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  1. 1.Passage from bachata hit irks island
  2. 2.Filling food ultimately ruins dessert
  3. 3.Grabbing instrument, zoo's bear played bottom of scale
  4. 4.Ski resort offering swine bagged in downs, stewed
  5. 5.Dance poorly, say, with no visible effort
  6. 6.Government departments take time out for English TV event
  7. 7.Led astray on fringes, portion of cathedral ran out
  8. 8.I don't like that posh skirt
  9. 9.Watched blossom with introduction of Taylor Swift, perhaps
  10. 10.Electronic piece spun a lot — a banger?
  11. 11.Bent to shut up football supporters' song
  12. 12.Small and lean? Grow taller on this
  13. 13.Pub's line-up includes Alabama and fellow singers
  14. 14.Career streaker?
  15. 15.Model soldier, like Rambo, essentially
  16. 16.First couple of letters on counter tucked away to send
  17. 17.That group in charge sucks at relating to subjects
  18. 18.Return of old item cancelling out husband's purchase
  19. 19.Resistance to wearing yoga things back in America
  20. 20.It blends with some lamb in your food processor
  21. 21.Cup of tea left to chill
  22. 22.Raised right, boring to sleep with
  23. 23.Fully stripped kites, helping to trim tails, e.g.
  24. 24.Trip provider needs current credentials
  25. 25.Clear troublemaker must wear top!
  26. 26.Deal the wrong way with jerk following band?
  27. 27.Order bloke to wear top
  28. 28.I point up after drone is lowered
  29. 29.Cycling group stops bunch of traffic things going overboard
  30. 30.Leaders of swimming team on record pace

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