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Universal Crossword Answers -10-June-2023
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Universal Crossword Answers -8-June-2023
  1. 1.Org. with a Know Your Rights webpage
  2. 2.Persian enthusiast, say?
  3. 3.Touch with a softball
  4. 4.Gold bar
  5. 5.Mexican street food
  6. 6.Indonesian island that's the world's most populous
  7. 7.Had the gumption
  8. 8.Smarts
  9. 9.Metal in pewter
  10. 10.Strike down, biblically
  11. 11.Word after "freight" or "bridal"
  12. 12.Reaction to a reunion invitation, perhaps
  13. 13.Placed
  14. 14.Your, biblically
  15. 15.Not just look up to
  16. 16.Explore, as the web
  17. 17."Wear a mask" spots in 2020, e.g
  18. 18.Class on demand, briefly?
  19. 19.Exam with a Social Studies section
  20. 20.People who forgo clothes
  21. 21.Tax bracket determinant
  22. 22.Neighbor on a family tree, informally
  23. 23.Phase out
  24. 24.Boxers' event?
  25. 25."I remember that episode"
  26. 26.Should the need ___
  27. 27."Keep any objections to yourself"
  28. 28.Number of faces on an icosahedron
  29. 29.Constellation with a "mane"
  30. 30.Kingdom prior to English unification
  31. 31.Dendrochronology, e.g.: Abbr
  32. 32.Spanish for "father"
  33. 33.Metaphor for constant change
  34. 34.Droopy cheek
  35. 35.Salsa brand
  36. 36.Afternoon snoozes
  37. 37.Convos
  38. 38.Fish feature
  39. 39.Oafs, in Fredericton
  40. 40.Like some mobile purchases
  41. 41.Many shirts from Zazzle
  42. 42.Long French river
  43. 43.Weeding tool
  44. 44.Scotland ___
  45. 45.Displays at many sports bars
  46. 46.Comanche dwellings: Var
  47. 47.Caustic soda
  48. 48.Spearheaded
  49. 49.Start going with the flow?
  50. 50."Since we're on the subject ..."
  51. 51.Small bouquet
  52. 52.Primed to win
  53. 53.Actor who was the face of a letter-shaped cereal
  54. 54.Eretz Israel Museum's city
  55. 55.35, for Army enlistees
  56. 56.Energy company that collapsed in 2001
  57. 57.___-reviewed
  58. 58."I'll have another, but that's it"
  59. 59.Clipping, filing, etc
  60. 60.Parent company of WhatsApp
  61. 61.Burden
  62. 62.In need of rinsing, maybe
  63. 63."You'll get ripped off"
  64. 64.Like this crossword, initially
  65. 65.Silly but fun
  66. 66.What you may run while sick
  67. 67.Post-apology question
  68. 68.Coltrane's instrument, for short
  69. 69.Energetic sort
  70. 70.Friend of a cause
  71. 71.Evil being
  72. 72.Late Brazilian soccer great

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About Universal Crossword:

Universal Crossword is the brainchild of famous cruciverbalist and crossword constructor Timothy Parker who is a renowned American puzzle editor, TV producer and a game creator. Parker began writing and constructing puzzles in 1996 under the feature, Daily Crossword which was later taken under its wing by Universal Press Syndicate and made available to newspapers and other clients all across the world by 1997. It was later in 1999 that Parker along with Universal Press Syndicate’s UClick established the Puzzle Society. He was the editor of the Universal Uclick, a crossword and games platform. The Universal crosswords at Uclick come in various difficulty levels, allowing the users to choose their levels before starting the puzzle. The crossword clues and themes are provided fresh to the customers every day. The Sunday’s 21 X 21 grid crossword is the most interesting and difficult crossword of the week provided by the platform. Finding the universal crossword answers based on the clues might be a little tricky, but not something that is impossible.

Apart from these basic crosswords, UClick also offers a wide range of puzzles that includes casual games to its consumers under its portals, The Puzzle Society and UClickGames. They offer everything from crosswords, word games, suduko, kakuro and much more. In 2017 David Steinberg, the youngest crossword wiz of the generation, was named as the editor of the Puzzle Society and in 2018, he was named as the editor of the Universal Crosswords.

Universal Crossword Contest:

Universal Crosswords is a daily and Sunday international puzzle platform that constructs interesting theme based crosswords for their followers from across the world. Steinberg constructed women oriented crosswords in the month of March to celebrate the Women’s day or rather Women’s Month – March. All the 36 crosswords were created by women crossword constructors. Some of these crosswords were simple while some were really difficult. The universal crossword puzzle answers for the Sunday Contests are declared one day after the crossword is published.

Authors: David Steinberg

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