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The answer to the crossword clue That little extra that makes the star higher published by "Evening Standard - Cryptic" and we have possible answers listed below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "That little extra that makes the star higher" leads us to the answer "TOP-UP." This answer fits the clue for several reasons:

  1. Height Association: In the clue, the phrase "makes the star higher" suggests something that adds on or increases the height of something. "TOP-UP" aligns with this notion as it signifies adding a little extra on the top of an existing amount.
  2. Emphasis on Extra: The use of "little extra" in the clue is key. "TOP-UP" typically refers to adding a small additional amount to something that already exists, emphasizing the idea of topping off or enhancing what is already there.
  3. Stars and Heights: The mention of a star in the clue can metaphorically refer to something at the top or peak. The association with heights and reaching higher connects with the idea of topping up, enhancing, or augmenting to reach a higher level or standard.
  4. Crossword Logic: From a crossword construction standpoint, "TOP-UP" fits the standard format of crossword answers – being a compound word that succinctly encapsulates the essence of the clue while matching the grid requirements.

Considering these points, "TOP-UP" stands out as the most suitable answer that aptly corresponds to the clues provided in today's crossword puzzle.

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More Answers:

  • TOP-UP

Definition of "TOP-UP"

an additional or extra amount or payment that restores something to the level that is required

Example :
  • they will miss out on hundreds of pounds worth of pension top-ups
  • top-up fees for university students
  • he headed back to the bar for a top-up

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    Evening Standard - Cryptic12 June 2024TOP-UP

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