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  1. 1.Country person moving too quickly by all accounts
  2. 2.Pacific salmon marinated in alcohol
  3. 3.Host a Chelsea ball?
  4. 4.Broadcasting artiste becomes more sensationally attractive
  5. 5.Exhausted provincial politicians support employment
  6. 6.Change urban limits concerning an unknown number
  7. 7.Former priest stands up to banishment
  8. 8.An old poem funnily satirised
  9. 9.Staff regret accepting European money
  10. 10.Move working schedule
  11. 11.Smoking joints, surprisingly minus dope
  12. 12.Australian males drinking head of lager make silly mistakes
  13. 13.Goes commando and talks through the mission
  14. 14.Overly-excited drunk reported lift salesman
  15. 15.African capital nearly caught unarmed outfit
  16. 16.Drone over South Island, say, causes hassle persistently
  17. 17.Hangman, say, backing American profligate
  18. 18.Saving up for treat on Christmas morning?
  19. 19.Graduates in Spanish that discover another language
  20. 20.Bulletin points to landlord
  21. 21.Nobility of servant protecting English Queen
  22. 22.Scores of time left - that is special!
  23. 23.Confer with some authoritative statesmen
  24. 24.Youngster buries dead corpse
  25. 25.Mobile vets tried to check out new vehicle
  26. 26.Underground force in Scottish city
  27. 27.Very bad sailor capsized at first in stream
  28. 28.Bankrupt the French business
  29. 29.Discussed gardening tools for water distributor
  30. 30.Republican in attendance with King's knightly order
  31. 31.Prepares for shock of Black Sabbath's touring marathon perhaps
  32. 32.Make up, though one's better without

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