The WWII RAF poster read, "Beware of the ... in the sun" Crossword Clue

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A big hello to all Lovatts Memory Lane Crossword junkies! Today, we will proceed to solve the crossword clue "The WWII RAF poster read, "Beware of the ... in the sun"". We went over all the recent clues repeatedly and finally, we have the best answer below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue: "The WWII RAF poster read, "Beware of the ... in the sun"

Today's crossword clue is a reference to a poster used during World War II by the Royal Air Force (RAF). The poster featured a warning to the RAF personnel about a particular threat they encountered while on duty. The answer to this clue is "HUN."

1. The use of "WWII" in the clue indicates that we need to focus on events or elements related to the Second World War.

2. "RAF" stands for the Royal Air Force, the aerial warfare service branch of the British Armed Forces, which played a crucial role during WWII.

3. The phrase "Beware of the ... in the sun" suggests that we are looking for a specific term linked to a potential danger.

4. The omission of the missing word in the clue is intentional and indicated by the ellipsis (...). This encourages the puzzler to identify the missing word based on the provided context and their knowledge of WWII history.

5. The answer, "HUN," refers to the commonly used term for German fighter pilots during the war, derived from Hun, the people of ancient Central Asia who invaded Europe.

6. It was common for RAF posters to warn their personnel about various threats, including enemy aircraft, and the reference to the sun highlights the dangers associated with aerial combat and the vulnerability of RAF pilots when exposed to the open sky.

By connecting the clues of the RAF poster, WWII, and the warning about a specific threat in the sun, we can deduce that the answer is "HUN."

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Definition of "HUN"

a member of a warlike Asiatic nomadic people who invaded and ravaged Europe in the 4th–5th centuries.

Example :
  • corporate huns masquerading as white knights
  • millions of boys were eager to go and fight the Hun

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