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Today is the 20 February 2024 and we are ready with solving the crossword clue "Under the weather and then some" under the category "The New Yorker".
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue "Under the weather and then some" leads us to the answer "SICKASADOG." This choice makes perfect sense when considering the following factors:

  1. Idiomatic Expression: "SICKASADOG" is a common English idiom used to emphasize someone's extreme illness or unwell state. It vividly portrays the severity of feeling unwell beyond just a typical cold or minor sickness.
  2. Contextual Fit: In the given clue, the phrase "Under the weather and then some" seeks an answer that encapsulates not just feeling a bit ill but experiencing a significant level of sickness. "SICKASADOG" aligns perfectly with this enhanced sense of being unwell.
  3. Visual Representation: The image of a sick dog is a powerful one in many cultures, symbolizing vulnerability, discomfort, and a need for care. By associating this image with the idea of feeling extremely unwell, the answer captures the essence of the clue effectively.
  4. Language Play: The use of "SICKASADOG" as a single word in the answer adds a playful twist to the clue. It merges the concept of being sick with the simile "as a dog," creating a memorable and visually evocative solution to the crossword puzzle.

Therefore, today's crossword clue "Under the weather and then some" is aptly answered by "SICKASADOG," reflecting the deep level of illness or discomfort beyond a standard sickness.

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The New Yorker20 February 2024SICKASADOG

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