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Love solving crosswords but fail to get the right answers? Need answer for the clue "Tower possibly to be advised by King" ??? Don't worry, we are here to help you find the perfect solutions to "The Times Specialist" crossword puzzles using the given "Tower possibly to be advised by King" clue.

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Tower possibly to be advised by King" leads us to the answer "TBAR" for today's puzzle. Here's why this answer fits the clue:

  • Tower: In this context, "Tower" could refer to the letter T in the alphabet. It's a common practice in crosswords to use letters to represent words or parts of words.
  • Possibly to be advised: This hints at the letter B, symbolizing the word "be." The term "advised" suggests the idea of giving advice or counsel, which corresponds to the letter B.
  • By King: The word "King" could be represented by the letter R, as it's a common abbreviation seen in chess notation.

Putting these parts together, "TBAR" effectively forms the answer to the clue "Tower possibly to be advised by King" by encoding the letters T, B, A (from "advised"), and R (from "King"). This type of wordplay is a classic characteristic of crossword puzzles, requiring solvers to think creatively and make connections between seemingly unrelated elements to arrive at the correct answer.

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The Times Specialist31 March 2024TBAR

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