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  1. 1.Last letter phonetically, in Britain
  2. 2."Dancing With the Stars" judge ___ Goodman
  3. 3.Millennials' successors:
  4. 4.___ Harington, portrayer of Jon Snow in "Game of Thrones"
  5. 5."That's nasty!" expression
  6. 6.Nudge with a stick (anagram of "drop")
  7. 7.Memphis ___, NBA team known for players like Marc Gasol, named for brown bears
  8. 8.Milwaukee ___, NBA team known for players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, named for male deer
  9. 9.Audience's reaction to a bad performance
  10. 10.Wise nocturnal birds
  11. 11.Sweet potato cousin
  12. 12.Needing moisture
  13. 13.___ tear (common sports injury): Abbr.
  14. 14.Short Instagram video
  15. 15."Obviously!" in slang
  16. 16.Cozy hideout for bears
  17. 17.Jacket style named for an Indian Prime Minister
  18. 18.Large cup for coffee
  19. 19.Tom Cruise's hit movie, "___ Good Men":
  20. 20.___ Talks (encouraging speeches)
  21. 21."American Horror Story" actress ___ Paulson
  22. 22.Lead-in to "plop" or "plunk"
  23. 23.Unhappy
  24. 24.John ___, wrestler who says "You can't see me"
  25. 25.3-D model of the Earth
  26. 26.People from Wales
  27. 27.Instagram "about" description, for short
  28. 28.___-Ball (arcade game)
  29. 29.Chicago ___, NBA team known for players like Michael Jordan, named for adult male cattle
  30. 30.Tattered cloth
  31. 31.___ Evans, actor of "Captain America"
  32. 32.Untrustworthy, as a person playing "Among Us"
  33. 33.___-J ("Breezeblocks" band)
  34. 34.Foldable camp sack
  35. 35.Motor oil brand: Abbr.
  36. 36.Drench bread in gravy
  37. 37.What sets hair
  38. 38.NPR's Glass or Flatow
  39. 39.___ charades (party game)
  40. 40."How I Met Your Mother" channel: Abbr.
  41. 41."I ___ your pardon"
  42. 42.___-fi (movie genre for "Gravity")
  43. 43.Recipient of this clue?
  44. 44."Delicious!"
  45. 45."Yes!" at sea
  46. 46.Like second-hand cars
  47. 47.___ Leppard, rock band of "Hysteria"
  48. 48.Have debts
  49. 49.Long mountain walk
  50. 50.Angsty music genre
  51. 51.James Bond movie "For Your ___ Only"
  52. 52.Opposite of "manual," briefly
  53. 53.Performer's spot
  54. 54.Grasped firmly
  55. 55.Egypt's capital city
  56. 56.Giraffe-like in height
  57. 57.One-person performance
  58. 58.Atlanta ___, NBA team known for players like Dominique Wilkins, named for eagle-like birds
  59. 59.Cow's word
  60. 60.Baseball's ___ Gehrig
  61. 61.Crossword direction that is not "down," for short
  62. 62.Fizzy drink, Mountain ___
  63. 63.Soap bubble?
  64. 64.Ireland to the Irish
  65. 65.California's Fort ___
  66. 66.List-ending abbreviation
  67. 67."A" in French
  68. 68.Toronto ___, NBA team known for players like Kyle Lowry, named for small dinosaurs

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