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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Tolerate" with the answer "BROOK" may seem puzzling at first glance, but there is a clear connection between the two that makes this answer fitting. Here's why:

  • Synonymous Interpretation: In the context of a crossword puzzle, "Tolerate" can be interpreted as a synonym for "brook." Just as one would tolerate or endure a situation, a brook is a small stream that can withstand various conditions and obstacles in its environment.
  • Literal Interpretation: Beyond the figurative sense, a brook itself is a natural element that demonstrates tolerance in its flow over rocks, through landscapes, and in the face of changing weather patterns. This physical resilience mirrors the idea of enduring or tolerating challenges.
  • Wordplay and Ambiguity: Crossword clues often rely on wordplay and ambiguity to lead solvers to the correct answer. In this case, the link between "Tolerate" and "BROOK" showcases the clever play on words that challenges players' linguistic skills.

Through the nuanced connections and interpretations between the clue "Tolerate" and the answer "BROOK," crossword enthusiasts can appreciate the intricate blend of language and logic that these puzzles offer.

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More Answers:

  • BEAR
  • TAKE
  • BIDE

Definition of "BROOK"

a small stream

Example :
  • the Lake District boasts lovely lakes and babbling brooks
  • Jenny would brook no criticism of Matthew

  •  The Crossword clue "Tolerate" published 444 time/s & has 13 answer/s. 
    Daily American21 May 2024BROOK
    Metro Quick16 May 2024ABIDE
    The Guardian Quick16 May 2024BROOK
    Lovatts American12 May 2024ABIDE
    Universal7 May 2024ABIDE
    Evening Standard - Quick29 March 2024SUFFER
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