Myth or Fact? Crossword Challenges Improve Brain Health and Intelligence.

Since ages, our brain has been trying to unwind and solve crossword clues and queries about its own functions. After almost more than two million years, the ability of human brain to recognize and remember anything still leaves us all amazed.

According to Theuth, a God, writing was the best invention ever. He believed that writing and intelligence/wisdom are co-related in many ways. Hence, people having a flair for writing will have a sharp mind. Do you think it was actually true? It wasn’t. Modern studies have concluded otherwise. A group study was made in Stanford University where a bunch of experts in various fields of science assembled to discuss the same topic. They did conclude that brain activities like solving puzzles, playing games, writing stories, etc. actually help provide a formal exercise to the brain, but it doesn’t really help to improve the intelligence.

Smart and Intelligent Are Different

Specific types of brain games software work in the same fashion. When a person can navigate one’s mind to better thoughts, critical thinking, twisted plots, etc. from an existing idea, he/she can be called smart. Over a decade now, digital games are the latest way to challenge the memory. Remembering something, as is; being able to recollect words or stories is intelligence. Such people are better with keeping memory palaces in their brains that store exact information.

Science Is Hard to Refuse

When an illogical fact is backed by science, it is difficult for a layman to refuse its existence. Many scientists are against the advertisements that support the claim of relating brain games to intelligence and advantage. Anyways, it being advantageous is true. It will improve your vocabulary, it will keep a track of your smartness, but still it won’t really help increase the intelligence or memory. Such a relation is tough to establish.

Followers of The Herd

This myth has a lot of followers. The brain gaming technology is a huge business. It has a business of more than $2 million, globally. The target audience is vast. School kids to adults, everyone is under the radar for this. While, you are reading this there are a million of individuals out there playing these games; literally addicted! The advertisements of these online crossword challenges are so wide and backed-up with mythical science facts that rarely do people choose to ignore it.

What doctors have to say?

Doctors suggest that there is only one way that solving online crosswords might help a person making it more challenging. Crosswords are a regular practice for many. This has never helped anyone boost intelligence or grow neural abilities, but it has helped people make smarter decisions. It has helped people do things faster. The timed crosswords solved online are such a pleasure to solve that some people end-up dedicating one whole weekend for the same.

IQ factor

Intelligence Quotient helps reflect the sharpness of your mind. However, crosswords won’t help you with it. the most difficult crossword solver may not have a good IQ. Keeping a check on your memory time to time with IQ questions is good. With crosswords, you can have fun. Your time is well utilized, you are aware of more things in life, after every crossword. It won’t necessary be in your mind in all times, though.

Brain Health and Crosswords

A healthy brain is defined by the number of healthy cells and activeness of the body. A healthy brain has nothing to do with the skills of crossword solving. Regular exercise and good food with help in having a fit brain.

So, if you are up for solving crosswords just for gaining intelligence or improving your IQ, then just stop. Forceful solving won’t help in any way. Solve a crossword, have all the fun of that time, challenge yourself, win prizes, and move-on with it.

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