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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Unlike a rainforest" with the answer "DRY" is well-suited due to the following reasons:

  • Climate: Rainforests are known for their high moisture levels and constant rainfall, whereas the word "DRY" directly contrasts this by indicating the absence of moisture or wetness.
  • Ecosystem: Rainforests thrive on their lush and humid environments, filled with diverse flora and fauna that depend on the constant moisture. Conversely, the word "DRY" signifies an environment lacking in moisture, which is the opposite of what a rainforest represents.
  • Weather: Rainforests are characterized by heavy rainfall throughout the year, contributing to their rich biodiversity. On the other hand, the term "DRY" highlights the condition of little to no precipitation, reflecting an entirely different climate compared to a rainforest.
  • Appearance: Rainforests typically appear dense, green, and vibrant due to the abundance of water, while describing something as "DRY" evokes an image of aridity, lack of vegetation, and a parched landscape.

Considering these factors, the answer "DRY" serves as a fitting response to the clue "Unlike a rainforest," capturing the essence of a climate and environment opposite to that of a typical rainforest setting.

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Definition of "DRY"

free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist

Example :
  • the jacket kept me warm and dry
  • he wiped the table dry with his shirt
  • wait until the paint is dry

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