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  1. 1.Manage large snake accommodated in sweltering mobile home
  2. 2.Hit hard — huge anticlimax
  3. 3.Partly processed food to become solid in batter?
  4. 4.Good drive coming to nothing — call for old player
  5. 5.Four pairs in old court given notice
  6. 6.Have mine where there's no time for seafood
  7. 7.Jones for one cool with divine huntress
  8. 8.Huntsman has to go by lake
  9. 9.Force endlessly hurt when called into question
  10. 10.Fine results in going beyond this potentially simple diet
  11. 11.He composed line put in exam papers for sending back
  12. 12.One going round on this bike?
  13. 13.Wild demon possibly displaying crude character
  14. 14.Wander across where the last shall be first
  15. 15.Extremely sensitive judoka provides chair
  16. 16.Infatuation as fellow gathers everyone round female
  17. 17.Character seen with drink — John Lennon for one
  18. 18.Accountant trained recalled scholastic life
  19. 19.Philosophical sort almost shut in thus
  20. 20.Greeks initially beat back bloodsucker
  21. 21.Flat-bottomed vessels in Devon river region
  22. 22.Brought in from anchorage in one sea
  23. 23.Gangster and nutter — one put out diary
  24. 24.Show with questions flower maiden keeps in memory
  25. 25.Plan to have precious stone beneath rock layers
  26. 26.Name for German unchanged by revolution
  27. 27.Truck coming from Ayr rolled over
  28. 28.Single month — November or August?
  29. 29.Make merry in saloon on river?
  30. 30.2 team expanded to restrict heat and carbon

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