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  1. 1.On moving right to the left out in the open
  2. 2.Concise instructions
  3. 3.A river and its name evoke a reaction
  4. 4.Children's game with Grandma in street, standing still
  5. 5.Hidden store of money, reportedly
  6. 6.Michelangelo's Apollo: ultimately limited, lacking finish, but I will acquire it
  7. 7.I heard you are beset by a sort of milder hysteria
  8. 8.Type of berry found over in Victoria, Canada
  9. 9.Sadly, China's all but abandoning one large Asian region
  10. 10.My fault - Paul came - out of order
  11. 11.Oddly rhymes with 'Winchelsea' added to the original five
  12. 12.A group of fliers returning from a long way off
  13. 13.Person helping polish big gun in building
  14. 14.Oil peters out - last drops of the well
  15. 15.Removal of cars not a bit unusual
  16. 16.Possibly a feature of fair skin, except when reflected
  17. 17.Italian church affair
  18. 18.In time, performance will be perfect
  19. 19.Animal sung about endlessly
  20. 20.Bird heading off reaches Scottish island
  21. 21.Are clutching a CD excitedly, for playing here?
  22. 22.Soaked headless fish in a bit of dessert wine
  23. 23.Meet in Parisian bar
  24. 24.Little animal in reality starts here?
  25. 25.Artificial ingredient contains carbon, causing dependency
  26. 26.Disconcerted king held by methodical revolutionary, cryptically
  27. 27.Canopy, wide but with no top
  28. 28.Nude in no improper suggestion
  29. 29.As Rossini opera might be described for singer?

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