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The answer to the crossword clue Sound, fancy belt encircling Ena published by "Evening Standard - Cryptic" and we have possible answers listed below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Sound, fancy belt encircling Ena" leads us to the answer "TENABLE" for several reasons:

  1. Sound: In the context of this clue, "sound" can refer to being logical or valid.
  2. Fancy belt: This part of the clue suggests the word "belt," which can be associated with something that holds something else together or supports it.
  3. Encircling Ena: "Encircling" Ena indicates that the letters "Ena" are surrounded or enclosed within other letters.
  4. Combining the Clues: When we combine these elements, we get "TENABLE," which means capable of being maintained or defended, in line with the idea of being logical or valid.
In this way, the word "TENABLE" appropriately fits the clue's description by encompassing the concept of being sound or valid while also incorporating the notion of support or enclosure. Crossword solvers deciphered this clue by considering the different components and arriving at a word that aligns with the given context.

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Definition of "TENABLE"

able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection

Example :
  • such a simplistic approach is no longer tenable
  • a scholarship of £200 per annum tenable for three years

  •  The Crossword clue "Sound, fancy belt encircling Ena" published 2 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
    Evening Standard - Cryptic12 June 2024TENABLE

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