Was Marc Breman’s Crossword Truly the World’s Hardest Crossword Puzzle?

When you are one of the best cruciverbalists in the world and have been creating as many as 13,500 unique clues for crossword puzzles every single year, you are bound to make yourself famous with your excellence. In the year 2018, Marc Breman did just that.

Breman is a renowned cruciverbalist who has been creating crossword puzzles and clues for reputed papers such as the Daily Express, Daily Mirror Cryptic and also the Sunday Telegraph. Breman has created 30,000 and more puzzles in his career spanning 28 years, starting from 1991. And in 2018, he released his greatest work until now, the world’s hardest crossword puzzle ever made in the history of mankind. This challenging puzzle is not called the hardest for no simple reason. The puzzle includes 64 intensely created complex clues which Breman created in just a period of six weeks. Interesting right? There are many more interesting facts about this awesomely interesting, but difficult crossword that are worth to be known.
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The crossword puzzle was named as the World’s Hardest Cryptic Crossword for primarily one main reason – it’s absolutely abstruse clues that made the crossword’s difficulty level very high. The clues mentioned in the puzzle may appear to be simple and straightforward, but according to Daily Mail, the clues were mainly a linguistic play of words that had hidden meanings.

Difficulty Level

Have you ever solved a crossword puzzle that stated its level as difficult? Well, if you have, then this crossword puzzle by Breman was considered 100 times more difficult by all other compilers who had taken a closer look at it. So, if the difficult level is that high, then an average puzzle solver will take 100 times more time to rightly solve the puzzle. So in direct words, it will take almost 100 weeks (2 years) to solve the crossword puzzle. Oh My God!!
Breman however mentioned that he created this puzzle just for fun and it was the hardest puzzle he had ever made, and not the hardest puzzle in the world.

Difficulty level of crossword

Fastest Solver

Believed to be the hardest crossword ever made, Breman’s crossword was however solved by a London based regular crossword solver. Simon Anthony, who is a regular puzzle solver for The Daily Telegraph, successfully solved Breman’s puzzle in a record time of less than 2 hours. Speaking in an interview, Simon stated that the puzzle was truly difficult, especially because the clues were extremely confusing. Moreover, the vocabulary of the crossword puzzle was extremely difficult compared to that of the regular puzzles published in the dailies. Solving the puzzle became more of a challenge for Simon and he found it very entertaining, and probably the most interesting puzzle he has ever solved.
Simon was one of the first 10 people who had solved the puzzle correctly and sent the solutions to Breman. So, if you have been solving crossword puzzles in publications such as the New York Times, 7 Little words, Irish News Cryptic and more, take a look at this challenging crossword puzzle and try solving it to check your expertise.

Best of luck!