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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -28-November-2021
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -21-November-2021
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -14-November-2021
  1. 1.Really attack
  2. 2."Yeah, but still ...”
  3. 3.Sloop, e.g.
  4. 4.Game-airing channel
  5. 5.Alternative to bifocals
  6. 6.Road curve
  7. 7.Pines
  8. 8.The first task on the to-do list
  9. 9.Savor pekoe, say
  10. 10.Crooner Julius
  11. 11.Like Ikea assemblies, for short
  12. 12.Luau favors
  13. 13.Up 'til
  14. 14.Young superhero of DC Comics
  15. 15.Sharp taste
  16. 16.Buddhist discipline
  17. 17.1983-2014 periodical for adolescents
  18. 18.Acupuncture item
  19. 19.Photo lab blowup: Abbr.
  20. 20.Stuff causing a blowup
  21. 21.Actress Wright
  22. 22.Tendon
  23. 23.Shape-fitting game
  24. 24.Shirk
  25. 25.IRS ID
  26. 26.Nomadic type
  27. 27.Drifting at sea
  28. 28.Above, in poems
  29. 29.NYC subway org.
  30. 30.Cry from Homer
  31. 31.Rapper — Khalifa
  32. 32.Bob Fosse film title relevant to the starts of eight answers in this puzzle
  33. 33.H.S.-level exam
  34. 34.Sweetie
  35. 35.Perform a dynamic crowd action in a stadium
  36. 36.Play — (enjoy some tennis)
  37. 37.Runs slowly
  38. 38.Royal heirs, often
  39. 39.Title anew
  40. 40.Rake parts
  41. 41.Skinny
  42. 42.Worker welfare gp.
  43. 43.Rocker Quatro
  44. 44.Sense no danger
  45. 45.Sci-fi guru
  46. 46.Trial blasts, for short
  47. 47.Grand Ole —
  48. 48.Perturb
  49. 49.User's shortcut
  50. 50.Ostrich lookalike
  51. 51.Super-angry
  52. 52.Keep going
  53. 53.Natal lead-in
  54. 54.Special times
  55. 55.Strike caller
  56. 56.Imagine
  57. 57.Jason's ship
  58. 58.Fable penner
  59. 59.No-problem advancement
  60. 60.Take a break
  61. 61.Assist illicitly
  62. 62.Devilkins
  63. 63.Smell terrible
  64. 64.Key just above D
  65. 65.Month, to Manuela
  66. 66.Coxa, more familiarly
  67. 67.Mixed greens
  68. 68.Musician DiFranco
  69. 69.Capital of Austria
  70. 70.Noun follower, often
  71. 71.Sch. group
  72. 72.Welcome wind on a hot day
  73. 73.Naples loc.
  74. 74.Globe
  75. 75.Willing to participate in
  76. 76.Help-wanteds, e.g.
  77. 77.Certain fuel-carrying ship
  78. 78."Cursed” director Craven
  79. 79.Dads
  80. 80.Sitcom alien
  81. 81.De Mille of choreography
  82. 82.Off the mark
  83. 83.Place to live
  84. 84.Brits' alphabet ender
  85. 85.Reins are parts of them
  86. 86.NFL rusher Smith
  87. 87.Ryder vehicle
  88. 88.Conservative moral principles
  89. 89.Put a rip in
  90. 90.Fit carmaker
  91. 91.Croissant, e.g.
  92. 92.For — (not pro bono)
  93. 93."— the season ...”
  94. 94.Env. insert
  95. 95.Turpentine, for one
  96. 96.Car part between headlights
  97. 97.Meara of "Southie”
  98. 98.Shocking fish, at times
  99. 99.City in Kansas
  100. 100.Actress Meg
  101. 101.Distributes in shares
  102. 102.Popular dog biscuits
  103. 103.Make a move
  104. 104.Hospital bed attachment
  105. 105.Alternative to a right hook
  106. 106.Peeled
  107. 107.Veep's boss
  108. 108.One of the Corleones in "The Godfather”
  109. 109.Those elected
  110. 110.Firearm rights org.
  111. 111.Toward dawn
  112. 112.Bark syllables
  113. 113.Lighter — air
  114. 114.Oscar winner Minnelli
  115. 115.Natives of Palermo or Catania
  116. 116.They die hard, it's said
  117. 117.Parisian bud
  118. 118.Relatives of geese
  119. 119.Olympic swimmer Tom
  120. 120.Razor brand
  121. 121.Business coll. topic
  122. 122.Bando of baseball
  123. 123.Span rotating horizontally to allow ships through
  124. 124."... boy — girl?”
  125. 125.Laze about
  126. 126.Horse hue
  127. 127.Town shouter
  128. 128.What a bitingly sarcastic person has
  129. 129.Burj Khalifa locale
  130. 130.More or less
  131. 131.School in Berkshire
  132. 132.Splendid
  133. 133.Tell untruths
  134. 134.Some nuts
  135. 135.Lover of Lucy
  136. 136.Africa's Sierra —
  137. 137.Junior naval officer
  138. 138.Open delight
  139. 139.Summits
  140. 140.Entry at no charge
  141. 141.Deep, as a voice
  142. 142.— Paulo
  143. 143.Musical exercise
  144. 144.Musician Nugent

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One of the world’s premier most distributor of columns, comics, games, puzzles, and editorial cartoons, King Features is the largest and one of the most successful syndicates in the world. It also publishes crosswords on a daily basis for all crossword lovers. The Premier Sunday Crossword is a part of the King Syndicate Crossword, which also includes the Eugene Sheffer crosswords and the Joseph Crossword Puzzles under its banner. These mindboggling crosswords are readily available on all major famous websites such as – LA Times, the US Times, Chicago Tribune, and Express. Moreover, they are also available in the form of various puzzle solving books. The fans of Premier Sunday Crossword can also find answers and clues for various crosswords on a lot of different online platforms, which helps them not get stuck in any of a particular chosen crossword. What’s more, now it’s available for using in the mobile apps.

For Crossword lovers who love to spend some time trying to engage in a challenging sort of word play, but also want to finish it in about an hour, Premier Sunday Crossword is just meant for them. Word play lovers will absolutely love solving this to get the Premier Crossword Puzzle Answers as this happens to be their largest and the most challenging of the crossword puzzles. This puzzle is also inclusive of the Sunday Cryptoquip. The Sunday Cryptoquip is a puzzle that challenges the puzzle solvers for following the clue and thereby deciphering the pun, to get the Premier Sunday Crossword answers.

Playing the Premier Sunday Crossword is quite easy. One just needs to get their thinking juices flowing and start coming up with the correct words which are based on all the clues, down and across. One can easily check out more puzzles to solve by clicking on the ‘Archives’ button on the top left corner. You can also turn on the ‘Automatic Error Check’ by going to ‘Settings’, next to the Archives button. You can save the puzzle, or print it. You can also print your answers to the puzzle. To reveal the letter, word, or the grid, just click on the ‘Reveal’ button next to the ‘Utilities’ button on the top. And lastly, click on the ‘Check’ button to check the letter, word, or the grid.

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