Trifler late leaving railway worker Crossword Clue - Cryptic17 May 2024
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Trifler late leaving railway worker" leads to the answer "PLAYER." Here's why this connection makes sense:

  1. Trifler: In this clue, "trifler" indicates someone who engages in activities for amusement or without serious intent. This word suggests a casual or nonchalant attitude.
  2. Late leaving: The term "late leaving" implies that a particular part of a word needs to be removed. In this case, "late leaving" signals the removal of the word "late" from a longer word.
  3. Railway worker: The phrase "railway worker" refers to an individual employed in the railway industry who may be involved in operating trains, maintaining tracks, or managing stations.
  4. Connection to "PLAYER": By dissecting the clue, we understand that "trifler late leaving" hints at removing "late" from a word associated with railways. When we remove "late" from "platelayer," which is a term for a railway worker who lays and maintains tracks, we are left with "PLAYER."
This intricate wordplay showcases how crossword clues can cleverly lead solvers to the correct answer by combining various elements in a cryptic manner.

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Definition of "PLAYER"

a person taking part in a sport or game

Example :
  • a tennis player
  • the country's isolationism made it a secondary player in world political events
  • she's so wary of playas, she's declared herself celibate

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    CrosswordDateAnswer - Cryptic17 May 2024PLAYER

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