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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue "Tragic" leads to the answer "DIRE" for a specific reason. The connection between the clue and the answer lies in the severity and seriousness associated with the term "DIRE." Here's why "DIRE" fits the clue "Tragic":

  1. Intense Misfortune: The word "DIRE" often conveys a sense of extreme and urgent distress, aligning with the tragic nature of situations that are grave and desperate.
  2. Grim Outlook: "DIRE" implies a bleak and pessimistic outlook, which mirrors the somber and distressing characteristics often associated with tragedies.
  3. Critical Circumstances: By definition, "DIRE" signifies situations that are urgent, severe, and fraught with potential disaster, much like the gravity of tragic events.
  4. Impactful Loss: Tragedies are marked by significant loss or suffering, and the term "DIRE" encapsulates the magnitude of such losses, emphasizing the gravity of the tragic situation.

In summary, the word "DIRE" is the ideal answer for the clue "Tragic" because it encapsulates the severity, urgency, and grimness often associated with tragic events, aligning perfectly with the theme and tone implied in the clue.

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  • DIRE
  • ALAS
  • SAD

Definition of "DIRE"

extremely serious or urgent

Example :
  • misuse of drugs can have dire consequences
  • he was in dire need of help
  • there were dire warnings from the traffic organizations

  •  The Crossword clue "Tragic" published 53 time/s & has 4 answer/s. 
    Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate10 April 2024DIRE
    Universal2 September 2022ALAS
    USA Today7 March 2022SAD
    Penny dell8 August 2017DIRE
    The Telegraph - Quick21 March 2015HEARTBREAKING

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