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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -2-August-2020
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -26-July-2020
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -19-July-2020
  1. 1.Set sail
  2. 2.Illegal punch
  3. 3.Purple flowers
  4. 4.Pat lightly
  5. 5.Choir female
  6. 6.Fictional Doolittle
  7. 7.Look as if
  8. 8.Bedouin, e.g.
  9. 9.Wye follower
  10. 10.Anna of fashion
  11. 11.Part of DNA
  12. 12.Peak near Tokyo: Abbr.
  13. 13.Person being examined
  14. 14.Main monk
  15. 15.Strip of weapons
  16. 16.Pro at CPR
  17. 17.Enigmatic clodhopper casting spells?
  18. 18.One-named singer of "Royals”
  19. 19.Acutely cold
  20. 20."The Munsters” actress De Carlo
  21. 21.Czar who was not inordinately cruel?
  22. 22.Actor Sandler
  23. 23.Serious crime
  24. 24.Livy's "I love”
  25. 25.Prefix with chic or resort
  26. 26.Milan's land
  27. 27.Suffix with cook or trick
  28. 28.Kazakhstan's capital, until 2019
  29. 29.Eye, to poets
  30. 30.Spring month
  31. 31.Soccer star Lionel
  32. 32.— Vision (eye care chain)
  33. 33.High- —
  34. 34.Actress Helena — Carter
  35. 35.Fake name
  36. 36.Pulitzer winner Edward
  37. 37.Forms a liking for
  38. 38.Atty.'s org.
  39. 39.Toon pics
  40. 40."Big Blue”
  41. 41.In a dead heat
  42. 42.Tennis great Nastase
  43. 43.Hoffman/Beatty film
  44. 44.Be off-base
  45. 45.Wine vessels
  46. 46.Tall fence surrounding a pugnacious dog?
  47. 47.Nice scent
  48. 48.Sorority "T”
  49. 49.Soda brand
  50. 50.Tiny
  51. 51.Petri dish site
  52. 52.Action hero Steven
  53. 53.Filmdom's — B. DeMille
  54. 54.Affliction
  55. 55.Talking- — (lectures)
  56. 56.Had life
  57. 57.Tote or duffel
  58. 58.Writer Anaïs
  59. 59.La — Tar Pits
  60. 60.Incurred a lot of, as debt
  61. 61.Wane
  62. 62.Gambling site, for short
  63. 63."Hurray!”
  64. 64.Aussie leaper
  65. 65.South Carolina river
  66. 66.Ribeye, e.g.
  67. 67.Sheep cry
  68. 68.Israeli carrier
  69. 69.122-Down officer: Abbr.
  70. 70.One of 18 on a course
  71. 71."Put — in it!”
  72. 72.President after Harrison
  73. 73.Adm.'s milieu
  74. 74.Streamlined
  75. 75.Trickle out
  76. 76.Doc who may scrape wax
  77. 77.List-curtailing abbr.
  78. 78.Light lunch, maybe
  79. 79."What kind of fool —?”
  80. 80.Irate
  81. 81.Concert sites
  82. 82.An hour past midnight
  83. 83.Gossipy type
  84. 84.Denmark's — Islands
  85. 85."... or — thought”
  86. 86.Polar hazard
  87. 87.Bride's vow
  88. 88.Coveted annual prizes
  89. 89.Less fresh
  90. 90."Look!,” in Latin
  91. 91.Aves.
  92. 92.Carol about holiday cheese?
  93. 93.See 38-Across
  94. 94.2010 Apple debut
  95. 95.Had a meal at home
  96. 96."Totentanz” composer Franz
  97. 97."It finally makes sense”
  98. 98.Comfortable
  99. 99.Shows up for
  100. 100.Weird sort
  101. 101.Ares' mother
  102. 102.Verdi's "— tu”
  103. 103.Hanukkah potato treat
  104. 104.Central point
  105. 105.Mauna —
  106. 106.Brezhnev of Russia
  107. 107.Has no life
  108. 108.Suffix with southwest
  109. 109.One of the Nixon daughters
  110. 110.Roping in
  111. 111.Politician Gary propping himself up against something?
  112. 112.Three more than quadri-
  113. 113.Boxer Laila
  114. 114.Improvise
  115. 115.Hard fat
  116. 116."This tastes way better than coffee, tea or ale”?
  117. 117.Depilatory brand
  118. 118.Quote
  119. 119.Got totally used up
  120. 120.Like grizzlies and kodiaks
  121. 121."Hurray!”
  122. 122.Really shout
  123. 123.Canine cord
  124. 124."— Bravo”
  125. 125.With 60-Down, BB gun
  126. 126.Longtime senator Robert
  127. 127.Key on a PC
  128. 128.Easily available
  129. 129.Optometrist, old-style
  130. 130.Tape holder
  131. 131.Touch on
  132. 132.Resting place
  133. 133.Hi- — (stereos)
  134. 134.Particular mag. edition
  135. 135."Li'l” guy
  136. 136.Doughnut filling that's an exchanged commodity?
  137. 137."So icky!”
  138. 138.Dandie — (dog breed)
  139. 139.Ale relative
  140. 140.Charge (up)
  141. 141.Poet Hughes
  142. 142.Guy who can do any interweaving style?
  143. 143."Abou Ben —” (Leigh Hunt poem)
  144. 144.People purchasing decorative rolling car parts?

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One of the world’s premier most distributor of columns, comics, games, puzzles, and editorial cartoons, King Features is the largest and one of the most successful syndicates in the world. It also publishes crosswords on a daily basis for all crossword lovers. The Premier Sunday Crossword is a part of the King Syndicate Crossword, which also includes the Eugene Sheffer crosswords and the Joseph Crossword Puzzles under its banner. These mindboggling crosswords are readily available on all major famous websites such as – LA Times, the US Times, Chicago Tribune, and Express. Moreover, they are also available in the form of various puzzle solving books. The fans of Premier Sunday Crossword can also find answers and clues for various crosswords on a lot of different online platforms, which helps them not get stuck in any of a particular chosen crossword. What’s more, now it’s available for using in the mobile apps.

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