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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Small, ultimately unwanted plant" leads us to the answer "WEED" in today's crossword puzzle. Here's why this answer fits perfectly:

  • Size Factor: The term "small" in the clue indicates that the plant being referred to is diminutive in size. Weeds are often smaller plants compared to cultivated flowers or trees.
  • Unwanted Nature: The word "unwanted" in the clue signifies that the plant in question is typically considered a nuisance or undesirable. Weeds are commonly seen as unwanted plants that compete with desired vegetation for resources.
  • Ultimate Undesirability: By including "ultimately" in the clue, the puzzle suggests a sense of finality in the plant's status as unwanted. Weeds are persistent and challenging to eradicate completely, reinforcing their long-lasting unwanted presence.

Thus, when considering all aspects of the clue, the answer "WEED" aptly reflects a small, unwanted plant that may be a common sight in gardens, lawns, and fields.

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Definition of "WEED"

a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants

Example :
  • keep the seedlings clear of weeds
  • at the far side of the beach the rocks began, some humped with brown weed
  • the pair spend their days drinking and smoking weed

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