinda
  59. 59.Carpenter's tool
  60. 60.Keep watch for an absent homeowner
  61. 61.Firefighting equipment
  62. 62.Loads
  63. 63.Acronym justifying some stunts
  64. 64.Polynesian island nation
  65. 65.Soda can feature
  66. 66."Dynamite" band
  67. 67.Nimble
  68. 68."Who'da thunk it!"
  69. 69.Defeat decisively
  70. 70.College, to an Aussie
  71. 71.Org. with full-body scanners
  72. 72.Part of a dog that might perk up at the word "walk"
  73. 73.___ Te Ching
  74. 74.Like Bolognese sauce
  75. 75.Massachusetts state tree
  76. 76.Like some candles and glue sticks
  77. 77.Position on an issue

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