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The hint for today's crossword puzzle is brought you by "Crossword Champ Premium" and the clue we are solving today is "Take apart".

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Take apart" and the answer is "UNDO". This clue has this answer because "UNDO" means to reverse or cancel an action that has already been done, which aligns with the idea of taking something apart or undoing it.

Here is a breakdown of why "UNDO" is the correct answer for the clue "Take apart":

  1. Reverse: The word "UNDO" can be used as a verb meaning to reverse or change the effects of a previous action. When you take something apart, you are essentially reversing its assembled state, which makes "UNDO" an appropriate answer.
  2. Cancel: Another interpretation of "UNDO" is to cancel or nullify a previous action. When you take something apart, you are essentially canceling its current form or structure, which makes "UNDO" a fitting answer for the clue.
  3. Separate: Taking something apart usually involves separating different components or pieces. "UNDO" can also mean to separate or disconnect elements that have been joined together, further supporting its relevance to the clue.
  4. Reverse the process: When you take something apart, you are essentially reversing the process of putting it together. "UNDO" captures this idea by indicating a reversal of a previous action, making it a suitable answer for the clue.
  5. Disassemble: Synonymous with "take apart," the term "UNDO" implies breaking down or disassembling an object into its constituent parts, reinforcing its validity as the answer to the given clue.

In conclusion, the answer "UNDO" for the clue "Take apart" accurately represents the act of reversing or canceling a previous action, which aligns with the concept of dismantling or taking something apart.

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More Answers:

  • UNDO
  • ACT

Definition of "UNDO"

unfasten, untie, or loosen (something)

Example :
  • the knot was difficult to undo
  • there wasn't any way Evelyn could undo the damage
  • you can frequently undo the error if you notice it in time

  •  The Crossword clue "Take apart" published 106 time/s & has 9 answer/s. 
    Crossword Champ Premium13 February 2024UNDO
    Crossword Champ Daily8 February 2024UNDO
    The Sun Two Speed3 February 2024DISMANTLE
    Star Tribune20 January 2024UNDO
    Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate3 January 2024UNDO
    Independent.co.uk - Concise13 December 2023DISMANTLE
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