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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -30-March-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -29-March-2020
The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers -28-March-2020
  1. 1.Where huskies may be used to decorate hat
  2. 2.Servicemen without place to study causing fight
  3. 3.Stab at one by going mad
  4. 4.Strangely put into uncommon ecstasy
  5. 5.Control Spooner's sweaty fool
  6. 6.Refuge from years in a favela
  7. 7.Supply a learner driver that's qualified
  8. 8.Four cardinals making the headlines
  9. 9.Conservative speaker losing head, grabbing university steward
  10. 10.Copper's in luck, finding stripper
  11. 11.Stock English joke
  12. 12.Occasionally driver steals fuel
  13. 13.Moving almost everything after fiancée's latest proposal
  14. 14.Sort of blue extreme Republican in New England state
  15. 15.Sailor rejecting seafood, being sole
  16. 16.Are unsteady daughters being given more rum?
  17. 17.Millions beg for protective cover
  18. 18.Half-starved spies held by English couple died
  19. 19.Church ceremony set down on paper for reading out
  20. 20.Dull place that drivers should steer clear of?
  21. 21.Effects of soldier becoming extremely teary?
  22. 22.Hang on! Programme's approaching finale
  23. 23.Stumbles around beach regularly twisting muscle
  24. 24.Avoid date in Rome blocking advance?
  25. 25.Textile worker set up in Surrey docks
  26. 26.What reduces impact of broadcast carrier
  27. 27.Complaint of a scholarly woman?
  28. 28.Perhaps sexist one when in bed
  29. 29.Jumper displayed in foie gras shop, perhaps
  30. 30.Spiny creature aunt ogles in unseemly fashion
  31. 31.Mistress admitted having bottom scratched by king
  32. 32.One who'll stage a play and record it when running
  33. 33.Son isn't a good man
  34. 34.Catch an Edith Piaf number?
  35. 35.Some of public hate Audi estate
  36. 36.Cheapest way to travel is always poetically in coach
  37. 37.Lout finally collared by virtuous man
  38. 38.Bloodsucking insect's low around sierra desert
  39. 39.Arms injunction I ignored
  40. 40.Songbird's quiet after American's finished
  41. 41.Ugly sight I witnessed in the auditorium
  42. 42.Lost men dad manipulated
  43. 43.Sole broken by hard beach stones
  44. 44.Individual flogging stolen gin
  45. 45.Sociable old commie holding vicar up
  46. 46.One who praises figures I work on some time afterwards
  47. 47.He hates arranging cover
  48. 48.Dukes pinching diamonds took a risk
  49. 49.One minding children of girl in New York
  50. 50.Where you might find prisoner from Peru, once?
  51. 51.Engagement risks him becoming distraught
  52. 52.Awfully big lie — one fired with yen for fitness
  53. 53.Perk for those departing, relieved of responsibility
  54. 54.I had sex appeal to ensnare old fool

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