Trouser edge just above feet irritates them Crossword Clue

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The hint for today's crossword puzzle is brought you by "Irish Times Crosaire" and the clue we are solving today is "Trouser edge just above feet irritates them".

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Trouser edge just above feet irritates them" leads us to the answer "RANKLES." Here's why this clue corresponds to the answer:

  1. Trouser edge: This part of the clue indicates a specific area of clothing, suggesting a location-related answer.
  2. Just above feet: The phrase "just above feet" further narrows down the possible answer location to a higher point on the body, likely in the leg area.
  3. Irritates them: The term "irritates" implies a feeling of annoyance or aggravation, hinting at a negative emotion.
Based on these elements, the word "RANKLES" fits the clue perfectly. "Rankles" means to cause irritation or resentment, aligning with the idea of something annoying or causing distress. Therefore, the combination of the clothing item (trouser edge) with the action it causes (irritation) results in the answer "RANKLES" as a clever and fitting solution to today's crossword clue.

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 The Crossword clue "Trouser edge just above feet irritates them" published 1 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Irish Times Crosaire4 April 2024RANKLES

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