The solution for the clue "Zodiac cat" from Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Zodiac cat" leads to the answer "LEO" for specific reasons related to astrology:

  • Zodiac Sign: "Zodiac cat" hints at a feline aspect within the zodiac, directing solvers to think of the zodiac sign associated with a lion, which is LEO.
  • Lion Symbolism: In astrology, the sign of Leo is represented by the lion, known for its strength, courage, and leadership qualities. Lions are often referred to as the kings of the jungle, reflecting the regal nature of individuals born under this sign.
  • Fire Element: Leo is a fire sign in the zodiac, characterized by passion, creativity, and a bold approach to life. Fire signs are known for their energy and enthusiasm, traits commonly attributed to Leos.
  • Ruling Planet: The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, symbolizing vitality, self-expression, and a radiant personality. Leos are often associated with warmth, generosity, and a charismatic presence.

By understanding the relationship between the clue "Zodiac cat" and the answer "LEO," crossword enthusiasts can appreciate the connection between zodiac symbolism and the representation of different astrological signs.

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Definition of "LEO"

a large constellation (the Lion), said to represent the lion slain by Hercules. It contains the bright stars Regulus and Denebola and numerous galaxies.

Example :
  • the star Omicron Leonis

  •  The Crossword clue "Zodiac cat" published 120 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
    Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate10 April 2024LEO
    Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate2 April 2024LEO
    Daily POP30 March 2024LEO
    The Sun Two Speed28 December 2023LEO
    Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate26 December 2021LEO
    Wall Street Journal10 August 2020LEO
    Newsday.com25 January 2016LEO

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