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Today is 4 April 2024 and we are bringing to you a great solution from The Guardian Quick crossword.
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "Visual material in a publication," leads us to the answer "ARTWORK" for several key reasons:

  1. Visual Component: "ARTWORK" fits the description of a visual element that can be found in various publications. It encompasses a wide range of visual creations, including drawings, paintings, photographs, and illustrations.
  2. Published Content: In the context of a publication, "ARTWORK" commonly refers to the visual content that accompanies written text. This can include images, diagrams, or other graphic representations.
  3. Enhancing Presentation: Artwork in publications serves to enhance the overall presentation and appeal of the material. It helps engage readers visually and can convey information in a more engaging and memorable way.
  4. Interpretation and Expression: Artwork allows for interpretation and expression within publications, providing a visual language that complements and enriches the written content. It can convey emotions, ideas, or concepts that words alone may not effectively communicate.

Considering these aspects, "ARTWORK" perfectly aligns with the clue "Visual material in a publication" due to its role in enhancing, complementing, and visually representing content within various published materials.

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Definition of "ARTWORK"

illustrations, photographs, or other non-textual material prepared for inclusion in a publication

Example :
  • the technology can produce finished artwork for anything from press ads to corporate brochures
  • the artwork on the dust jacket is repeated on the cover
  • a collection of artwork from tribal cultures

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    The Guardian Quick4 April 2024ARTWORK

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