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Its time to solve "Tram loads" crossword clue for today's "Crossword Champ Daily" daily crossword.

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Tram loads" and the answer for this clue is "ORES". Let's analyze why "ORES" is the correct answer for this crossword clue.

  • 1. Clue: Tram loads
  • Answer: ORES

In this clue, the word "loads" indicates that we are looking for a noun that refers to the quantity or amount carried by a tram. Trams are commonly used to transport heavy items, and one such item that can be transported in large quantities is ores.

Ores are naturally occurring rock or minerals from which valuable metals can be extracted. They are often mined in large amounts and transported using various means, including trams. Therefore, "Tram loads" can be accurately described by the answer "ORES".

The connection between the clue and the answer is further confirmed by the fact that "ORES" fits perfectly within the given grid, aligning with the intersecting letters and forming valid words with the adjacent clues.


Let's consider a scenario where the crossword puzzle has intersecting words, such as:


  • 1. Tram loads (4 letters)
  • 2. Opposite of less


  • 1. Tram stops (5 letters)
  • 3. Large container for liquids (5 letters)

In this case, if we try fitting "ORES" into the 4-letter space for the clue "Tram loads," it aligns perfectly with the intersecting clues:


  • 1. ORES (Tram loads)
  • 2. MORE (Opposite of less)


  • 1. STOPS (Tram stops)
  • 3. TANKS (Large container for liquids)

This example illustrates how "ORES" satisfies both the given clue and the intersecting words, providing a logical and accurate solution to the crossword puzzle.

Therefore, based on the context of the clue, the meaning of the word "loads," and its compatibility with intersecting words, the answer for today's clue "Tram loads" is "ORES."

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 The Crossword clue "Tram loads" published 36 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Crossword Champ Daily31 January 2024ORES
Crossword Champ Pro8 January 2024ORES
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate11 June 2023ORES
USA Today8 September 2019ORES
L.A. Times Daily1 February 2019ORES
The Washington Post16 January 2018ORES
Universal25 November 2017ORES
Ink Well xwords31 January 2014ORES
Newsday.com26 July 2012ORES
Boston Globe21 March 2010ORES
New York Times6 February 2008ORES
Wall Street Journal1 February 2008ORES

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