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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -21-March-2023
Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -20-March-2023
Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers -18-March-2023
  1. 1.That woman
  2. 2.Knight's address
  3. 3.Easy shoes
  4. 4.Door sign
  5. 5.Prolonged attack
  6. 6.Merchandise
  7. 7.Uttered
  8. 8.Add a change to
  9. 9.Photo problem
  10. 10.Betrayed nervousness
  11. 11.Furious feeling
  12. 12.Army bigwig
  13. 13.Miser Marner
  14. 14.Cheering cry
  15. 15.Kelly and Ryan, e.g.
  16. 16."— all, folks!”
  17. 17.Stop
  18. 18.Diner desserts
  19. 19.Fellows
  20. 20.Houston player
  21. 21."Serves you right!”
  22. 22.Bullring cry
  23. 23.Hacienda houses
  24. 24.Like surgical tools
  25. 25.Rooster's mate
  26. 26.Play groups
  27. 27.Greek vowel
  28. 28.Lofty poems
  29. 29.Caribou's cousin
  30. 30.Gaggle group
  31. 31.Canary homes
  32. 32.Make amends
  33. 33.Serenades
  34. 34.Army bigwigs
  35. 35.They hold power
  36. 36.Pick from the menu
  37. 37.Tyrants
  38. 38.New York university
  39. 39.Keyed up
  40. 40.Touch lightly
  41. 41.Robin or wren
  42. 42.Accountant's layout
  43. 43.Baking need
  44. 44.Puts away
  45. 45.Convoy member
  46. 46.Island ring
  47. 47.Floor cover
  48. 48.First aid kit item
  49. 49.Book makeup
  50. 50.Cabinet wood

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