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  1. 1.Worship Trump, in the end, to get pay increase
  2. 2.Escort and milliner removing clothes, getting naked on vacation
  3. 3.Directory includes interminably boring compiler of religious scripts
  4. 4.In Calais, I start to arouse terrible envy
  5. 5.Very concerning associate
  6. 6.Essential nit-picking
  7. 7.Time to get hot drink on retirement for the evening?
  8. 8.Stuff found in canyon
  9. 9.Responsibility of working American
  10. 10.Horse race in Eton broken up!
  11. 11.Island ousts leader in a hostile manner
  12. 12.Refit canteen, transforming it into this?
  13. 13.Tapes damaged membranes
  14. 14.Spotted in audition for drama
  15. 15.Not well versed about essential part of procedure, shows warrant
  16. 16.A nastier criminal? Well, sort of
  17. 17.Make unintelligible order to take off
  18. 18.Game that's nice to play wearing crown
  19. 19.Authorises things, having left for Italy
  20. 20.Rock band in Glastonbury, perhaps, creating quiver of excitement
  21. 21.Rule out piece of music containing bathetic ending
  22. 22.Trouble results when ex-PM meets Queen about Spain
  23. 23.Protests, of course, with it being ridiculous
  24. 24.Investment fund not suitable when France lost confidence
  25. 25.Lead miner finally found in dilapidated toilet clutching two pieces of lead
  26. 26.Professor on board with Eccles beginning to take plunge
  27. 27.Opposed to carrying on with no restrictions
  28. 28.American stars swim in large, extremely picturesque, river
  29. 29.Setter regularly getting cool glass of beer?
  30. 30.Councillor is repeatedly in big trouble

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