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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Toddler". The answer for this clue is "TOT".

A toddler is a young child who is just learning to walk and explore their surroundings. They are typically between the ages of one and three years old. The word "toddler" is often used to describe this stage of development.

The answer "TOT" fits well with the clue "Toddler" because it is a common term for a young child. Here are a few reasons why "TOT" is the correct answer:

  1. Colloquial Usage: "TOT" is a commonly used term to refer to a young child, especially in informal contexts. It captures the essence of a toddler or a small child who is just starting to navigate the world.
  2. Short and Simple: The answer "TOT" consists of only three letters, making it a concise and straightforward choice to fit into crossword puzzles where space is limited. It fits well within the puzzle's structure.
  3. Clue-Affirming Letters: Each letter in "TOT" aligns with the clue "Toddler," providing confirmation to the solvers that they have found the correct answer. The "T," "O," and "T" represent the initial letters of the word "toddler."
  4. Frequent Crossword Entry: "TOT" is a common crossword entry for a clue related to a young child. Solvers who regularly engage in crossword puzzles are likely to encounter this answer before, which adds familiarity to the clue.

In conclusion, the clue "Toddler" has the answer "TOT" because it accurately represents a young child who is just learning to walk and explore. The term "TOT" fits well within the puzzle's structure and aligns with the expectations of crossword solvers.

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More Answers:

  • TOT
  • TYKE

Definition of "TOT"

a very young child

Example :
  • dancing classes for tiny tots
  • a tot of brandy
  • she totted up some figures

  •  The Crossword clue "Toddler" published 165 time/s & has 8 answer/s. 
    Evening Standard - Easy21 February 2024TOT
    Metro Quick19 February 2024TOT
    Crossword Champ Premium16 February 2024SHAVER
    Penny dell28 November 2023TYKE
    Crosswords With Friends9 November 2023TOT
    Lovatts Enigma27 August 2023TOT
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