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Please find today's clue from "7 Little Words" puzzle and the clue ("they help you walk tall").
Check the clue first and find the hints hidden in the puzzle. Let us gather the related details that will help us find the correct answer to the crossword puzzle. Then we will make a list of the possible answers for the "they help you walk tall" clue here below.

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue, "they help you walk tall," is a clever hint that leads us to the answer "STILTS." Here's why this clue perfectly matches the solution:

  1. Height Enhancement: STILTS are long poles with steps for the feet that a person can use to stand and walk at an elevated height above the ground. This directly correlates to the idea of "walking tall" as hinted in the clue.
  2. Increased Stature: By using STILTS, a person gains a taller perspective, literally and figuratively. The solution aligns well with the concept of elevating someone's height and status.
  3. Balance and Stability: While walking on STILTS requires skill and balance, they provide a unique way for individuals to experience a different walking sensation. This aspect connects with the idea of assistance in maintaining a tall stature as implied in the clue.

Therefore, the answer "STILTS" for the clue "they help you walk tall" is a fitting match that cleverly combines the literal act of walking with the metaphorical expression of standing proud and tall. It's an excellent example of how crossword clues can lead solvers to think creatively and make connections between words and meanings.

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7 Little Words4 April 2024STILTS

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