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Today's (4 April 2024) crossword provided to us by Wall Street Journal and the clue is "Trusty mounts".
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Trusty mounts" suggests a need for a term relating to animals that are commonly ridden or used for transportation. In this context, the answer "STEEDS" fits perfectly. Here's why:

  • Trusty: The word "Trusty" implies reliability and loyalty, characteristics often associated with animals that have been trained and domesticated for specific purposes.
  • Mounts: The term "Mounts" refers to animals that can be mounted or ridden. In the context of transportation or leisure riding, we commonly think of horses and other similar creatures.
  • STEEDS: This term specifically refers to strong, reliable horses that are often used as mounts for various activities. In literature and historical contexts, steeds are portrayed as noble and powerful animals suitable for riding.

Therefore, "STEEDS" is the ideal answer for the clue "Trusty mounts" as it encapsulates the idea of dependable and sturdy animals that can be ridden with trust and confidence.

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 The Crossword clue "Trusty mounts" published 3 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Wall Street Journal4 April 2024STEEDS
Universal20 August 2018STEEDS
L.A. Times Daily24 October 2012STEEDS

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