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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -13-June-2021
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -6-June-2021
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -30-May-2021
  1. 1.Chew the —
  2. 2.Certain airport worker
  3. 3.Exalting verse
  4. 4.Donkey Kong and others
  5. 5.Scent
  6. 6.Lack the courage to
  7. 7.Start of a riddle
  8. 8.End of the riddle
  9. 9.Prefix with marketing
  10. 10.Hayworth and Moreno
  11. 11.Waist wear
  12. 12.Back-baring blouse
  13. 13.How cards are sometimes dealt
  14. 14.She was Mrs. Gorbachev
  15. 15.Proportional relation
  16. 16.Shooter of small balls
  17. 17.Singer Phil
  18. 18.Bear, in Baja
  19. 19.Crockpot dish
  20. 20.Slaughter of the Cardinals
  21. 21.Take an ax to
  22. 22.Khaki color
  23. 23.Opposite of old, in Germany
  24. 24.Riddle, part 3
  25. 25.Novelist George
  26. 26.DJ Casey
  27. 27.Possesses, in Shakespeare
  28. 28.Skydived, for short
  29. 29.Aorta, for one
  30. 30.— contendere (court plea)
  31. 31."I love you,” to Juanita
  32. 32.Eileen of "Clue”
  33. 33.Source of some bran
  34. 34.Cat variety
  35. 35.Not fulfilled
  36. 36.In — (lined up)
  37. 37.Pesticide compound
  38. 38.Hence
  39. 39.Set into motion
  40. 40.Deli hero
  41. 41.Scrupulous insistence on traditional rules
  42. 42.Vigoda of "Fish”
  43. 43.Like flashy jewelry, informally
  44. 44.Low grade
  45. 45.Two-team wrestling competitions
  46. 46.— Reader (magazine)
  47. 47."— So Fine”
  48. 48.19th-dynasty pharaoh
  49. 49.1980s Dodge
  50. 50.Afro-Brazilian dance
  51. 51.Hong Kong's Hang — Index
  52. 52.Friends of Snow White
  53. 53.Deuce-beating cards
  54. 54.Salary limit
  55. 55.Actress Hedy
  56. 56.Apple on a desk
  57. 57.Rapper aka "Slim Shady”
  58. 58.Dove shelter
  59. 59.Arctic chunk
  60. 60.Moniker for Wilt Chamberlain
  61. 61.Source of some bran
  62. 62.Secular
  63. 63.Suffix with hotel or cash
  64. 64.Sleuth, in old slang
  65. 65.Helicopter rescue, say
  66. 66."History repeats —”
  67. 67.Lower leg part
  68. 68.Riddle, part 4
  69. 69.Sweat outlet
  70. 70.700-mile-long African river
  71. 71.Thing a doc prescribes
  72. 72.Huge battle
  73. 73.Blvd., e.g.
  74. 74.Certain garden worker
  75. 75.Pokes a hole in
  76. 76."— think so!”
  77. 77.Gasoline rating
  78. 78.German word before "geist”
  79. 79.Chewing gum brand
  80. 80.Supervise
  81. 81.Bard's "before”
  82. 82.Blyton of kids' books
  83. 83.Gas in an atmospheric layer
  84. 84.Beehive unit
  85. 85.2010-19 Royals skipper Ned
  86. 86.Riddle's answer
  87. 87.Plummer of "Pulp Fiction”
  88. 88.Old-time actress Irene
  89. 89.Braying beast
  90. 90.Fall chill
  91. 91.Bride of Lohengrin
  92. 92.Second-most populous place in South Dakota
  93. 93.Study hard
  94. 94."Take — from me ...”
  95. 95.Bereft, poetically
  96. 96.— Christian Andersen
  97. 97.In the vicinity
  98. 98.Havana natives, to Havana natives
  99. 99.Sluggers' stats
  100. 100.— and that
  101. 101.Phnom —, Cambodia
  102. 102.The "A” of James A. Garfield
  103. 103."Oh, ri-i-ight”
  104. 104.Hair colorer
  105. 105.Charles Chaplin's title
  106. 106.Disturbs
  107. 107.Tries to hit, as an insect
  108. 108.Least frequent
  109. 109.Baby bear
  110. 110.Gave high praise to
  111. 111.Turn a — ear
  112. 112.French for "man”
  113. 113.Greek island
  114. 114.Supermodel from Somalia
  115. 115.Riddle, part 5
  116. 116.Catering coffeepots
  117. 117.Mart start
  118. 118.Admin. aide
  119. 119.Reputation, on the street
  120. 120.Composer Khachaturian
  121. 121.Latin "that is”
  122. 122.Sop up
  123. 123.Use all of
  124. 124.Subgenre of rap music
  125. 125.Shoulder garments
  126. 126.Goose sound
  127. 127.Range of the Appalachians
  128. 128.Riddle, part 2
  129. 129.Lipinski on ice
  130. 130.Three 19th-century literary sisters
  131. 131.Make a phony copy of
  132. 132.Feudal toiler
  133. 133.Lacerate
  134. 134.Intro studio course
  135. 135.Yin and —
  136. 136."The Simpsons” storekeeper

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One of the world’s premier most distributor of columns, comics, games, puzzles, and editorial cartoons, King Features is the largest and one of the most successful syndicates in the world. It also publishes crosswords on a daily basis for all crossword lovers. The Premier Sunday Crossword is a part of the King Syndicate Crossword, which also includes the Eugene Sheffer crosswords and the Joseph Crossword Puzzles under its banner. These mindboggling crosswords are readily available on all major famous websites such as – LA Times, the US Times, Chicago Tribune, and Express. Moreover, they are also available in the form of various puzzle solving books. The fans of Premier Sunday Crossword can also find answers and clues for various crosswords on a lot of different online platforms, which helps them not get stuck in any of a particular chosen crossword. What’s more, now it’s available for using in the mobile apps.

For Crossword lovers who love to spend some time trying to engage in a challenging sort of word play, but also want to finish it in about an hour, Premier Sunday Crossword is just meant for them. Word play lovers will absolutely love solving this to get the Premier Crossword Puzzle Answers as this happens to be their largest and the most challenging of the crossword puzzles. This puzzle is also inclusive of the Sunday Cryptoquip. The Sunday Cryptoquip is a puzzle that challenges the puzzle solvers for following the clue and thereby deciphering the pun, to get the Premier Sunday Crossword answers.

Playing the Premier Sunday Crossword is quite easy. One just needs to get their thinking juices flowing and start coming up with the correct words which are based on all the clues, down and across. One can easily check out more puzzles to solve by clicking on the ‘Archives’ button on the top left corner. You can also turn on the ‘Automatic Error Check’ by going to ‘Settings’, next to the Archives button. You can save the puzzle, or print it. You can also print your answers to the puzzle. To reveal the letter, word, or the grid, just click on the ‘Reveal’ button next to the ‘Utilities’ button on the top. And lastly, click on the ‘Check’ button to check the letter, word, or the grid.

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