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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

Today's clue is "Still, surprisingly" and the answer is "EVENNOW". Let's break down the clue and understand why this answer fits.

1. The clue starts with "Still", which indicates that we are looking for a word that means "yet" or "even after a period of time".

2. The next word "surprisingly" suggests that the answer might be unexpected or contrary to what one might think.

From these hints, we can determine that the answer needs to convey the idea of something happening or continuing despite expectations or assumptions.

The answer "EVENNOW" perfectly fits these criteria. Here's why:

  1. The first part, "EVEN", implies that something is unexpected or surprising. It suggests that despite prior assumptions or expectations, something is happening or existing.
  2. The second part, "NOW", refers to the present moment or current time. It indicates that the unexpected event or situation is happening presently.

When we combine these two words, we get "EVENNOW", which captures the essence of the clue. It signifies that something is still occurring or happening at this moment, even though it might be surprising or contrary to what we might expect.

Overall, "EVENNOW" is the perfect answer for the clue "Still, surprisingly" as it accurately represents the unexpected continuation or occurrence of something in the present time.

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