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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Wrapped Roman robe" leads us to the answer "TOGA" for several reasons:

  • Roman Garment: The TOGA was a traditional Roman garment worn by citizens and male elites, typically draped over the body in a specific manner.
  • Wrapping Style: The word "wrapped" in the clue hints at the way a TOGA was worn, which involved draping the cloth elegantly around the body in a particular style.
  • Historical Context: Considering the Roman era and the attire associated with it, TOGA is the ideal fit for a robe-like garment that could be described as "wrapped."
  • Crossword Language: In the context of crossword puzzles, certain words like TOGA are commonly used due to their distinctiveness and specific relevance to the clue given.
By connecting the clue's description with the historical attire of ancient Rome, the answer "TOGA" perfectly matches the idea of a wrapped Roman robe.

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Definition of "TOGA"

a loose flowing outer garment worn by the citizens of ancient Rome, made of a single piece of cloth and covering the whole body apart from the right arm.

 The Crossword clue "Wrapped Roman robe" published 1 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
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