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L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers -25-October-2020
L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers -24-October-2020
L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers -23-October-2020
  1. 1.Pepsi Challenge feature
  2. 2.Treats with malice
  3. 3.Records
  4. 4.Cab category
  5. 5.Rub off
  6. 6.Anaheim athletes, in local sportscasts
  7. 7.Bk. before Job
  8. 8.Store
  9. 9.Fudge, perhaps
  10. 10.Richest person in the world before Bezos
  11. 11.Stands sound
  12. 12.Newspaper supplement, maybe
  13. 13.First of 12
  14. 14.Fashion's Gernreich
  15. 15.Invasive vine
  16. 16.Freegan's activity
  17. 17.Asparagus unit
  18. 18.Pride letters
  19. 19.Formal outfit accessory
  20. 20.It's rarely paid to a car dealer
  21. 21.Firewood units
  22. 22.Subway fare?
  23. 23.Doesn't bother to check the water first
  24. 24.You, in Germany
  25. 25.Tizzy
  26. 26.Loss nos., perhaps
  27. 27.Augusta National shrub
  28. 28.For fear that
  29. 29."Goodfellas" Oscar winner
  30. 30.Seed-to-be
  31. 31.Brother of Peter, briefly
  32. 32.Preferred group on the field
  33. 33."We're good to go"
  34. 34.MTV Video Music Award category
  35. 35.One who gets what's coming
  36. 36.Cornfield call
  37. 37.Exude
  38. 38.Times often named for music genres
  39. 39.Family reunion attendee
  40. 40.Quick movement
  41. 41.Places to walk with best friends?
  42. 42.Slothful sort
  43. 43.Determined by the stars, as time
  44. 44.Encumbered
  45. 45.LBJ beagle
  46. 46."Scots Wha __": patriotic song
  47. 47.Undo, in a way
  48. 48.Blot with a tissue
  49. 49.69-Across presentation
  50. 50.Melanie's "Working Girl" role
  51. 51.Brewed
  52. 52.Cambodian cash
  53. 53.Improve, as an urban area
  54. 54.Expressions of skepticism
  55. 55.Southernmost of the Marianas
  56. 56.Summer shades
  57. 57.It can smell
  58. 58."Little Man __": 1991 Foster film
  59. 59.It's often passed at family meals
  60. 60.Waiter's disappointment
  61. 61.i-opening company?
  62. 62.Takes in and keeps
  63. 63.Used one's clout
  64. 64.Eco-conscious org.
  65. 65.K2 locale
  66. 66.Uxmal denizen
  67. 67."Holy moly!"
  68. 68.Uruguay's Punta del __
  69. 69.Sr.-supporting component
  70. 70.Biblical peak
  71. 71.Corporate honcho
  72. 72.Anatomical button type
  73. 73.Banned orchard spray
  74. 74.Monopoly props.
  75. 75.Rice, e.g.
  76. 76.La Scala solos
  77. 77.Many an investment
  78. 78.Eagle's home
  79. 79.Zap
  80. 80.Chair titles
  81. 81.Ham it up
  82. 82.Cell terminal
  83. 83.Kiss, in Cancún
  84. 84.Skyline feature
  85. 85."Just __ ... "
  86. 86.Big game name
  87. 87.Finishes up on the green
  88. 88.West Coast pro
  89. 89.Fern seed
  90. 90.Hightails it
  91. 91.Dark-colored cigar
  92. 92.First female Nobelist
  93. 93.British Isles tongue
  94. 94.Loudly cheering
  95. 95.One
  96. 96.Musical motif, to Verdi
  97. 97.Apply forcefully, as the brakes
  98. 98.Early smartphone
  99. 99.Do a rest stop machine's job
  100. 100.Long cold spell
  101. 101.Invited to the penthouse
  102. 102.They may be torn on the field: Abbr.
  103. 103.Up start or follower
  104. 104.Relationships
  105. 105.Refined, as skills
  106. 106.Arcade game word
  107. 107."__ the One": 1996 Aniston/Diaz movie
  108. 108.Be of use to
  109. 109.Some colas
  110. 110.Pancake-making aids
  111. 111.__ West, wife of DC Comics' Flash
  112. 112.Where many scenes are presented
  113. 113.It's about 30 kilometers from Düsseldorf
  114. 114.God with a quiver
  115. 115.Simplify
  116. 116.Secondhand
  117. 117.Star Wars initials
  118. 118.Flag
  119. 119.NFL "sixes"
  120. 120.Regular hangout
  121. 121.Goddess of marriage and family
  122. 122.Grand Canyon adjective
  123. 123.Announced
  124. 124.Minor cuts
  125. 125.On the protected side
  126. 126.Like many an injured arm
  127. 127.Revolutionary War name
  128. 128.Poetic contraction
  129. 129.Summer wear
  130. 130.Thai dough
  131. 131."Wanna bet?"
  132. 132.Auth. unknown
  133. 133.Big name in violins
  134. 134.South American rodent
  135. 135.Chinese dog breed
  136. 136.Encl. with postage
  137. 137.Not a dup.
  138. 138.Meat-curing compound
  139. 139.Sushi serving
  140. 140."Yipes!"
  141. 141.Kendrick of "Pitch Perfect" films
  142. 142.The Rebels of the SEC, familiarly

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