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Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers -31-March-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers -30-March-2020
Evening Standard - Cryptic Crossword Answers -27-March-2020
  1. 1.Projected productions
  2. 2.Stick to good glass
  3. 3.More than a little, we gather
  4. 4.Encouragement to listen to Beethoven's fourth
  5. 5.Small, but maybe of some prominence?
  6. 6.Where Ray went wrong
  7. 7.How oarsman fell out?
  8. 8.Prevented from being a drifter
  9. 9.The very opposite of Windsor?
  10. 10.She could give a sneer
  11. 11.A racy egg container
  12. 12.Smart joint?
  13. 13.To climb it is hard, being sick
  14. 14.It can be ignored ad lib
  15. 15.Of his works, were many in wrought iron?
  16. 16.Replacement cardinal?
  17. 17.Would a miser pinch her?
  18. 18.Half an hour getting dry out in the lane
  19. 19.May come out of bed to rebuild a storey
  20. 20.Guy is light, having nothing on!
  21. 21.Initial advantage to a flier, perhaps?
  22. 22.Burns or rases, possibly
  23. 23.One mounted with saintly mien?
  24. 24.Female embracing me for want of butch types?
  25. 25.One drawn to serve apprenticeship?
  26. 26.It gives one pause
  27. 27.Beaten hollow
  28. 28.Recover, for instance, in wet weather
  29. 29.Shortage of nice guys
  30. 30.Writers using a concealed crib
  31. 31.Neglect to return from Baltimore
  32. 32.Dandy maybe, but a failure without money
  33. 33.Such sauce seems soppy but not very soft
  34. 34.Bloomer by Albert, a novel sleuth
  35. 35.Catches an unwary sprat?
  36. 36.Can such grass make one sheep turn on another?
  37. 37.Like a poor golfer's luck?
  38. 38.To dine out with a girl is heavenly
  39. 39.Funny feature of bread rolls
  40. 40.He can order everybody about
  41. 41.Officer and politician work in agreement

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