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Interesting as always! The "The New Yorker" crossword puzzles are a good brainstorming game. But, if you want to find the solutions to the puzzle quickly, we are here to help you out with the given clue (Tilt).

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Tilt" leads us to the answer "LIST" in today's crossword puzzle. Let's delve into why this seemingly simple clue corresponds with the word "LIST":

  1. Lean to one side: When something tilts, it shifts or inclines to one side, indicating a lack of balance. Similarly, a list is a series of items aligned vertically or positioned one after another, often creating a visual display of objects or categories. In this context, the act of tilting can be associated with the concept of listing items in a sequence.
  2. Display or categorize: To "tilt" can also mean to present or exhibit in a particular manner. This notion can be connected to the idea of making a list, where items are organized and displayed in a structured format for easy reference and understanding.
  3. Association with imbalance: Tilt can imply a sense of imbalance or inclination towards one direction. In a similar vein, a list can represent a collection of items that are not evenly distributed, emphasizing a distinct order or arrangement.

Therefore, the clue "Tilt" aptly corresponds with the answer "LIST" due to the interconnected concepts of leaning, categorizing, and organizing items in a specific order, mirroring the action of tilting towards a particular direction.

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More Answers:

  • LIST
  • KEEL
  • LEAN
  • TIP
  • CANT
  • SKEW
  • COCK
  • HEEL
  • ATA

Definition of "LIST"

a number of connected items or names written or printed consecutively, typically one below the other

Example :
  • consult the list of drugs on page 326
  • if you're buying a new car, put security high on your list of priorities
  • I have listed four reasons below

  •  The Crossword clue "Tilt" published 141 time/s & has 16 answer/s. 
    The New Yorker6 May 2024LIST
    Daily American10 April 2024CAREEN
    Lovatts Enigma7 April 2024INCLINE
    The Guardian Quick29 March 2024KEEL
    Wall Street Journal27 February 2024LIST
    Star Tribune9 February 2024LEAN
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