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The answer "ETTE" fits the clue "Suffix with 'kitchen' or 'luncheon'" because it is a common suffix in the English language that is used to denote a smaller or lesser version of the base word. In this context:

  1. The word "kitchen" refers to a room where cooking takes place. When the suffix "ETTE" is added to "kitchen," it forms the word "kitchenette," which typically signifies a small or compact version of a kitchen. This smaller space may have limited cooking facilities compared to a full-sized kitchen.
  2. Similarly, the word "luncheon" refers to a formal meal served in the middle of the day. By adding the suffix "ETTE" to "luncheon," we get the word "luncheonette," which often refers to a small restaurant or eating establishment that specializes in serving light meals or snacks during the lunchtime hours.

Therefore, the answer "ETTE" is the correct choice for the given clue as it aligns with the pattern of creating diminutive or specialized versions of the base words "kitchen" and "luncheon" by adding the suffix.

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 The Crossword clue "Suffix with "kitchen" or "luncheon"" published 4 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
Daily POP4 April 2024ETTE
Vox1 January 2022ETTE
USA Today30 October 2018ETTE

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