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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -31-March-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -30-March-2020
The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers -27-March-2020
  1. 1.Schedule non-disclosure agree­ment after a long time
  2. 2.Useless computers holding writer back
  3. 3.Raise little dog just for ones holiday home?
  4. 4.Time for resolution as jury split by two different articles
  5. 5.Quiet and timid, like Mickey, Jerry or Stuart?
  6. 6.Animal is a shy bear, by the sound of it
  7. 7.Gday! Swap taps for some strings
  8. 8.Church chasing film vampire and bloodsucker
  9. 9.Study Arabic, half drunk, for 24 hours
  10. 10.In the middle of the red line
  11. 11.Deep trouble following street in the morning rush
  12. 12.Stray doctor provided the end of treatment
  13. 13.Gambler seen on top of tavern, he may be the finest yet
  14. 14.Intended heartlessly to follow United as a penance
  15. 15.Volume of customers
  16. 16.What softens onion dhal, cooked with a tiny bit of turmeric
  17. 17.Nothing to be found between 13 down and 28
  18. 18.Not a street where things happen
  19. 19.Fair, therefore bang on
  20. 20.Strangely unrecognisable without being criminal
  21. 21.Long-term, its said you are in the finale
  22. 22.Number making heck of a racket in exam
  23. 23.Side and corner shot? Think again!
  24. 24.Annoying electronic sound endlessly made by buzzer
  25. 25.See 6
  26. 26.Title giving lad more trouble
  27. 27.Crazy nightmare might be the case for Brazil
  28. 28.Result of dental anaesthesia overdose? Idiot!
  29. 29.Boys back-to-back in the doghouse
  30. 30.America, for example, backing employment
  31. 31.See 1
  32. 32.See 3
  33. 33.Cockney pet mad about city

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