Temperature raised as this is revealed? Crossword Clue

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

When examining the clue "Temperature raised as this is revealed?" and the answer "THIGH," the connection lies in the wordplay within the clue itself. Here's how it unravels:

  1. Temperature raised: In this context, "Temperature" suggests a measurement of heat or warmth. The term "raised" indicates an increase in this heat level.
  2. As this is revealed: The phrase "this" refers to what is being uncovered or exposed in the situation described by the clue.
  3. THIGH: Putting it all together, the answer "THIGH" fits perfectly. When the temperature is raised, the body part often revealed or affected is the THIGH. This is a clever play on words where "temperature raised" hints at the warmth of the body part indicated by "this."

In crossword puzzles, such wordplay and clever interpretations of clues are common, requiring solvers to think creatively and make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. The answer "THIGH" in this context showcases how a simple phrase can lead to a specific body part, highlighting the intricacies of crossword construction and solving.

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Definition of "THIGH"

the part of the human leg between the hip and the knee.

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The Sun Two Speed4 April 2024THIGH

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