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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's crossword clue "Toothpaste tube letters" corresponds to the answer "ADA." This clue can be deciphered by understanding the common abbreviation for the American Dental Association, often found on toothpaste packaging. Here's why "ADA" fits perfectly for this clue:

  • Abbreviation: "ADA" is widely recognized as the shortened form of the American Dental Association, a prominent organization in the field of dental health.
  • Dental Context: In the context of toothpaste tubes, the presence of "ADA" indicates that the product has been evaluated and approved by the American Dental Association for its effectiveness and safety.
  • Consumer Awareness: Many individuals are familiar with the "ADA" symbol on oral care products, associating it directly with dental health recommendations and standards.
  • Industry Standard: The use of "ADA" on toothpaste packaging serves as a quick reference for consumers seeking products that meet established dental guidelines.

By considering these factors, the answer "ADA" appropriately aligns with the clue "Toothpaste tube letters," offering a clear and concise solution for crossword enthusiasts.

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Definition of "ADA"

a high-level computer programming language used chiefly in real-time computerized control systems, e.g. for aircraft navigation.

 The Crossword clue "Toothpaste tube letters" published 18 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Wall Street Journal17 April 2024ADA
Universal3 June 2022ADA
Daily Themed26 November 2021ADA
New York Times4 November 2021ADA
Newsday.com25 May 2017ADA
USA Today20 July 2016ADA
L.A. Times Daily11 February 2016ADA
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate24 March 2013ADA
The A.V Club14 November 2012ADA
Ink Well xwords17 June 2011ADA

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