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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today is "Stockings" and the answer is "HOSE".

Why does this clue have this answer? Let's break it down:

  1. Word association: When we hear the word "Stockings," we often think of a type of clothing worn on the legs. This association leads us to consider words related to legwear.
  2. Length of the answer: The word "HOSE" has the same number of letters as the word "Stockings." Since crossword clues often give hints about the length of the answer, this similarity in length indicates a possible match.
  3. Alternative meanings: Apart from its commonly known meaning as a flexible tube used for conveying liquids or gases, "HOSE" can also refer to a type of legwear. The term "hose" is an older term for stockings or socks that were worn in the past.
  4. Context clues: Sometimes, crossword clues provide additional hints to guide solvers towards the answer. In this case, the clue itself is straightforward and doesn't give away much information. However, if the crossword puzzle has other related clues or theme entries that suggest legwear or clothing, it strengthens the likelihood of "HOSE" being the correct answer.

Considering these factors, "HOSE" is the most suitable answer for the clue "Stockings." It aligns with the word association, has the same length as the clue, and encompasses alternative meanings related to legwear. Solvers can confidently fill in "HOSE" in the crossword grid for this particular clue.

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More Answers:

  • HOSE

Definition of "HOSE"

a flexible tube conveying water, used chiefly for watering plants and in firefighting

Example :
  • a sprinkler hose
  • her hose had been laddered
  • Elizabethan doublet and hose

  •  The Crossword clue "Stockings" published 132 time/s & has 4 answer/s. 
    Penny dell17 May 2024HOSE
    Crossword Champ Pro19 April 2024HOSE
    Daily Quick12 March 2024NYLONS
    Newsday.com29 February 2024HOSE
    Star Tribune4 January 2024HOSE
    Evening Standard - Easy8 December 2023NYLONS
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